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Tiffany Godoy wears a new summer tee by Wrongwroks

It turns out that I’m not the paradigm of coolness that you all believed me to be, as I didn’t recognise the name of Tiffany Godoy when I first heard it, but then when I read that she was the one who wrote Style Deficit Disorder things started to become a bit clearer for me, and I felt cool again.This new tee is classic Wrongwroks in terms of ideology, but a bit of a departure from the norm in terms of style. Would I be right in thinking that in this design Marge is being grabbed by the white glove of Krusty the clown? He wears white gloves, right? Or maybe Wrongworks are returning to one of their older themes and the glove actually belongs to Mickey Mouse? Who knows? Clearly I don’t.Wrongwroks


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