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Review: Propaganda Clothing Company

by Carlos J. Morales on November 5, 2013

The beauty of the t-shirt culture is that it is constantly inspiring individuals to create something unique and personal to them. If the designs themselves are wearable stories then designers/brand owners are the authors. When I received the email from Propaganda Clothing Company, I was excited to dive in and see what their story was.

Propaganda Clothing Company is a brand based out of Orlando, Florida, but their dark theme is far from Disney World inspired. They use a blunt motto that states “art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth” and are strongly against “attaching a nonsensical graphic to a t-shirt”. After reading their mission statement, I was prepared to open the package – to my surprise it contained two shirts. Before analyzing the two designs, I noticed both shirts were tagless and had their logo printed. This is one the best ways a brand can promote their identity without going over the top, so I thought it was a nice touch.


As far as the designs go, I will admit I was a bit caught off guard at first. The T800 A.D. Robot Jesus was a bit out there, but like I said earlier the author is always entitled to write his story. Who knows this shirt may cater to the religious terminator fan in you?


From a design perspective, I thought printing on a black t-shirt was a smart choice as it allowed the colors to pop. However, I did think the design was a bit busy for everyday usage. It would be interesting to see robot Jesus (yes, you read correctly) in greyscale with the left eye shining red. Overall, I thought it was an unique design, but maybe a bit too messy to put on a shirt, it would look cleaner on a poster.

Exclusive: Expose Your Arms Review


I am not much of tanktop guy and Hide Your Arms normally only review t-shirts, but since the owners were nice enough to send me one… I will review it! This design, Norma Jean, was a bit more conservative and it helped tremendously. Unlike the first design, this tank features a cleaner look using the likeness of Marilyn Monroe. While designs like these are not the most original, they are a great way for people to notice your brand. In this regard, this design was an intelligent move on their part; the soft shades of gray intertwining with the black and white makes it stylistically pleasant.


Overall, I think Propaganda Clothing Company has a lot to figure out and I mean this in a good way. For a start up brand, they have a catalog of designs and the quality of material they print on is comfortable. However, the two designs featured do not really sit well next to each other. In other words, it looks and feels as if they belong to different brands. Propaganda Clothing Company is a new brand with an unique take on what t-shirts should represent. If they tighten up a few design issues and focus a bit more on brand identity in their designs, they will be in great shape as they move forward.


Everything Must Go at Winky Boo

by Amy_F on October 12, 2013

Everything Must Go at Winky Boo

Winky Boo is having an Everything Must Go sale where all t-shirts and tank tops are ONLY $5.00 + Free Shipping! Sale doesn’t end until everything is gone!

Shop Winky Boo Now!



Thread Confessions: Thanks For Reading!

by Carlos J. Morales on August 4, 2013

When I first started collecting t-shirts, I was young trying to understand life as a sophomore in high school. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be involved with or writing for a website like Hide Your Arms. Andy is a true class act and I am honored to be on the roster of such talented writers. There is nothing more exciting than helping indie brands get the spotlight they deserve. As a token of gratitude, I have installed a permanent discount code for Hide Your Arms readers - HYA gets you 25% off any collaboration in the Oven Fresh Dreams store.  For those of you who do not know, I am a barista and baker by trade – Oven Fresh Dreams is my online collective that intertwines my lifestyle with the stories of all the creative people I encounter.

“When I started baking (before I truly knew what I was doing), I was influenced by many creative types. This list includes Johnny “Cupcakes” Earle, Benny Gold, Mike Giant, Freegums, and a handful of other wonderful people. The artistic vision behind these artists and business owners inspire me to take O.F.D to unreachable heights. Keeping that in mind, I want to showcase the talents of the people I encounter in my journey by teaming up and releasing a series of limited collaborations. Now known as The Collaborate & Dream Series – the series focuses on printable mediums; t-shirts, posters, prints, and zines with the hopes of elevating the exposure of the artists I work with. There is nothing more important to me than helping artists tell their stories and share their gift with the world.”


Thank you all for being amazing. I hope to review more brands for Hide Your Arms for months to come and can not wait for you to read!


