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Seeing this video makes me feel a little bit bad that I keep all the HYA writers locked in a dungeon and I sent them coal for Christmas (I’m kidding, I’m kidding, they got nothing for Christmas). Seriously though, the video above is an excellent primer for someone that’s never heard of Threadless before, it gets across what they do (crowdsource designs), how they do it, and the spirit in which the company is run. Of course, if you’re reading HYA then chances are you’ve heard of Threadless at least once in the past, but it’s still a fun little video. [via Troundup]


Another couple of weeks, another round of awesome t-shirt blogs to review. This week’s group is a varied bunch with interviews, videos and introductions to new brands. In fact it was tough to keep the list down to only five, but in the interest of staying brief and focused….here are the best of the best.

I Am The Trend Among Villains Interview
Interview with Jason Carne of Among Villains by I Am The Trend

I am a sucker for interviews because you get to peek into the mind of designers and creators to see what makes them good at what they do. This week I Am The Trend keeps the trend flowing by interviewing Jason Carne from Among Villains. Jason has an impressive body of work in design and he’s bringing all his creativity to the table for the Among Villains project.

WearingSocial™ Is (Express + Socialize) X Wear via Cottonable

Sometimes it’s tough to spot a good idea when it first develops; other times it’s obvious right away. The concept WearingSocial definitely looks like a case of the latter. Social networking has never been more popular and WearingSocial is gearing up to give users a whole new experience. Think “your online activity on a t-shirt”.

limited edition chez panisse t-shirts supporting edible schoolyard
Limited Edition Chez Panisse T-Shirts Supporting Edible Schoolyard at Tcritic

Tcritic is a pioneering t-shirt blog which helped kickstart the popularity of these types of blogs. It’s appropriate then that this week Tcritic brings us a post about another pioneer. Alice Waters founded a restaurant called Chez Panisse over 40 years ago. The cool thing is that this restaurant was one of the first ones on the scene of the local food movement. Their focus is on sustainability and they’re releasing a line of t-shirts called the edible schoolyard project to bring attention to the cause.

Interview with Nathan W Pyle
Interview with Nathan W. Pyle at The Shirt List

The Shirt List wants to bring readers the best t-shirts in the world. When they’re not spotlighting awesome t-shirts, they also focus on awesome t-shirt designers. One such designer is Nathan W. Pyle who has long been a fixture at Threadless and who continues to crank out the hits.

I’m Giving Away 14 Threadless Gift Certificates Over 14 Days–Birthday Bonanza! by T Roundup

I’m happy to make TRoundUp a part of my own tee round up. Especially since Colin is doing such a cool promotion. In celebration of his 21st birthday he’s giving away fourteen Threadless gift certificates over the next fourteen days. What a great way to help him celebrate and rack up some cool shirts in the process. [Andy: I know I posted this news earlier, but it’s a big giveaway so it’s good to have it up here again to make sure everyone sees it]

So there you have it, some highlights in the t-shirt blogging world from the last week. Unfortunately though, there are probably many others that we might have missed. Please hit me up at @youdesignit on Twitter to let me know if your blog post deserves being featured.

Brought to you by guest blogger Blake at You Design It where they have a passion for t shirt design.


threadless gift certificate giveaway

If I were Colin and I had more than $425 in street team points stored up at Threadless I wouldn’t be giving them away, I’d buy everything that’s on clearance and making myself a bed out of t-shirts (which would probably be a lot less comfortable than I imagine. But no, Colin from Troundup is nowhere near as selfish as me, so he is going to be giving away $425 worth of Threadless gift certificates over the next couple of weeks, that’s a $25 GC every day, culminating in a $100 certificate to be given away on his 21st birthday, September 20th. Certificates will be given away via the blog, his Facebook page, and his Twitter account.

But wait, there’s more! He’s set up an Amazon wishlist of items that cost $10-$18, mostly vinyl records, so that you can buy him a present for his birthday. Why the hell would you want to do that? Because if you do, you’ll be sent a $25 gift certificate in return, so you could spend $10 and get $25 of Threadless credit in return, in the industry that is what’s known as a ‘good deal’.

Read all about it here on Troundup


Cameraman’s Dream by SharpShirter

by Andy on September 9, 2010

cameraman t-shirt

I’m getting definite hints of Imaginary Foundation from this design, and that is in no way a bad thing, really like this style, though I do wonder how the print looks on the shoulder, it can often be tricky to print along the seams without the point where the printing stops looking a bit silly.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at SharpShirter [via Troundup]


Check out the Nerdy Shirt x Troundup Contest

by Andy on January 29, 2010

Post image for Check out the Nerdy Shirt x Troundup Contest

It’s fair to say that I’m a fan of NerdyShirts, as far as the funy tee world goes, the nation of Nerdy Shirts probably has a seat on the UN Security Council (a little analogy for the international relations fans out there), and Troundup has always been one of the best tee blogs out there, even if Colin takes a little break from blogging every so often.

So, a tee blog and a tee company team up, it can only mean one thing, a really contrived plot device for a cop show a competition! Colin has five tees from Nerdy Shirts to give away, and entry is easy, so you’d be stupid not to do it.

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“Raining Rainbows” by Baroke Clothing

by Andy on January 13, 2009


Oh look, another post that wouldn’t have happened with the excellent work of a tee blogger that isn’t me!

Baroke Clothing have a strong lineup of tees, I’ve included some of the others in the gallery, but I think I might like this one best out of the range, though the bear with laser beams coming out of its eyes is a damn good tee (yeah, now you’re gonna click through).

Costiness=$25 Buy the tee at Baroke Clothing

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