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I’m sure that cynical Andy should be complaining that there weren’t any motorbikes in Lord of the Rings in the same way that I point out how lots of mashups make no sense, but I’m willing to let it slide when the design looks this good. Really wearable design too, there’s a danger with Lord of the Rings that you might look a bit too geeky, but I think anyone could get away with wearing this and people would be able to enjoy it on different levels. Ian has gone with waterbased discharge ink on an American Apparel black trib-blend shirt, so you know this is going to be ridiculously comfy.

Costiness=$22 Buy it from Ian’s store

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PRIME TIME – new shirt at Ugmonk

by Matt on August 6, 2012

Post image for PRIME TIME – new shirt at Ugmonk

Ugmonk just dropped their newest tee, Prime Time. An ode to those numbers that are not evenly divisible.

They also released two new colorways of two old favorites. “Do What You Love” is now available is a lovely heather orange and the Premium line, Ampersand V-neck can now be yours in a tri-blend heather green.

Use discount code “summer” to save 10% off your entire order at Ugmonk!


hide your arms logo t-shirt

These three shirts actually went up in the HYA store on Friday afternoon, but between getting the photos taken, it being me and my girlfriend’s 3rd anniversary, and the Olympics opening ceremony in the evening I didn’t get a chance to write up a post letting you guys know that I took the plunge once again and had some more HYA logo t-shirts printed.

Since I started Rigu last November I’ve really been enjoying packing orders and sending them around the world, and with the HYA store being a bit empty with various sizes of items sold out I decided it was time to get back in the game, and more importantly, I wanted to wear a HYA tee with gold foil on it, and the classic white print too. I won’t print anything that I won’t wear, there’s no point in me investing in stock of tees that I see every day if I’m not going to enjoy seeing them, and I am really, really happy with how these latest tees have come out.

White print on black is a classic colourway and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to having them printed. They’re white discharge ink on black American Apparel 2001 t-shirts, so we all know it’s a good quality t-shirt and with that discharge print it’s started out soft and it’s only going to get softer over time resulting in a really nice vintage feel. Limited quantities of the shirt are available now for £14.99 + shipping.

When I put in the order for the gold foil shirts I did wonder if they were a little bit silly. I’m not exactly a ‘bling’ person, I don’t even like the word bling and I never wear jewelry, but something about gold foil tees has always intrigued me, especially when you’re using a black blank, and I had a feeling that the HYA logo would look good in gold. I hadn’t even considered that there was something of an Olympic tie-in with the gold foil, but as I watched Team GB walk around the track during the opening ceremony on Friday I realised I may have missed a trick with marketing there. The gold is pretty shiny, but it isn’t thick so doesn’t feel heavy on the shirt or feel like it will flake off. A brand (who I suppose should remain nameless) that I like use the same printer and shirt for their gold foil tees and sent me one of them a few year, and whilst it isn’t very gold now it did take many years of washing for that to happen, so I do feel that this shirt has a long life in it if cared for correctly. The shirts are from Continental Clothing, who make very nice shirts with a size chart that is very similar to American Apparel, who are members of the Fair Wear Foundation and go the extra distance when it comes to ensuring that their products are made in fair and ethical conditions. The gold foil tee costs £15.99 + shipping and is available now.

Lastly, I have restocked the grey print on grey AA tri-blend tees since they sold out in medium and large a while ago. The grey print this time is slightly lighter (Pantone 7540C) to reflect the true colour of HYA grey. Please note that in XL and XXL the darker grey print remains as I only restocked the M & L sizes, but the dark grey print looks cool so it’s all good. You can pick up this American Apparel tri-blend shirt for £15.99 plus shipping in the HYA store.

I do have it in mind to add to the store over time and slowly build what we have on offer, likely more logo-based stuff, but it’s possible that we’ll be branching out in the future, likely with a couple of cool posters a local artist-friend of mine, and we’ll see how it goes from there. If there’s anything that you’d like to see the HYA logo on let me know and I’ll see if it’s possible.


Post image for Venus Fallen Clothing Launches New Line – Eleven New Tees and Two Zip-ups!

