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galaxy of the mind t-shirt

One of the neat things about this shirt is that for every tee that The Age of Sunshine sell they’ll plant a tree in the Amazon. Not them personally, but these guys. You’d think that would push up the price, but as you’ll notice from the costiness, this shirt isn’t expensive by any stretch of the imagination.

Costiness=$12 Buy it at TAOS


treecycle recycling t-shirt

Here’s another nice one-colour design from Pier-Luk Bouthillier, I like the way that it creates the connection between our choices and actions (using a bike instead of driving, in this case) to the wider world, and that it isn’t particularly preachy about it.

Costiness=$27 Mens / Womens


dragon t-shirt

I really like one of these new shirts at laFraise, and I’m pretty sure you can guess which one of them it is.

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lafraise t-shirts

I’ve been very negative about Michael Jackson t-shirts since his death, especially so in the immediate aftermath when I put a blanket ban on them being on the site because I thought they were in poor taste. The dust has settled now though, and even though I think there are some very questionable aspects of his character, I’m cool with posting shirts that reference one of the most famous music videos of all time.

That tree looks good too, another fine week of releases from laFraise.


Daily Tees & News for November 30th

by Andy on November 30, 2011

daredevil parody t-shirt

That’s how I like to start out the daily roundup, with a muscular naked man, thanks TeeFury!

‘Dead Head’ comes back from the dead at Tilteed.

Oh wow, it’s a Firefly/Serenity reference that I understand from RIPT.

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Daily Tees & News for November 29th

by Andy on November 29, 2011

night of the living dead t-shirt

Very cool Night of the Living Dead shirt from TeeFury today.

Here’s another Firefly design I don’t understand at Qwertee, and I’m all the more confused because it is a Jurassic Park mashup too.

Song Bird makes another appearance at Tilteed.

Good use of negative space from today.

Nice take on the old proverb from Shirt.Woot.

I guess that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles must be popular again since there is a definite rise in the amount of TMNT shirts I’ve been seeing recently, and I’m not exactly hunting them out. From $10 at RIPT.

I previously featured this shirt a couple of weeks ago when it was on RedBubble, but now it has made it’s way over to The Yetee for the next few days.

I haven’t seen Machete but this parody shirt from OtherTees still makes me laugh.

How depressed does Snuffaluffagus look? 24tee.

As a big Community fan I am very pleased to see this ‘Troy & Abed in the morning’ shirt up at TeeRaiders.

The infinite Swiss army knife makes a return to Loviu.

Nice to see a Zoidberg/Futurama shirt on Shirt Punch today.

I think I’d probably like this latest DBH shirt if it didn’t have the sea turtle on it, but it’s still wearable nevertheless.

Don’t worry, it’s cool to be a nerd now! $11 down from $20 at BustedTees today.

The Cool Hunting gift guide is now live.

I Am The Trend have an excellent post introducing Grave Takers, a new brand from Kyle Crawford of Electric Zombie fame.

RUReppin found some useful articles for t-shirt designers.

threadless coupon code
Don’t forget about that massive 50% off coupon at Threadless (40% off hoodies), with free shipping available if you spend more than $60.

Glennz Cyber Monday deal for 20% off all tees will be expiring at midnight tonight CST. Use the code mondaytuesday to receive the discount.


Daily Tee Roundup October 14th

by Andy on October 14, 2011

teefury hunt for red october

The Hunt for Red October gets the tee treatment by Matt Dearden today at TeeFury.

I can’t remember the last time that I wrote about a shirt from a.mar.illo, but I’m glad that this Tilteed shirt gives me that opportunity.

Scott Pilgrim x Doctor Who? Seeing at my Scott Pilgrim & Doctor Who posts are two of the most popular on HYA, I assume that this Nowhere Bad shirt may do quite well.

It’s cool that print out their new shirts before making them available so we can see the shirt in reality rather than a mockup.

Not a massive fan of this Shirt.Woot design, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a style that doesn’t appeal to me.

Haha! Simple and effective. RIPT

My original Game Boy is still within arms reach right now. I don’t actually play it, I’m just messy. TeeMinus24.

Now this is a classic by Olechka on insaneetee at Uneetee today. $14.99 as usual, down from $24.99.

Cool shirt from 24tee, the reference isn’t immediately apparent, so here’s their description for a little help: “Jerry Garcia, lead guitarist of The Grateful Dead, lost part of his finger as a child in a wood-chopping accident with his brother. That didn’t stop him from becoming one of the greatest guitar players that has ever lived.”

Only when I read that this shirt was called ‘treenagers’ did I warm to it. Loviu.


Daily Tee Roundup Sept. 7th 2011

by Andy on September 7, 2011

leonardo dicaprio meme t-shirts

I have been posting the daily tee sites for a couple of weeks now, and whilst I think it is a good idea, I don’t really like the way that it is dominating the site so much when you look through the previous pages, it looks like daily tee sites are the main focus of HYA, which they aren’t, everything in the tee world is the focus of HYA. So I’m going to give putting them in a group a go and publishing a roundup post each day and see how that goes. Comments welcome if you’d like to advise which format you prefer.

‘Feeling Dreamy’ is a shirt that you can like on two levels; one, it’s just a nice design, and two, there is definitely a meme in there and I’m not going to let slip what it is. $12 for a few more hours at Tilteed.