Take a Look: Four Eye Designs

by Carlos J. Morales on May 10, 2013

In fashion, it is easy to over analyze concept and branding. Four Eye Designs shows us that a brand can start by accident. Matt Ulery, owner of Four Eye Designs, is a man who fell in love with t-shirt printing after a six week class. Before he knew it, he was printing t-shirts that were inspired by his interaction with family and friends. Matt was nice enough to send me a few t-shirts (and then some) to review and I can not thank him enough.


After opening the package, I was immediately impressed by the quality of the print. I personally have a weak spot for American Apparel shirts, but it is always unfortunate when the print is “caked on”. Not only is it uncomfortable, it is guaranteed to crack after a handful of washes. Matt uses water-based inks because it provides a fade free, vibrant, and extremely soft print. With that being said, each t-shirt felt comfortable to wear and was a bit a loose fitting – something I enjoy.  The designs themselves were simple and straightforward, which was refreshing.


Plant Sex Makes Me Sneeze – It is sad how relevant this design is right now. There are millions of allergy suffers in the world, why not wear a shirt that bands us together? I personally enjoy the dandelion usage. Disclaimer: be careful what you wish for.


Four Ever and a Day - As a writer and a typography enthusiast, I love this shirt. The colorway is attractive and let’s be honest for a second, you can not go wrong with a classic saying on a t-shirt. The switch of for with four was an effective way to add a bit of branding in the mix.


Logo – While the colorway is not my cup of tea, it is perfect for the warmer months in New York City. This shirt is not available in the store and is included randomly in orders. The logo shirt is always a bit basic, which is a good thing. It is represents the vision of the owner and is probably the most important t-shirt you can wear for a brand.


Overall, I think Four Eyed Designs is a brand for those who appreciate life and all of its quirkiness. While the designs may not stand out conceptually, the available collection is simple and clean.


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Ichie Apparel Makes Its Splash

by Carlos J. Morales on April 4, 2013

There are a lot of brands in the world with various principle focuses; food, typography, dinosaurs, etc. You name a topic and there is probably a brand dedicated to it. In the sea that is independent apparel, Toronto’s own Ichie Apparel tries to make its splash by focusing on artistry and quality. Their mission is simple and honest – inspire creative minds by showcasing creativity in their designs.


I can not thank Richard Park, owner of Ichie Apparel, enough for the t-shirt and letter. A personal note is never a bad thing to receive with your t-shirt, so I appreciate the humbling gesture. The design that arrived at my doorstep is known as Kishi Kashi ($34)  and is described in their webstore as the struggle of life and death. When trying on the t-shirt I was pleasantly surprised on how soft the fabric was. I am not sure if it is an American Apparel blank, but Park promises that the shirt is 100% cotton, and sweatshop free. The fit was a little bit snug, but not too tight. I would totally feel comfortable wearing it out and about. The design itself was a vinyl print which holds up fairly well after a few washes and if you have the slightest bit of peeling, Ichie Apparel will replace it for you! I do not know about you, but that is a plus in my book. It is the little things that help you stand out and good customer service sure is one of them. As far as the aesthetics of the design, it seemed pretty basic in comparison to some of the other designs available (my favorites being Geisha and Dragon). However, basic most certainly does not mean bad. While the helmet covering the half mask half skull represents the struggle of life and death well, I would have liked a bit more detail to help the design stand out.


Overall, Ichie Apparel has strong theme of Japanese culture featured in their t-shirts. Personally, I think this direction can lead to a beautiful collection and Ichie Apparel will sure get there. In regards to pricing while $34 may seem steep think about the facts; the material is comfortable, the print will not scratch or peel (and will be replace if it does), and the designs are hand drawn by artists who want to inspire you with their works. Now think about the price tag when you include all of those factors in… I thought so. I look forward to seeing this brand expand its collection and plan on picking up shirts in the future.


Toughmuck: To Fold Or Not To Fold

by Carlos J. Morales on March 14, 2013

Let me start by saying I am not much of a poker player, but I am known to gamble every now and then – life is what you make of it. Toughmuck is a brand that focuses on that notion. In their eyes life is a game filled with highs and lows, so we must learn how to make the right decisions when playing. The term muck means to fold, so the idea of a toughmuck is knowing when to let things go even when it is hard to do so.