Venus Fallen Clothing is new – very new – barely a year old, and when I came across this brand I was (without a doubt) very excited and eager to explore… and that I did! Once you explore what Venus Fallen offers, you can tell there is a lot of personality, passion, and dedication that goes into the creation of this brand from it’s owner, Matt Haydu. The designs to me are very reminiscent of the style and quality of that of Miles to Go, but of course, Venus Fallen has it’s own style and speaks especially to the progressive thinker with it’s science, space, and futurism themed designs. Matt Haydu refers to Venus Fallen as his baby and he is nothing but excited and positive about his work – so that tells me this guy is dedicated and that the brand will only get better and better.

Now moving on to the tees! Venus Fallen just launched a new line with an impressive eleven new tees and two new zip-up hoodies! All printed on American Apparel, Venus Fallen offers a variety of blends with 50/50 cotton/poly blends, tri-blends, as well as a variety of styles: tees, raglan, zip-ups and from the previous lines: tanks, a cardigan, pullover, jacket, polo and long sleeve are available – So much to choose from, you’re bound to fall in love with something. (I surely did!)

Posted above are just two of the many tees that are available at Venus Fallen. What attracts me most is the color, as well as the big, detailed prints and the vintage/sketchy style that accompanies a lot of the designs offered. Also, I can’t help but smile knowing they are all printed on nice blanks and at a really great price at that. I can’t say I am a person that is knowledgeable or interested in the wonders of science and things of that nature (sadly I am far too dense for that), but the good thing is that doesn’t stop me from being really interested in the themes and style of Venus Fallen’s new line – actually it’s quite the opposite.

Another smile-inducing moment came when I read what Matt Haydu had to say about his Venus Fallen:

Living in a world where most people follow the norm makes it difficult for those to step out of comfort zones and enter truth and individuality. I created VF so that I could connect with others emotionally, positively, and creatively on a level that is scientifically awe inspiring. This truly is more than clothing to any fan that wishes to join the global think tank and transcend the human mind.

Keep up with Venus Fallen: Facebook, Twitter, Site


Post image for T-Shirt Review of Catalyst from Fullbleed and Happy Birthday, Rob!

Fullbleed is a well known name around the t-shirt community and everywhere for that matter, and if you haven’t heard of Rob Dobi, the man behind Fullbleed, and the wonderful tees he creates, then you’re really missing out. Extremely happy (and lucky) was I to be the one to receive a tee to review, The Catalyst, one of nine new tees from Fullbleed’s Series 12 now available – Liam, one of  HYA’s very own, blogged about the new line, take a peek if you haven’t already! Another fun fact, it’s Rob Dobi’s birthday! Happy Birthday to you Rob, and shouldn’t you be the one getting presents, instead of me – this tee is a gift, that’s for sure, and it lives in my favorite t-shirt pile from now on.

So, when the tee arrived, I ripped open the package, took out the t-shirt and just admired – the usual routine, but with this tee, a lot of things jumped out to me as special (it’s like Fullbleed knew exactly what I like.) I was eager to put it on; super soft, vintage black, tri-blend, what’s not to love? But before I put it on, I did admire it up close and personal – it smells very nice (I might be odd, but that’s always a plus to me), the print, even up close, is flawless and the ink is quite soft right out of the package. I then put it on and it fit like a dream… like most tri-blends, it moves with you and never feels stiff or uncomfortable. I love it when a tee company makes tri-blends available, because I know quite a few other t-shirt collectors/fans that would agree that tri-blends are their preferred blank. Fullbleed definitely is one of those companies – offering tri-blends, as well as 50/50s, which are almost as good, in my opinion. A nice added touch is the custom tag silk-screened directly on the tee; printed boldly and clearly is the logo, the size of the tee, how to care for it, website, all the basics while adding “Garment made and printed sweatshop free in the USA”, which is a lovely bit of information for the customer that cares.

Not only do I find the fit and print to be spot on, I grow more and more attached to the actual design. Nothing is more gorgeous to me than a black tee with a combined blue and red design – those colors on the dark background pop and become bright and beautiful… but the center of attention has to be the burst of white. Thoughtfully placed within the design, it’s sparks of light reflect to reveal the figure welding to create the glow, who quite possibly could be the “catalyst” as the title suggests or maybe more as I am not quite familiar with welding, but from what I know it can be dangerous. I feel as though my eyes go straight to the figure, working hard to create a stunning, burst of light, then my eyes expand to the lovely explosions that are reminiscent of fireworks – it’s as though I can see them still exploding and this is just a snapshot of something immense that is taking place. I admire the message that such a dangerous and challenging action such as welding, can create something rewarding and gorgeous and, not only that, I admire the shape that the sparks and the composition are making as a whole; it almost results into a shape of a heart that hugs the body just right – but that might just be me seeing hearts, because I obviously love this tee so much.

