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QTee – Hands on Review + Coupon Code!

by Leah on April 7, 2015


It feels really good to be reviewing on HYA again and what a better way to start than with California based QTee! They are not like any other brand I have reviewed – first of all, QTee let ME pick out what tees I wanted to review and once I was on their site, I understood why… everything is customizable and they wanted me to have the full experience! You can pick from over 100 graphics – once you have chosen, you not only can pick what type of apparel you want it printed on, but you can also select colors for several elements of the graphic. Once I got a hang of the interface, I was playing around with several designs and having a lot of fun with it to be honest. (There is even a video on how to customize!)

A lot of QTee’s designs are text driven, but they also have a nice amount of layered and photo based designs, as well as ones with patterns, pocket designs, and simple graphics. So with that said, I decided to pick a patterned one and a text based one just to get an idea how both would turn out. How did I like them? Very much!

Ordering, shipping, + packaging: QTee promptly sent me a ‘thank you for your order’ email, and shortly after that they sent out tracking info, so no worries there. From start to finish, it did take about a week for each tee to get to me. They arrived in a standard t-shirt mailer – the white, tough plastic one – which QTee fancied up with a large, di-cut logo sticker (and FYI – it could be peeled off if you wanted to keep it!) With the t-shirts came a nice postcard with a discount code, as well as a vibrant logo sticker. Each t-shirt was wrapped in tissue paper and then inserted into a clear, plastic sleeve; so all in all the packaging was very professional, yet standard.


Unwrapping: As I pulled each t-shirt out from their packaging, my first reaction is to always feel them from top to bottom of course, and each tee was VERY soft to the touch and had a clean, freshly printed smell. Next I ran my hand over the print/ink and it was soft as well, not very thick or stiff and definitely printed evenly. I assumed they were DTG (direct to garment) printed, but I did not want to give you readers the wrong info, so I contacted QTee from their Website asking this, not expecting a reply for a day or so, but I got a reply almost instantly (which, come on, that is some great customer service) and my assumption was right, they print DTG. Once unwrapped, I saw each t-shirt had a “YOU’RE CUTE” logo tag attached, which made me smile – I adore details like that.


Now for the shirts themselves: The heather-gray, floral t-shirt is titled Freshly Cut Flowers and I chose a Hi-Lo Muscle Tank for this one since I have not owned something like that before! QTee describes it well, “This is our version of the perfect muscle tank made more flattering for the feminine figure. High side slits and oversize underarm openings.” The text based tee Life is Better in the Water, is printed on an Oversized Boyfriend Tee, “Our Oversized Boyfriend Tee has a loose fit, more coverage on the shoulders and overall relaxed, boyfriend style fit. Warning: Your boyfriend may get jealous. This style fits 1 to 2 sizes bigger.” Now silly me wants to complain that my tees fit a little too large to my liking, BUT silly me also did not read the descriptions or the size charts that were readily available – so that is totally my fault! I thought size Small would do the trick, but if I would have explored the description I would have chosen the XS option for both, so keep that in mind when you order. Each tee is thin, as you can see in the images, the white tee especially is a bit see-through, but I tend to like that especially when you wear a bikini or possibly a bandeaux underneath. (They are perfect for the beach too, hence why my photographer, Tabitha Payne, and I had a seaside photoshoot!) They also had that worn-in feeling which to me is the best – being a 52% cotton / 48% modal which gives them that comfortable feeling, but also don’t overlook the American Apparel tri-blends available as well (a personal favorite).


Recap: Overall, I am happy with my QTee purchases – print quality, t-shirt quality, customer service, and website interface are all top notch! They are not too pricey, especially since you get to customize your design – tees ranging from about $19.95 to $24.95. I know this brand is marketed to females, but any guys reading this should consider this a good place to buy the lady in your life a cool, customized t-shirt – you can say, “Hey, I designed it myself too!” Also, I know they are called QTEE, but tees are not the only thing they offer; there are sweatshirts, work-out apparel, bags, hats, Converse shoes, even underwear and collaborations as well. One more thing, QTee was nice enough to provide a coupon code for all you HYA readers! Just enter the code: HideYourArms15 at checkout and it will take 15% off your entire order – so needless to say, QTee is definitely worth checking out!

