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Typohgraphy hoodie by Turn Nocturnal

by Andy on September 24, 2009


My apologies for the size of the photos, it would appear from Turn Nocturnal’s Facebook and Flickr groups that this is the only item in their catalogue not to be involved in a photoshoot, but you can probably tell from that little photo that this hoodie is pretty freakin’ sweet, well, assuming you get excited by typography, which apparently everyone does nowadays.

Costiness=$35 Available from Turn Nocturnal

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300type1 300type

I don’t really know enough about typography to take a real stab at dissecting this design, but I assume that the lines running around the word ‘type’ are guides that people use when they’re designing new fonts? The design doesn’t really do it for me, but I would assume that I’d have a type-rection right now if I’d played Helvetica: The Movie so many times that I’d managed to wear out the disc.

Costiness=$35 Buy ‘Type’ at Turn Nocturnal

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Ladies, time to Turn Nocturnal

by Andy on September 19, 2008

Turn Nocturnal have a little sale going on at the moment for the ladies. Both of their designs which are printed on girls American Apparel tees are $15 each, I can’t remember what that’s down from, but its a pretty good deal.

The Turn Nocturnal blog has also been tweaked to make it more friendly to us iPhone owning folks, something which I’ve also done for HYA.


Turn Nocturnal have seem to have, ummm, turned direction with their latest release, Smoking, which has seem them leave behind the strong and bold lines for something that is in a style reminiscent of the Imaginary Foundation, with the black and white hand being contrasted by some very colourful smoke.

They’ve also restocked the popular Flying Colours tee, and in a few more colourways too.

Turn Nocturnal


Question Mark! Colon! 300detail.jpg

Turn Nocturnal made their first big splash by telling us about how huge type looks, then they planted their flag squarely in the Sans Serif camp, and now they’ve managed to even make ampersands asterisks and question marks look cool.Costiness=$25 Tee Link


Lights Out by Turn Nocturnal

by Andy on June 4, 2008


You know how there’s been loads of events recently where big cities would ‘turn out the lights’ to teach people about the importance of saving energy. Boy, they really taught us something, they turned the lights off for like about the same amount of time it takes to make a cup of tea (well, if you used an electric kettle), and then promptly turned them back on again. Amazing!Sorry, I know I shouldn’t rant, you’re here for t-shirts, but luckily this one is from Turn Nocturnal, so its good enough for me to just about get away with going off topic.

Costiness=$17 Link

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Sans Serif by Turn Nocturnal

by Andy on May 29, 2008

Sans Serif White T-shirt by Turn Nocturnal, its fontalicious!

If there’s a brand that I’m increasingly excited to find out about their latest releases, Turn Nocturnal are it, they haven’t put out that many designs, but each one is a winner, and their latest offering is no different. Clearly, and somewhat surprisingly, t-shirts based upon fonts are popular, seeing as they’ve been mentioned in one form or another three times this week on HYA, and as long as they’re as good as this one then I’m pretty happy about that.This tee is currently sold out in most sizes, but they are restocking so keep checking back if you’re interested.

Costiness=$17 Link


Turn the City by Turn Nocturnal

by Andy on April 21, 2008

Turn the City by Turn Nocturnal

Turn Nocturnal don’t exactly put out a lot of designs, but when they do you can be fairly certain that you’re going to enjoy seeing their latest release, and I think that ‘Turn the City’ is no exception to that rule.

The buildings themselves have a style which is reminiscent of charcoal drawings (I love the way they trail off down the shirt), whilst the orange arrow swinging over top helps to freshen up the image and inject some much needed colour into it, whilst it is the style of the buildings which I’m most attracted on this tee they would have looked a bit less interesting if there wasn’t that bit of orange peeking over the top.

Costiness=$17 Link


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