As you can tell, I really appreciate this t-shirt and undoubtedly am a fan of FullBleed. I recommend owning a tee (or two, or three) from him, because it’s clear to me Rob Dobi loves what he does and I can tell through the work and detail in each design, as well as the quality and my experience as a whole with this tee.

Keep in touch with Fullbleed: Twitter, Facebook, Blog

Oh and one last thing, remember to wish Rob a Happy Birthday!


paper root clothing

I’ve pointed out this tee in a general sense when I introduced Paper Root’s most recent collection, but I thought that this shirt deserved a spotlight since it is just so gosh darned good.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Paper Root Clothing


live free or die America t-shirt white pine patriot

When I saw that this company was called “White Pine Patriot” I was a little worried that I’d be looking at at white supremacist clothing line (I know they exist but obviously won’t be linking to any), but I am almost entirely, completely, 100% sure that these guys just love ‘Merica and God. As usual, I’m not on board with religious shirts, they aren’t for me, but I know that there are a lot of people out there that are religious (at least five at the last count), and are totally comfortable letting people know about it in t-shirt form.

I really like the imagery of this shirt (it’s a style that runs through the whole collection), clearly it’s a style that is very appropriate for this kind of design, and printing it with discharge inks on a tri-blend is going to result in a shirt that should be softer than butter (at room temperature, it’s soft is the general point I’m trying to get across here.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at White Pine Patriot


“Sight-Seeing” t-shirt by Hips and Hair

by Andy on September 16, 2011

los angeles t-shirt

I like the description on this shirt from Hips and Hair:

Los Angeles…it seems you either love it or hate it. With me, I find myself somewhere in the middle.

That’s actually how I feel about LA too, I think that if I had a car when I’d visited and I’d planned out places I’d like to go more then I would have had a better time, but it was still pretty cool and I got to go to some good places and had a fun time even if I very, very burned by the sun.

Costiness=$30 Buy it at Hips and Hair (available on black and as a grey tri-blend too)


arkaik clthing mammoth logo t-shirt

I don’t know why I stopped posting about Arkaik Clothing, perhaps when they completely exploded in terms of popularity (100k Facebook fans, 50k on Twitter) I decided that they didn’t need the ‘HYA bump’ and so stopped following them, but I regularly post about brands that are much larger than Arkaik so I’m going to start covering them more again now that I’m set up to monitor their new goods.

Costiness=$24.95 Buy it at Arkaik Clothing


hide your arms tri-blend t-shirt

After the success of putting the HYA hoodies on sale in the HYA store last week I thought I’d offer the super soft tri-blend t-shirts on sale this week.

I understand that £16 is quite a lot to ask you to pay for a t-shirt when I’m writing about shirts that are cheaper every day from places like Shirt.Woot, Tilteed, TeeFury and RIPT, and lots of other places that aren’t daily sites but just running a standard line at less than that price, but I promise I’m not gouging you guys. I don’t get many shirts printed, I have them printed in the UK, and these particular shirts are American Apparel tri-blends, a shirt that isn’t particularly common in the UK. Those three things all push the price up. I’ve put the shirts on sale for £12 this week (until midnight on Sunday), at that price I’m actually making a loss on every t-shirt sold. Seriously, that’s how much I had to pay per shirt to have them produced, but I love these shirts, I don’t care that I won’t make profit on them because I just want people to be wearing them, enjoying them, and telling your friends about HYA. T-shirts are meant to be worn, not kept in a box in my bedroom.

As ever, all orders will receive a Hide Your Arms pin badge and a die-cut sticker. Availability is fairly limited, I have a few left of most sizes but that situation could quickly change.