Thanks for reading,

Keep in touch with QTee:

Photos by Tabitha Payne / Blue Eyed View Photography


Feminist Apparel – Blog and Review

by DeeHYA on March 2, 2015

Last year I decided to treat myself to a tee from amazing website Feminist Apparel whose designs are designed to raise awareness and create a stir about a range of feminist issues.

Some of the designs are designed with an element of shock value to get the message across. Last year there were some pretty viral videos of little girls dropping the f-bomb in the name of feminism reeling off some quite scary statistics about equal pay, domestic violence and sexual violence.

I particularly like this ‘Feminist as Fuck’ tee!


As a survivor of sexual violence I find the poor conviction rate of rapists and the way in which victims are treated by the police, men and at times other women absolutely shocking. There should be a huge amount of education men and boys that a ‘No’ means no! I chose this ‘Don’t (get) Rape(d)’ tanks for myself, it’s eye-catching and gets the message over without being over complicated.


I generally prefer a tank as I normally wear a long sleeved tee underneath to cover my bulky arms. The quality of this is spot on, and the print was good but to be honest I think with this design on the grey it might look quite cool if it faded a little.

I love that Feminist Apparel use an element of humour to get across their message, I think this is an important point of making their tees individual and memorable. I did a bit of a snarf when I saw this ‘Baby Got Books’ one :)


The tees are $29.95 but I have to say I still get discount codes regularly, infact if you sign up to their newsletter now you can get 15% off. Shipping to the UK was ok too, it was about $12 which I think is reasonable.

Any feminist issue that you have encountered or have beef with you will be able to find a tee to convey this. It’s not just all for the ladies either, there are guys and kids t-shirts too!


Things like this are never easy to say, but the talented designer, Kory “Skummie” Schuerman, has passed away after his long battle with Muscular Dystrophy. He not only was a great artist, but was all around loved and admired in the t-shirt and art community – take a look at all his amazing work and the accomplishments he left behind. Fellow artist and friend of Kory, Victoria Price, said it best, “What an inspiration, not only in art, but in strength too.” Rest in peace, Skummie.

Take a moment to explore his work, as well as his recent work with Beastpop Artworks in their collaborative project, SkummBeast.


Wordans Custom T-Shirt Review

by Amy_F on November 19, 2012


I’ve been asked to do Custom Reviews before and really enjoyed myself since I got to try out the companies website and custom design process and design my own shirt.  Not that I don’t already design my own shirts for a living but it’s always fun to try out other ways to go about it.  This most recent Custom Review was for a company called Wordans.  I had never heard of them prior to this so I was eager to check out their website and design center online.

Wordans logo

Their website is clean and designed well making it very simple to find the “Create Your Own” custom t-shirt section in the top left corner on the front home page.  They give you a drop down menu which sometimes I personally find annoying if there’s too much clutter happening in there or too many options, but they give you a reasonable amount of items/products to select from to custom design yourself.  I think it’s great that they’ve given you so many different items to custom design because there are so many creative people in the world that could just sit there for hours designing things which will in turn become lots of orders for them.

Wordans website


Let’s get right to it so I can start showing you my custom shirt.  I obviously clicked on custom T-shirt and while that page is loading they give you a brief 1-2-3 step process of how the website will work.  Once the design center loads they give you a slew of t-shirt styles and brands to choose from on the right hand side and color options for each shirt underneath plus sizing and quantity and all that good stuff.

design center screen shot

Wordans gave me a lot of options which I liked but disliked at the same time.  Let me explain; I’ve done custom t-shirt websites that give me 4 shirts to choose from and I hated it.  But too many options, especially options that are very similar where a normal consumer (not a clothing company owner/designer such as myself) would know the difference between the brands and fits and styles.  I’m not sure if they get a lot of every day people shopping for a few custom shirts or more so clothing companies or business’s purchasing in bulk since they have that option as well.  If it’s more consumer-related then I think you should limit the brands and styles of the clothing.  What do I mean by that?  I mean don’t give me the same style shirt in a Gildan and an American Apparel because a normal person isn’t going to know the difference they are only going to look at color, fit and price.

Amy-Wordans-Custom-Tshirt The Gildan-Women’s vneck fits perfect!

