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I’m only a couple of episodes into the 3rd season of The Walking Dead, so I’m way behind everyone else but I wouldn’t be surprised if Merl comes back at some point, as incredibly unlikely as that scenario would be in reality.

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An average week at Tshirt Laundry

by Andy on May 23, 2013

In many ways, it’s not their fault that I’m unimpressed by the latest releases from Tshirt Laundry, because two of the references are lost on me and that’s going to put me at a disadvantage to enjoying these shirts.

I don’t know who Porr is (other than it is a parody of Thor, that much I got), and Googling doesn’t really help me much, but I do like the artwork on that one.

I’m not far enough into the Walking Dead to know what’s going on here, and I’ve managed to avoid spoilers so far other than knowing that there’s a prison, and my guess would be that this guy is some kind of guard that messes up.

And the Magneto shirt? That one I do understand, but I don’t know why anyone would have the motivation to wear this as a t-shirt. Tees are $14 this week as usual going up next week.


I can’t say it’s a vintage week at Snorg, but I can see some of these designs being popular with people at colleges. Shirts are $5 off for the weekend before going up next week.


Post image for Die Hard, Halo, Django, and the Walking Dead t-shirts at BustedTees this week

If you’re wondering why the Die Hard shirt says “Mister Falcon” instead of the rather more well known and more NSFW version, it’s because in the edited for TV version that is the word phrase that was dubbed over the original. The more you know!



Three new shirts at SnorgTees

by Andy on November 1, 2012

Post image for Three new shirts at SnorgTees

Quite a good week for Snorg, ignoring that lazy ‘Team Snow’ design. I assume that the West Georgia Correctional Facility is something to do with the new season of The Walking Dead, I’m a bit behind with the show but I think that’s it, hopefully not too much of a spoiler for people.


masseffect t-shirt

I haven’t played Mass Effect so I have no idea what this TeeFury shirt is about.

Y’know, I’m not entirely sure what the reference is on this Shirt.Woot design.

Ian Leino delivers an awesome compilation of 33 weapons used by comic book heroes at RIPT (also available in his shop, and he’s running a giveaway on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr too).
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T-shirt News for January 31st

by Andy on January 31, 2012

cookie monster t-shirt

Again with the Muppets at TeeFury!

Not for me at Shirt.Woot today, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

Not sure if I’d wear this shirt just because it’s on white, but I certainly to like this Walking Dead design at RIPT.
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Daily Tees & News for December 22nd

by Andy on December 22, 2011

zombie enforcement agency t-shirt

Things really are getting quiet in the tee world as people get ready for Christmas and the last order dates are passed for most brands, hopefully we’ll all be able to relax soon.

But, but, where’s the reference in this TeeFury design?!

How weird that there would be a 1% milk shirt at Snorg this week, and then Shirt.Woot have something similar.

RIPT must be fans of The Walking Dead too.
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Daily Tees & News Roundup for November 22nd

by Andy on November 22, 2011

walking dead t-shirt

Very nice Walking Dead t-shirt at TeeFury today. Anyone else watching this show?

I’m surprised that Qwertee have this shirt on sale since it’s part of 604Republic‘s permanent catalogue.
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