List of Tri-blend t-shirts

by Andy on July 16, 2011

tri-blend t-shirts

One of my favourite kinds of tees is a tri-blend; they’re soft, they’re stretchy, they look great with a simple print, and they’re just generally very wearable. It was because of that that I introduced the logo outline tri-blend to the HYA shop, I only want to stock things there that I personally really like, and I am very proud of how that t-shirt turned out. Tee Spotter put together a list of tri-blend tees back at the start of the year that I’ve only just unearthed from my bookmarks. Unfortunately that means that more than a few of the shirts are now sold out, but the list is still well worth looking at.


The HYA Tri-blend t-shirts arrived last week and I must say I am very impressed. To be honest it’s quite hard to mess up the combination of “grey tri-blend + dark 1-colour print” but I’m still really happy with the way these tees came out. They’re in the HYA store now priced at £18 + shipping, which I admit is a little steep for our American friends with the current harshness of the exchange rate (highest it’s been for a few years at the moment), but tri-blends cost a bit more in the UK as there isn’t much call for them (something I presume is based purely on lack of awareness, tri-blends are fantastic). You *might* be able to soften the blow if you visit ShirtDeck and hunt for a Hide Your Arms coupon though.

I have taken pictures of the tee, of course, but I thought it would be fun to put together a quick video of the momentous occasion when the box was opened up, and you’ll get a decent look at the shirt too. The music is Seasun by Delorean and I think it’s lovely. I haven’t sought permission to use the music, but hopefully the band (or more likely their label) will be cool enough to let it slide because I’m just some guy trying to show off the t-shirt he’s excited about.

I only had 30 of the shirts printed, and 7 of them have gone already from the pre-orders and my friends wanting them, so get your orders in now before they run out!

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salt & fat t-shirt

I was drawn to this shirt because of it’s simplicity, it’s just a pleasingly straightforward image that says the two things that you need to make something tasty. I was completely unaware that Salt & Fat is also an excellent food blog that I’ve squandered a few minutes browsing just now when I know I should be focused on blogging not beets.

If you’re after food t-shirts, then it might be worth checking out this list of 200 food t-shirts I wrote a while back.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Buy Olympia (via Rumplo)


Logo Tri-blend now on pre-order!

by Andy on April 15, 2011

Hide Your Arms tri-blend mockup

A couple of hours ago I put the new HYA logo outline tri-blend t-shirt into the HYA store for pre-order, mega yay!

I expect the shirts to arrive at Hide Your Arms HQ and be shipping by the end of the month (barring any hold ups), so if you want to make sure you get one put your order in now. I’ve only ordered 30 or this shirt, and I’m having one, and my girlfriend will be having one, and I’ve already had a couple of pre-orders from friends, so that’s got us down to 26 shirts left already, factor in that those 26 are split across 5 different sizes and it’s pretty clear that stock will run low on certain sizes pretty soon (especially XXL, only 2 of them are being produced). Is that enough hype for you? If so, I suggest that you suspend all brain functions, especially the ones related to rational thought, head over the the tri-blend pre-order page and make your purchase as soon as possible.

The tees are £16 + shipping at the moment (rising to £18 + shipping after the pre-order phase) and you can save yourself at further 10% by using the coupon code TRIBLENDISMYBLEND which is good for 10% off anything in the store, not just the pre-order tri-blend. The shirts are American Apparel TR401 tri-blends in athletic grey with a soft dark grey print for the logo. As ever all orders will be shipped out by Royal Mail 1st class post, and each package will include one free pin badge, one free die cut sticker, and probably a small packet of Haribo so that you get a sugar high, making you more excited about your purchase than you probably should be.

Obviously I don’t have it in hand to say how awesome it is, but I have a really good feeling about this shirt, mostly because I know it will feel amazing because it’s very hard to go wrong with a tri-blend and I know that the colourway is going to work really well.


Three fresh monochromatic tees at Fullbleed

by Andy on November 23, 2010

fullbleed t-shirts

I thought we’d take a break from Black Friday madness to remind ourselves that it’s not all about sales this week, it just feels like it is. Mr. Dobi (Fullbleed founder) is clearly concerned about whether people will like monochromatic designs, I do, and I think you will too, especially as they’re all printed onto tri-blend AA shirts, which I personally love, I wish more people printed onto tri-blends. Each shirt is priced at $20.

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