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I’ve always enjoyed my trips down to Margin, and not just because it provides me with a good excuse to visit London for a night. HYA may have quite a large blogging team, but it’s not like we’re all sat in an office together, so it’s actually pretty rare for me to be able to get out there and talk face to face with brands and designers and I really get a buzz out of that, as well as uncovering new brands to talk about on the blog. Margin is a bit special in that is is one of the few (only?) tradeshows out there that caters to new and emerging brands, so the show is often the first experience that some of the brands have with a tradeshow environment, and I think that a lot of the brands also got to spend time talking and learning from each other, which is really cool, it makes me wonder if something like a indie brand conference with tutorials and workshops would be a good event for UK brands.

For this show Margin had made the move up to the Hilton hotel up in Kensington near Olympia (where the Pure tradeshow was being held on that same day), and I do like the space, it was big, light and airy, and the air conditioning certainly was welcome. There was the usual mix of brands at the show, some tees, some bags, some womenswear, and some stuff that would only be worn by people far more fashionable than me (which is a good thing, I liked that there was items totally foreign to me). This post is just going to serve as a general overview of the show with a few quick introductions for brands, and I’ll be going in-depth over the next few weeks as I mix show reports with regular HYA posts.

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