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winkyboo bang for your buck

Between this heatwave going on in the states and everyone looking for a good deal these days, I decided that it was the perfect time to give our customers some huge savings.  Since summer began I’ve been rotating Summer Clearance items in store online weekly!  To keep up with which items are on sale during which week, LIKE the Winky Boo Facebook Page.  I’ve extended last week’s sale items because of Father’s Day, so we currently have 4 Clearance Items with savings as much as 50% off!  Pictured above is Stalker which is currently on sale for $12.00  (Saving You $10 from it’s Original Price).  Stalker is a unisex fit for Men & Women printed on 100% combed ringspun cotton – super-soft- lightweight tee.

Buy it at Winky Boo


“Intergalactic” by Line of Dance

by Amy_F on April 8, 2012

Line of Dance Intergalactic T-Shirt


I don’t know why but for some reason I really believe that if they removed their helmets it’d be Luke & Princess Leia.  I mean of course that would mean Darth Vader HAD to be their ballroom teacher, right?

For some reason I find the design kind of humorous and a bit nerdy.  Regardless, I own one in the turquoise and it’s become one of my go-to t-shirts that I wear weekly.  Line of Dance describes it as,

“For the ballroom dancing sci-fi geek in your life, we present: intergalactic!  Featuring two “space dancers” floating atop the cosmic dance floor.”

Cost = $16.50   Buy it at Line of Dance

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design by humans

To be completely honest, I’ve gone a bit off Design By Humans recently, the designs just weren’t appealing to me, and judging from a thread or two on Emptees, I wasn’t alone (and some of their gripes were more from the artist side of things). However, this tee is pretty damn sweet (even if the back of it is turquoise for what looks like little reason).

Also, as some of you may be aware, DBH hand out coupon codes like candy nowadays, so if you want to get 10% off your order from now until May 9th, use the coupon code BUYDBH.

Costiness=$21 Buy it at Design By Humans


fastfood_camiseta lola-camisetas-las-camisetas-mas-divertidas-y-originales-de-la-red_1249905260424

I’ve never liked the attitude that fast food is evil, as long as you enjoy it in moderation then you shouldn’t have a problem. Where I live in England I’m 40 minutes away from the nearest McDonalds (by car), and my nearest Chinese takeout is 10 minutes away (again, by car, and that’s on a road with no traffic, no junctions, and no stop lights), so it’s fairly rare that I get fast food. When I was in Philly it was a different story, I wanted to try all the different stuff that I couldn’t have in England, and that meant quite a lot of takeout and eating at restaurants, but when I got back to the UK I actually weighed 2lbs less than when I arrived, so clearly fast food (combined with me walking everywhere because I didn’t have a car) is not the devil.

Costiness=€11 (this week, then it goes up to €16) Available from LolaCamisetas: Mens/Womens



Expect to see more of Fifty Seven Thirty Three, you want to know why? Because their tees look awesome (they aren’t the cheapest out there, mind you). This tee isn’t actually particularly representative of their style, they aren’t exactly a laffer of a brand, but this design certainly did raise a smile.

Oh, it would appear that I’ve mentioned them before.

Costiness=$40 Available from 57-33’s Etsy Store

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