I chose a Gildan Women’s fit v-neck t-shirt in white though the color options were endless I was in a simple mood.  The next part is simple, simply choose your text or image to place on the shirt.  They give you a much broader range to place your design on the shirt than most other custom design websites do.  They basically give you the entire front or entire back to maneuver your text or image around.  This was great because I got really frustrated on other websites with the small limited area they allowed me to play around with.  Now you have the option of typing your own text and playing around with styles, fronts, colors, etc. which could be an all day process.  Or you could upload your own image for the t-shirt or even better CHOOSE from one of the MANY selections they give you.

Amys-Custom-Tshirt-Design I actually overlapped two separate designs together to create MY custom t-shirt design at Wordans!

Now here’s where the fun began because they gave me a lot of different categories of images to choose from from “Funny” to “Love”, “Music”, “Animals”, “Sports”, their Top 25 image selections and a ton more.  Plus, every category had sub-categories which killed me because there were even MORE options to choose from.  Again, something that could be good or bad.  Here’s why I say that; because I love options but with more options comes perhaps me making more shirts = good for Wordans.  With more options comes me sitting on their website longer = good for Wordans.  Here’s why it’s bad.  More options could mean I get frustrated and don’t want to deal with it and just give up on the designing thus Wordans loses a sale.  Too many options can give one a headache and drive them up a wall.  This is sort of what happened and I ended up having to stop searching for more images, rethinking the design and starting over.

Amys-Custom-Tshirt I am so excited with the final result of my custom t-shirt!

I have to give it to Wordans though because overall they were the best custom t-shirt website I’ve tried out in my short 28 years on earth.  Their pricing was stellar starting t-shirts at $9.95 before the design.  If you recall I did a review for Zazzle and their pricing was outrageously high before the design amongst a lot of other poor qualities about their website and custom t-shirt center (ie: limited design area on the t-shirt, poor blank t-shirt selection, etc.).  Wordans made me happy and pleasantly surprised with the overall quality of their website, design center and product.


Thank you Wordans for allowing me the privilege of reviewing your custom design feature.  I had a lot of fun and am thrilled with the final product I created on your website.  Next time I need a custom product made I will be heading your way!

FUN FACT: Wordans hails all the way from Montreal, Canada!


Crooked Monkey T-shirt Review is OMG LOL!

by Leah on September 6, 2012

Post image for Crooked Monkey T-shirt Review is OMG LOL!

Crooked Monkey was kind enough to send me a tee to review and by the looks of it, as well as the other t-shirts on their website, Crooked Monkey is one of those brands that radiates fun in their style, designs, and even in their name! The brand seems to be focusing on t-shirts that make people laugh with their quirky designs and humorous style, but not all are funny shirts – there are also graphic tees with an emphasis on animals, music, and some with lots of color!

My tee arrived in a regular mailer, but the little things inside did make a nice impression on me. After excitingly ripping the tee out of the package, I noticed a bag of candy staring back at me. Aww, candy is always nice, right? Yes, but this candy was clever, it matched the branding of the company so well being as the company name is Crooked Monkey AND the logo features a sweet, faced monkey… so what better than little banana candies? Those really stand out, it’s a fun way to make your customers happy! Not only that, but the coupon code thrown in immediately makes a customer pleased and willing to go shop more – good touch!

So, I received the t-shirt, LOL OMG EYE CHART and as you can see, it’s a tee designed for a person with a silly sense of humor. Not that I am not a silly-minded person, (I might even be too silly at times), but if you know me well enough, you know I really dislike the use of acronyms for everything we do – from laughing to leaving. These Internet slang like LOL, OMG, TTYL, WTF, even BRB and spelling “you” with only an “u” bothers me, so I am hard to please when it comes to this design. Plus the fact that the design is an eye chart makes it a creative excuse for the viewer (man) to stare at the wearer’s (woman’s) chest – is that on purpose? Ha, I believe this tee was designed by a male, that’s for sure! All kidding aside, a review is not solely based on the design of the tee now is it? No, not at all, because we all have different taste and opinions, thank goodness.

