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What’s new at Tshirt Store?

by Andy on May 10, 2013

Getting the newsletter from Swedish t-shirt store.. TSHIRT STORE gave me a quick face palm because I knew they had physical stores and hadn’t thought to hunt them down when I was in Gothenburg last week, but surprisingly they don’t yet have an outpost in Sweden’s 2nd largest city. Crisis averted!

There’s some really interesting shirts in this latest release from them, with the Bowie and Cobain selfie designs grabbing my attention even if I think there are other shirts here that I’d rather wear. Tees aren’t the cheapest at €29, but having experienced their prices first hand I now know that isn’t bad at all to some stuff there so you can’t complain too much.

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TSHIRT STORE have really cool logo shirts

by Andy on March 22, 2013

TSHIRT STORE definitely don’t make cheap shirts, but they more than make up for it with the quality of their designs, they’ve got to be one of the most consistent stores out there and it’s good to see them doing something interesting with these logo-based shirts.

Costiness=€29 Buy it at TSHIRT STORE Leopard / Mountain


Post image for Three new designs at TSHIRT STORE you’ll want in your wardrobe

I don’t like it when people reduce things down to ‘want’ or ‘fail’ on Facebook and Twitter, but ‘want’ was the first word that came out of my mouth when I saw these new releases from Sweden’s simply named TSHIRT STORE. Really great designs, the price is a little higher than we’re used to at €29, but as someone that has been to Sweden before it being a premium price is hardly a surprise.

Links: Super 8, Hi by Dennis Carrier, and Universe vs You by Escort.


Daily Tee & News Roundup for October 31st

by Andy on October 31, 2011

free hugs t-shirt

Hmmm, something seems a little fishy about this offer of free hugs at TeeFury.

Qwertee are giving us a realistic version of Sonic the Hedgehog (with Tails and Knuckles too).

Nowhere Bad have a Blade Runner themed shirt available.

Great image from Shirt.Woot.

Huh, not often that you get one Sonic design in a week, but thanks to The Yetee this is our second of the day.

TeeMinus24 have a Zombieland-themed shirt referencing the different ‘rules’ that Jesse Eisenberg has for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

I’m fairly addicted to Reddit, so I like this shirt from 24tee.

Mario Boos design from TeeRaiders today.

GraphicLab themselves admit that this style of shirt has been done to death, but ‘hopefully evil’ is something I haven’t seen before.

Shirt Punch give us the most explicitly Halloween themed shirt of the day with ‘Monster Mash.’

RIPT have a cool Mario-inspired shirt today. Is he fighting the power? Is Mario the 99%?

Vaughn de Heart have got a new look website and to celebrate they’re offering 30% off from now until November 6th with the coupon code Forza.

Mashable have got 10 reasons why your website could be costing you sales. Some of these things are pretty obvious, but I think all store owenrs should give them a quick look to get them thinking about their site.

TSHIRT STORE released a slew of great new tees, I think I’d wear every single one, which can’t be a bad thing.

As someone who writes for a living a post called ‘SEO for Non-Dicks‘ got my attention, and whilst SEO bores me to tears, it is unfortunately something that we people of the internet need to know about to get ahead, and that includes t-shirt site owners.


Six new shirts from TSHIRT STORE

by Andy on September 24, 2011

TSHIRT latest release

Well, that’s certainly a colourful bunch from TSHIRT STORE, I think the one on the top right is probably my favourite, despite my aversion to pink t-shirts.

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5 new music themed shirts at TSHIRT STORE

by Andy on September 11, 2011

new t-shirts at TSHIRT STORE

They may well have the most generic name in the world of t-shirts, but TSHIRT STORE certainly do have a lot of good shirts in their back catalogue, and these five do nothing to tarnish that reputation.



Take a look at that image above, is something missing? Something that you might expect to see from a company with a name as simple as TSHIRT STORE? There are no t-shirts in the picture, or indeed in the sale, but there is some cool stuff at decent discounts, and it makes sense that a Swedish store wouldn’t put tees in the back to school sale, because I presume that in a month or two it’s far too cold to be wearing t-shirts to school.


“MJ Skull” t-shirt at Tshirt Store

by Andy on July 29, 2011

michael jackson skull t-shirt

Remember how loads of people made Michael Jackson t-shirts before his body was even cold? I still do not approve of that, it was pretty distasteful, people selling tees whilst telling jokes about him at the same time. We’re two years on now and I’d be willing to bet that most of those shirts don’t get worn often, but it’s good to see a shirt like this being released that is a quality design that actually has some thought behind it (his colour, black or white, was irrelevant) that will stand the test of time.

Costiness=299 SEK Buy it at Tshirt Store

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milk t-shirt

One of the major problems with me bookmarking stuff and then coming back to it months later (I just have far too much stuff to publish) is that when I get back to them sometimes they are sold out. This is one of those unfortunate cases, as the shirt is sold out in all but size medium.

Costiness=299 SEK Buy it at Tshirt Store


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