When I opened my package, I found a note and a logo shirt – simple enough, right?   I will be honest with you, I am sucker when it comes to baseball  script. While some reviewers may say it is safe and over done design, I think it is clean and effective. Now let’s talk a little bit more about the t-shirt, shall we? Normally, I would start off by focusing on the overall fit – however, I was sent a medium due to sales. While I was a bit bummed, at least we can see Toughmuck is off to a good start with their brand! The quality of material did feel comfortable – perfect for sweating when life hands you the worst cards possible.  If quality doesn’t sell you on this shirt, maybe the subtle branding will.  I appreciate that the people behind Toughmuck understand less is more.


Overall, this is a classic looking t-shirt. With that being said, it is still hard to tell if people without a poker playing background would relate to Toughmuck. Their message is noble one that speaks to a certain audience and I would like to see them develop their brand a bit more.





Winky Boo: 1 Day Only Black Friday Sale

by Amy_F on November 22, 2012

Winky Boo Black Friday Sale

Get 25% off during checkout at Winky Boo 1 day only for Black Friday.  Sale starts 11/22 at 12am (EST) and will end 11/24 12am (EST).  Shop easy, shop indie, shop online!


Connect With Magnet Apparel

by Carlos J. Morales on November 9, 2012

Magnet Apparel is an Arizona based brand that focuses on connectivity. I personally love when brands realize the importance of building a community. The creative minds behind Magnet Apparel plan to achieve greatness through the connective spirit of today’s youth through bold design and product innovation – sounds like a splendid idea. Right?

What really grabs my attention is the QR code on every shirt. Apparently, a customer is able to scan the code, set up a profile, and link a social networking site of their choice (Twitter, Facebook, etc).  Needless to say, I am drawn to this concept and the ideas behind Magnet Apparel.


Post image for Gundam Style, Schraderbrau Beer, and Dexter’s Kill Room at Tshirt Laundry this week

So I guess that this means ‘gangnam style’ t-shirts are a meme now… yay. Favourite for the week at Tshirt Laundry for me is the Dexter-based design, not the first time we’ve seen the mashup but I still like it. As usual the new releases are $14 this week only, and you can get free sgipping (in the US) if you buy two or more shirts.


Suck Summer 2012 Release

by Liam_Hodgeon on June 26, 2012

Suck! are back again with their 2012 summer release and it’s as awesome as ever. Bringing to the table their usual mix of t-shirts, from a few variations of the logo t-shirt, to the ever popular photo art tees and my personal favourite, their amazing illustrated tees! And this time as well as t-shirts we are also promised some sweet looking hats that will be ‘coming soon’.

Like I said, my favourite tees are definitely the illustrated ones and with this release I’m definitely lusting after the Ice Cream Truck shirt along with the Frosty Flakes t-shirt to go with my other Suck cereal shirt!
This release is 100% worth a look as there really is, as ever, something for everyone with Suck.
And on a side note to their summer release they currently have another quality t-shirt up for pre-order that any James Harden fan should be getting!

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t-shirt world record

See that guy? That guy right there is the world record holder for the most amount of t-shirts worn at once, 249, weighing in at an impressive 200 pounds. To me the weight is one of the most impressive aspects of this world record; when I imagine wearing lots and lots of tees the first obstacle that I see is getting large enough sized tees when you get to the upper end of the scale, I’ve got 300+ tees in my bedroom right now but I doubt I could get more than 20 of them on before they got too tight, but standing there putting on (and presumably having them being put on you once you can barely move your arms) with that weight on your body what what I would assume is a lengthy amount of time is no mean feat. Well done Andy Coyne, well done.

Read more here [via TeeGazette]


arkaik clthing mammoth logo t-shirt

I don’t know why I stopped posting about Arkaik Clothing, perhaps when they completely exploded in terms of popularity (100k Facebook fans, 50k on Twitter) I decided that they didn’t need the ‘HYA bump’ and so stopped following them, but I regularly post about brands that are much larger than Arkaik so I’m going to start covering them more again now that I’m set up to monitor their new goods.

Costiness=$24.95 Buy it at Arkaik Clothing


More than 100 Doctor Who T-shirts

by Andy on April 14, 2011

doctor who t-shirts

Hide Your Arms has gained something of a reputation for creating epic t-shirt lists and obsessing over films and TV shows to find t-shirts. When it was first suggested to me that I write a list of Doctor Who t-shirts (if you have an idea for a list send it in) I thought that it might be a tough ask since I don’t watch the show. I don’t have anything against it, I just already spend too much time watching TV shows, though since practically everyone says it’s good I probable should give it a go. Still, since the fans, or at least one fan, wanted a list of Doctor Who t-shirts, I made it my mission to hunt them down.