Nothing is more important than fit, print, and quality and Crooked Monkey got an A in all three. The blank is a fitted Alstyle with a v-neck that especially feminizes the tee. It’s a tighter fit, and as you can see, it is obviously a white tee, so it can become a bit see-through at times which is definitely not a deal breaker, but it is surprising as most Alstyle I have experienced are thick, but this one is far from it; the tee is very soft and comfortable, which we all know is an extremely important part when wearing a t-shirt. The print looks very good as you can see in the photos it’s even and clean. Also, I can tell you it is not thick or rough to the touch, and after a couple washes, it’s still maintains it’s color and quality. Another fine detail is the monkey logo printed on the back of the shirt. I quite like when brands stick their logo places that can be seen, but in places that are not distracting or too pronounced! Lastly, the custom sewn on tag is a nice addition to the t-shirt as a whole. The logo, size, and, website are printed clearly and the original tag is still in place which not only has the care instructions, but it also distinguishes which blank they are printing on, for those of us that have our attention on that.

Crooked Monkey has quite a large amount of tees to choose from – either funny or graphic, so please take the time to go check out what they have to offer. The prices are a bit high for me ranging from $15 – $24, but I also wish to point out their $1 Promise Scholarship Fund, which I find to be one of the most interesting aspects of Crooked Monkey.

For every 2 t-shirts sold online, we donate $1 to the fund, (some months we run special promotions to donate even more). Every year, we choose one lucky, qualified recipient to receive the scholarship for use at any college, or institution of higher learning that they desire. It’s that simple. We’ve chosen to give back to the American Community, because we feel that our generation is too quick to give abroad before looking at change we can inspire within our community.

More info on how it works and how to apply can be found very easily on their website.

Thanks goes to Crooked Monkey for giving me the opportunity to review their brand and also, I never can forget, thanks to all you HYA readers as well!

Keep up with Crooked Monkey: Facebook and Twitter


Zen Monkey Studios – Opening Sale!

by Leah on July 6, 2012

Post image for Zen Monkey Studios – Opening Sale!

I am really liking what I see over at Zen Monkey Studios, so why not share it for you folks! Not only are they a brand new company for all of us to explore (yay), they are also having an Opening Sale on all their tees until tomorrow, July, 6th. Take a peek at their themed t-shirt bundles too – that’s a cool idea. Loving the style, loving the site, loving the zen of it all.

SALE prices on individual tees – $15
SALE on Bundles (of two tees) – $27
Buy ‘em here!

Keep in touch with Zen Monkey Studios: Facebook and Twitter


Post image for Labyrinth Clothing Releases New (Late)Spring/Summer T-shirt Collection and I Say Wow!

Well, well look what we have here. Labyrinth Clothing does it again and has thoroughly impressed me with their new Spring/Summer Collection! It premieres SIX brand new tee designs and in addition, they are also having a sale for one week (today until July 2nd) on all of their older tees. Not only that, (yes there’s even more), the first 25 shoppers will be entered to win Labyrinth goodies and out of those 25, five will be winners! I was a winner once… I got amazing limited edition Labyrinth products – that was a very good day…

I have a lot more to say and to show you, (everyone knows I can’t just write one little paragraph), so keep an eye out for another blog post from me about more to come from Labyrinth and their wonderful new line!

Keep up with Labyrinth Clothing: Facebook, Twitter or go SHOP!


Post image for Triangle Motif: Mulga T-shirt Series Review!

Triangle Motif, a brand all the way in lovely Sydney, Australia, was kind enough to send on over to me three tees from their Mulga Series – and I must say, these tees are spectacular. Should I just end the review there? No no, I have just way too much to say about this brand!

I heard the doorbell ring and of course I ran to the door only to hear a “smack!” I think the mailman literally rang the doorbell and without a second thought he threw my package on the front step and once I opened up the door he was already in his truck, racing away. I tell you this story, because I then looked down to see that my Triangle Motif package had been ripped and a bit of a tee was popping out. I can’t be sure, but either the mailman is too rough OR the packaging needs to be a bit thicker, just in case someone rudely and roughly handles the mailer when they are in a bad mood or in a rush, because, let’s face it, it happens.

Inside were three tees, as well as stickers with the Triangle Motif website boldly (and quite largely) printed! I pulled out the t-shirts and at first glance, I was very confused because the tees looked to be three times my size, but that was my fault – I was unclear of the fit of these tees, they are meant to be longer and have a lower neckline – an indie fit blank from a brand called As Colour which is always experimenting with different cuts and styles. So what did I do next? I tried them all on of course! They are very, very soft blanks and the long fit, being part of the style, is something I felt really good in from the very start (I want more!) The print is perfect, consistent, and soft – all the best qualities when it comes down to it! (Remember to click the photos to see a bigger, closer, more detailed image.)

