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Daily Tee Roundup Sept. 7th 2011

by Andy on September 7, 2011

leonardo dicaprio meme t-shirts

I have been posting the daily tee sites for a couple of weeks now, and whilst I think it is a good idea, I don’t really like the way that it is dominating the site so much when you look through the previous pages, it looks like daily tee sites are the main focus of HYA, which they aren’t, everything in the tee world is the focus of HYA. So I’m going to give putting them in a group a go and publishing a roundup post each day and see how that goes. Comments welcome if you’d like to advise which format you prefer.

‘Feeling Dreamy’ is a shirt that you can like on two levels; one, it’s just a nice design, and two, there is definitely a meme in there and I’m not going to let slip what it is. $12 for a few more hours at Tilteed.

‘The Juniper Tree’ is okay, but I’m not getting too excited by it, it’s just one of those designs that anyone could have in their wardrobe but it’s never going to be a favourite. $10 today at Shirt.Woot

‘Dire Brew’ is apparently something to do with Game of Thrones, I haven’t seen the show yet (it is Sky+’d though), y’all think I’m gonna love it? $10 today at TeeFury

‘Let’s Roll’ is a Big Lebowski t-shirt, obviously, and a mighty fine one at that. This is what you get when you meet a stranger in the Alps! From $10 today at RIPT Apparel.

‘Dextoon’ is my favourite daily tee of the day, in fact it’s probably going to be my shirt of the week (not that I keep a chart, I just think it’s really good), fun style and a good way to deal with Dexter since shirts about serial killers tend to be a bit depressing and gory. £8 at Qwertee for another day and a half.

‘I hate police’ isn’t a sentiment that I agree with, but I do like the style of this shirt so I’m a little bit torn. €12 at Loviu today.

‘Tree’ is a pretty clever shirt, by no means brilliant, but I’d be happy seeing it in my wardrobe. $25 from today onwards at


Another CHRMNG release

by Andy on October 22, 2010

CHRMNG fall release

As a Philly brand I’ve got a lot of love for CHRMNG, and not just because they’re from a city I loved living in, but because they’re forging their own way in the tee world. If you look at their catalogue you’ll find few signs that they just want to jump on trends, and their latest release is no different, because it’s just a load of different trees… on tees. It’s hardly new, I’ll grant you that, people have been putting trees onto t-shirts for years, but I like the way that they’ve done this, they’ve made a shirt for each season and represented it with the amount of foliage on the tree and the colour of the shirt. It’s a nice idea and I like the style they’ve used for the tree. All the shirts are $20, 10% of each purchase goes towards clothing people in Philadelphia that cannot afford to themselves (which was an issue, trust me), and you can get 10% off your order with the coupon code HYA.

They actually sent me a shirt from their previous range and the print quality is good (sorry that I’m so far behind on reviews, there’s always something getting in the way), so buy with confidence!

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So, what do we have here? It’s a new t-shirt design competition… again, who is the designer of this t-shirt? Wotto… again. It almost feels as if this blog is turning into the wotto appreciation society, which wouldn’t exactly the worst thing in the world since he clearly knows his way around Illustrator, but how about giving some other designers a chance, eh wotto?

Fair and Bare are a new-ish design competition based in Wales who use Fairtrade certified cotton t-shirts (from Epona Clothing. Apparently the shirts are made in an organic way, but they don’t have organic certification yet because that is a two-year process. Basically, you can be assured that kids in sweatshops didn’t make your t-shirts, unless the screen printer at Fair and Bare HQ in Cardiff is a small boy… which I doubt. The first design they’ve released, is of someone hugging a tree, but I’ve been told that they don’t actually want to be known as a tree hugger kind of company, just a t-shirt company that happens to use fair trade tees. In terms of money the winners prize is £200 ($375 according to, not as much as some of the bigger players, but hopefully the prize package will grow as the company does.

Costiness=£18 Tee Link

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Downtree tee @ Palmercash

by Andy on January 30, 2008

downtree tee tee @ palmercash
I’m pretty sure I saw this design being worn by the slightly-less-nerdy one on not-that-bad-though-often-scientifically-inaccurate TV show ‘Big Bang Theory.’ I don’t really know why the tree is hanging down from the neck-line, but it is nice to see that kind of innovative and unusual placement when the shape of the tree trunk really lends itself to this kind of look, even if the tee itself isn’t all that exciting.

Costiness=$18.99 Link (use the code us46 to get 10% off your purchase)

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Old MacDonald, yadda yadda yadda

by Andy on August 4, 2006

EIO Clothing is pretty new to me, I didn’t even know they existed until Addicteed pointed them out last week. They do have some pretty good tees and hoodies though, with a style that is more akin to the higher-class of British high-street designers, particularly with their sweatshirt designs. Which is nice to see considering how America-centric this blog is (what can I say? I like your style!).

The tree detail on the back of this hoodie is, er, detailed… but it is quite strange that the design comes from the side of the hoodie when from my understanding there isn’t anything on the front except for an embroidered logo, it would be nice if some roots wrapped around a bit to the front. Perhaps they do, my browser won’t open up the picture of the front of the hoodie (clarification in the comments would be appreciated).

Costiness=£49.99 URL


Tree of knowledge

by Andy on April 21, 2006


This long-sleeve tee designed by Geoff McFetridge feels like a bit of a Threadless style design to me, and whilst I can’t quite make out the design completely, it looks like lots of words forming a tree, ipso facto, tree of knowledge.

It is also available in green with a white print, for those of you that have an aversion to white clothing (hey, some people do).

Costiness=$48 available from 2kshirts.


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