As you’ll find in the list there are quite a lot of good Dr. Who t-shirt designs out there, but nowhere near as many as with Star Wars, which is hardly surprising considering the popularity gap between the two, so I haven’t been able to create a list on the epic scale of the 200 shirts in the Star Wars list, but I think the current 119 designs is still fairly sizable. It’s also quite telling that many of the designs riff on the same themes, which suggests to me that Doctor Who designs haven’t been explored too deeply by the more creative t-shirt designers out there. You’ll also notice that a lot of shirts come from a few different retailers, which is frustrating for me since it looks like I’ve only looked in a handful of places, but the truth is that I’ve searched long & wide and not come back with many stores that sell Dr. Who t-shirts. Whether this means we will see more in the future (or that I have simply not discovered a treasure trove of excellent designs), who knows.

As ever, these lists take an awfully long time to put together, so if you would like to share the list with anyone via Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious etc. I would be very grateful, your sharing keeps new people visiting the site, and that in turn means that I am able to keep writing them.

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‘Hairy Otter and the Half Bent Pins’ image by Cathie Tranent

Let’s get one thing quite clear, I know extremely little about Harry Potter, I’ve never read one of the books (I always tell my HP-loving friends that I “don’t read children’s books” and then stand back whilst they rant), and I’ve never seen any of the films, though curiously I have seen one of the flying Ford Anglia’s that were used during filming. However, one of my friends (who is OBSESSED with Harry Potter) asked me how come I can spend so much time compiling lists and not mention Harry Potter? Apparently me not knowing anything about the series wasn’t a good enough excuse for her, so I pretty much had to write this list. Unfortunately, it would seem that whilst Harry Potter may have an awful lot of fans, they apparently aren’t graphic designers, which has resulted in this list being populated with more than a few tees that wouldn’t get featured on HYA in a normal post, but hopefully you Harry Potter fans will now have something appropriate to wear next week when the new film comes out.


1. Identity Crisis – Fuzzy Ink – $17.95


2. Harry Is My Homeboy – Snorg Tees – $18.95


3. Levicorpus (reads: “Now you can read this!” on the bacK) – Official WB Shop – $18.95


4. Muggle – Hot Topic – $22


5. Amortentia – Official WB Shop – $18.95


6. Gryffindor Quidditch Practice Jersey (the name on the back can be customised) – CustomizedGirl – $24.97


7. Harry is my homeboy (looks similar to the first one, but is rather cheaper) – Live Shirts – $12.99


8. Spolit – Threadless – $9 (currently sold out in all but XS, and I kept the picture near-unreadable since the design is all about ruining the surprise twists in movies)


9. Fantasy Football – BustedTees – $20 (yes, it’s not explicitly Potter-esque, but it’s funny and has a wizard on it) [via Seibei]


10. Nah, It’s Not Polyjuice Potion… I Always Look This Good – Zazzle – £30.35 (what’s this polyjuice potion and where do I get some?)


11. Spoiler T-shirt explaining the last chapter of the final book – Harry Potter Public Enlightenment Project – £15 (I couldn’t bring myself to ruin it for those that started the books a bit late and don’t know yet… he totally dies though)


12. On All Fours For Gryffindors – Neighborhoodies – $19.99 (it could just be my dirty, dirty mind, but is this tee a little bit naughty?)


13. No Music During Study Hours – Stylin Online – $18


14. DIY Tri-Wizrd Tournament T-shirt Tutorial – Leaky Lounge


15. Gryffindor Shield – Hot Topic – $19


16. Slytherin Babydoll Crest Tee – Stylin Online – $18


17. Malfoy is a douchebag – Cotton Werks – $12


18. Hogwarts V-neck Top – Hot Topic – $22


19. Luna Lovegood 3D specs tee – Hot Topic – $22


20. Don’t Be A Stranger, Hermione Granger – Neighborhoodies – $19.99

If you’re on the hunt for long lists of t-shirts, there is a newer list of 101 Robot t-shirts that I wrote in June 2009. If you’re not entirely robot obsessed please check out this huge collection of t-shirt lists (from lots of different sites, not just this one), or the lists category. Also, if you enjoyed this post, it would be very much appreciated it if you mentioned it on twitter, facebook, or another other form of social media like digg, stumbleupon or delicious.