The first of the three is titled, Blue Blood, which I am wearing (very happily) at the top of the review. What I really like about this design is the overall expression of the character; he looks rich and proud of it, but he also looks a bit deranged, (and the deranged part is what I like best.) The black print on white certainly pops out creating a lovely contrast and the elegant lines that create his face remind me of the contour of muscles you would see in some sort of medical book, which is intriguing, needless to say. My eyes go straight to those lines, that are almost organic unlike the other details on the design. These vine-like lines lead my eyes to the other fine details, as well as the bigger details – you can’t beat a top hat, a bow-tie and a monocle! Another plus to this design is the Mulga logo printed inconspicuously on the shoulder of the character – it’s there faintly, but it’s not too blatant to take away from the composition. One last detail, and of course if you know me and my reviews, then you know I have to point out that Triangle Motif has custom sewn on tags on each of these tees, displaying their logo and the size, can’t beat that.

This next tee is simply called, The Captain, and with his nautical hat, pipe, and massive beard, this Captain obviously brings a smile to my face (how couldn’t he?) Once again, the print is black and bold against the white and like in the other designs, the use of the lines to form a face is just brilliant. Oh, and we can’t forget about the beard, it is mesmerizing; it’s a teardrop shape duplicated over and over to form a gorgeous, detailed texture that practically takes up a good portion of the design, which is not a bad thing at all. I also appreciate how the whole Mulga Series incorporates the same details, but in a different way each time to form a distinct character. This makes the series unified, but each design has it’s own emotion attached to it. Another unifying feature to the series is the Mulga logo that appears on each tee, but this time it is placed sweetly on a charming, little cloud.

This last one, Afroman, is even hairier than The Captain! Once again, that’s surely not to be taken as a bad thing – that hair brings a lot of detail to the overall design. This character feels like he is moving, with the waving lines in his face to the spirally hairs on his head, he’s coming to life. He fits in quite nicely with the other two characters in the Mulga series, though he has less solid black features on him (hat or pipe or monocle) he still brings a lot to the series, that’s for sure.

I can’t forget about the artist, can I? I must point out that these three tees were designed by Joel Moore, also known as Mulga, hence the name of the series! I took a peek at his work, it’s certainly fun to look at and, as you can tell from my review, I am a BIG fan now. Keep in touch with Mulga on Twitter, Facebook, and his Blog!

So, I think I have made it clear that I adore Triangle Motif and I would go out of my way to recommend them. The brand is unique with it’s unusual style of blanks, with a cut that gives it that indie vibe that compliments the art so well. Not only that, I find that the professional details of the brand insist I be attracted to them… obviously along with those details, the artwork is what captivates me the most – I love art, what can I say?

Thanks Triangle Motif!

Keep up with Triangle Motif: Facebook, Tumblr, Website

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Captivate Clothing Releases New Line!

by Leah on June 23, 2012

Post image for Captivate Clothing Releases New Line!

Captivate Clothing JUST released their new line for pre-order, and it’s looking good. I’m especially loving the mark-making of the skull tee, just gorgeous and talk about big prints. Check it out, go shop – I just might!

Buy at Captivate Clothing, only £10.99

Keep up with Captivate Clothing: Facebook, Twitter


Post image for “Perception T” at Neoclassics – on T-shirt, Tank, and Raglan!

Mmm, what a gorgeous design over at Neoclassics; Perception T is printed on a variety of different style tops – tee, raglan, and tank. The design is described, “Inspired by Rorschach blots, the Perception T-shirt features jellyfish, butterflies, snakes and swans. Carefully composed, these animals take the form of a stylized face when viewed from afar.”

Want it? Buy it at Neoclassics – tees and tank: $30 and raglans: $36
Keep up with Neoclassics: Twitter, Facebook, Blog

P.S. That cutie at the top was crowned Miss Hollywood just last weekend, congratulations to her!


Post image for Ugmonk – 5 Day Sale, 20% Off Entire Store!

Ugmonk is having a 5 day sale starting today (ends May 26th) – 20% Off Storewide! Just use the code: SPRING20 at checkout!

Happy shopping!


Post image for New “Lumberjack” T-shirt design at Denada!

Denada (designs by Andreas Krapf, obviously one of my favorites) is now offering their new Lumberjack design on tees, tanks, and batwing style tops – great stuff!

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