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Post image for F/W12 arrives at German brand Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Let’s be honest, Home Is Where Your Heart Is is an awfully long name for a brand, so it’s hard;y a surprise that they abbreviate to HIWYHI whenever they get the chance. Solid release from them, five new designs available in a whopping 50 different ‘motives’ as the Germans say, so if you like a design but don’t like the colour chances are it’s going to be available in a colour that you do like.


KosherHam is looking swell

by Andy on June 5, 2009


I was really hoping to put a pork-based pun into that title, but I’m afraid my powers of punnery have eluded me, so I’m open to suggestions, because as is that title sucks.

A couple of weeks ago KosherHam added a bunch of new tees to their line-up, completely revamped their site to make it look even hotter than me on a night out (which is clearly no mean feat), and they’re also offering all of their designs on tote bags now, which I don’t find particularly exciting, but hey, they said good news comes in threes, and it just did. Spooky.


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I’ve looked through Frustone‘s website a few times, I’ve looked at the definition tee, and I’ve read their e-mail to me. Even after all that I still can’t quite work out what exactly being Frustone (pronounced froo-ston-eh) is, I think the definition changes depending upon context. But let’s be honest, this is HYA, all we’re interested in is the tees, right?

First off they’re made of bamboo (mostly). I’ve never been the recipient of a bamboo tee, but I only ever hear good things about them, and I think they might be quite environmentally friendly too, so that’s a plus. The designs are pretty cool too, the prints are black, nothing too extravagant, but all the designs are well put together, and I’d bet go with a lot of outfits. They also sell tote bags that have the designs on.

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