45 more robot tees

by Andy on January 14, 2008


Since the last post (Robots! 50 Robot Tees) was so popular, I thought I’d do a follow-up. Not quite 50 tees this time (that was a lot of work), but there’s more than enough here for you to welcome our future robot overlords when they eventually rise up and take over the planet, or play the violin, either way, I’m freaked out and prepared to embrace their superiority.

*Update* If you’re on the hunt for long lists of t-shirts, there is a newer list of 101 Robot t-shirts that I wrote in June 2009. If you’re not entirely robot obsessed please check out this huge collection of t-shirt lists (from lots of different sites, not just this one), or the lists category. Also, if you enjoyed this post, it would be very much appreciated it if you mentioned it on twitter, facebook, or another other form of social media like digg, stumbleupon or delicious.


1. I Screw Robots – $13.99 – Link


2. RROD – $18.95 – Link [via Tcritic]


3. Robot Evolution – $13.99 – Link


4. Motion City Soundtrack Robot Head – £12 – Link (scroll down)


5. Diodes Are A Girls Best Friend – $15 – Link


6. Nightingale – $10 – Link


7. Blast Off! – £14.85 – Link


8. Snail Bot – $15 – Link


9. First Flight – $10 – Link


10. Mechanical Mayhem – $15 – Link


11. Robot Invasion – £15 – Link


12. Robots of Sin – $5 (<-- what?!?!) - Link


13. Safari – £15 – Link


14. Science! Robot – $18.49 – Link


15. Pabst Blue Robot (for my geek cred, I know its a Futurama reference) – $23.90 – Link


16. Mechsuit – £16.83 – Link


17. Logo Sun – $20 – Link


18. Robot Monkey Pirate – $20.90 – Link


19. Robot Evolution – $13.99 Link


20. We Can Live… – $12.49 – Link


21. Riot – £15 – Link


22. My Plastic Heart Cannot Love – $15.99 – Link


23. Kill All Humans – $12 – Link


24. Robot Family Tree – $16.95 – Link


25. Crush the cook (apron) – $17 Link


26. Crush All Humans – $13.99 Link


27. All my friends are metal – $20.95 Link


28. Crane – £15 – Link


29. Robo Pong – $20.33 – Link


30. Animated Transformers – $34.99 Link


31. Home is where the hub is – $15 Link


32. Karobotaoke – £14.32 – Link


33. Aargh!!! – $45 – Link


34. Robodunk – $45 – Link


35. Pimpbot 5000 – $12.99 – Link


36. Above These Things – £14.98 Link


37. New World Order – $15 – Link


38. DTOID Rampage – $15.95 – Link


39. Robot T-Shirt (great naming skills, Brad!) – $10 – Link


40. Jealous Bot – $20 – Link


41. Forbidden Players – $19 – Link


42. Transfarmers – $15 – Link


43. Roboto Mori – £15.79 – Link [via Fantastic Blognanza]


44. Duh Zombie! – $19.95 – Link


45. Speakerbot – $21.99 Link [ via Troundup]

If you’re a new visitor and thought that this list was cool, check out the lists category for more like it. Also, if you’d like to post this article to social bookmarking sites like digg, stumbleupon or, that would be great.


Robots! 50 robot tees

by Andy on September 13, 2007


I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of tee’s that are robot based on the internet, designers must like drawing robots, presumably people must like drawing tees with robots on. So for little reason other than being bored and having way too much time on my hands, I decided to compile a list of them.

Since this list is quite long, I’ve put it behind a break so that the front page of the blog maintains some kind of normalcy.

*Update* If you’re on the hunt for long lists of t-shirts, there is a newer list of 101 Robot t-shirts that I wrote in June 2009. If you’re not entirely robot obsessed please check out this huge collection of t-shirt lists (from lots of different sites, not just this one), or the lists category. Also, if you enjoyed this post, it would be very much appreciated it if you mentioned it on twitter, facebook, or another other form of social media like digg, stumbleupon or delicious.

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