‘The Juniper Tree’ is okay, but I’m not getting too excited by it, it’s just one of those designs that anyone could have in their wardrobe but it’s never going to be a favourite. $10 today at Shirt.Woot

‘Dire Brew’ is apparently something to do with Game of Thrones, I haven’t seen the show yet (it is Sky+’d though), y’all think I’m gonna love it? $10 today at TeeFury

‘Let’s Roll’ is a Big Lebowski t-shirt, obviously, and a mighty fine one at that. This is what you get when you meet a stranger in the Alps! From $10 today at RIPT Apparel.

‘Dextoon’ is my favourite daily tee of the day, in fact it’s probably going to be my shirt of the week (not that I keep a chart, I just think it’s really good), fun style and a good way to deal with Dexter since shirts about serial killers tend to be a bit depressing and gory. £8 at Qwertee for another day and a half.

‘I hate police’ isn’t a sentiment that I agree with, but I do like the style of this shirt so I’m a little bit torn. €12 at Loviu today.

‘Tree’ is a pretty clever shirt, by no means brilliant, but I’d be happy seeing it in my wardrobe. $25 from today onwards at


Another CHRMNG release

by Andy on October 22, 2010

CHRMNG fall release

As a Philly brand I’ve got a lot of love for CHRMNG, and not just because they’re from a city I loved living in, but because they’re forging their own way in the tee world. If you look at their catalogue you’ll find few signs that they just want to jump on trends, and their latest release is no different, because it’s just a load of different trees… on tees. It’s hardly new, I’ll grant you that, people have been putting trees onto t-shirts for years, but I like the way that they’ve done this, they’ve made a shirt for each season and represented it with the amount of foliage on the tree and the colour of the shirt. It’s a nice idea and I like the style they’ve used for the tree. All the shirts are $20, 10% of each purchase goes towards clothing people in Philadelphia that cannot afford to themselves (which was an issue, trust me), and you can get 10% off your order with the coupon code HYA.

They actually sent me a shirt from their previous range and the print quality is good (sorry that I’m so far behind on reviews, there’s always something getting in the way), so buy with confidence!

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Rockin' the Tree World t-shirt by Origin68

Since I’ve been on my ‘summer holiday’ to me it feels as if the summer is already over, which probably has more than a little bit to do with the lack of sunshine since I got back from Cornwall. However, I’m sure it still feels like summer to a lot of you guys, and this is most definitely a summer festival shirt from the Origin68 crew, though I’m sure you could get away with wearing it when you aren’t in a muddy field drinking over-priced lager and trying to avoid sunstroke.

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Origin68


Treeline by Prestigious

by Andy on March 16, 2010

photo t-shirt by Prestigious

Prestigious have put out a really strong new line recently, the whole thing is very wearable, but I think that this one is my favourite of the bunch, probably because of my soft spot for photo tees is about as tough as warm butter.

Costiness=$22 Ladies/Gentlemen

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threadless t-shirt

I don’t find this tee particularly stunning, but it is just a really lovely, pretty print that I’m sure I would enjoy wearing. For those of you reading this post on the front page, check out the gallery to see the rest of this week’s releases at Threadless, it’s a strong week for them.

Costiness=$18 Buy it at Threadless

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Two great new tees from Milk & Eggs Co.

by Andy on January 4, 2010

You’re probably looking at that title and thinking “Andy, was one of your New Year’s Resolutions to become a shill for tee companies?” Well concerned reader, no, these tees are great (the camera one especially), which just makes it really easy for me to sound like a shill for one of my advertisers, Milk & Eggs Co. You can also get 20% off anything in store with the coupon code YAY2010, which is fine, but clearly the 25% off you’d get with the code HIDEYOURARMS is rather more attractive. That’s right, 5% more, and you thought that Christmas was over!



Is this tee merely a play on words of the Eurthymics song “Sweet dreams are made of this“? Because that’s all I could think of when I saw that title. It hardly matters though, it’s a sweet tee and that’s what’s important. The artist’s blog is pretty cool too.

Costiness=€22 Available from A Better Tomorrow


wood by Violent Elegance

Whenever I see something like this tee and I know that a portion of the sales goes to a charity, I always think “why wouldn’t I just give money to the charity directly?” But I shouldn’t think that, because shamefully, I don’t give to charity as often as I feel I should, so if me buying a tee were to benefit a charity as a byproduct then I should just stop being a cynic and just accept that Violent Elegance are just trying to do a good thing.

Costiness=€29 Available from Violent Elegance

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A Windy Day by jp33

by Andy on July 17, 2008

Just because I didn’t write about this tee when it first came out (2 months ago, not two years ago as I stated in the original version of this post) doesn’t stop it from being a great piece of artwork by jp33. And of course, its a lot easier to dodge questions about your sizable carbon footprint when you’re wearing a t-shirt with a tree on it. JP has a couple of other designs on sale, as well as some beautiful prints.

Costiness=$23 Tee Link


Ethics by King Apparel @ Urban Retro

Bats, trees working their way across the zip, some sweet neon piping contrasting with the somber colourway, and even a custom zipper, what’s not to love? (first person to say ‘the price’ gets a pat on the head’)

Costiness=£64.99 Link

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