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The Blind Tiger Collective is a really cool project spearheaded by Dualta Jones of Project A Apparel that is bringing together ten of Ireland’s finest indie brands to open a pop-up shop in Dublin in the run up to Christmas. They’ve written a really good press release, and it’s Saturday night, so I’m feeling lazy enough to just copy/paste that:

Hot on the tail of the collapse of the Celtic Tiger comes 10 Irish Designers as Blind Tiger Collective

The Blind Tiger Collective, a collection of 10 Irish clothing brands, are launching their pop-up shop on the 20th of December in the distinctive Dublin North Inner City.The pop-up will be open for 4 days until the 24th and will give customers a chance buy Irish this Christmas from independent designers.The collective consists of over 10 brands aiming to give the Irish shopper an opportunity to support their local designers and young businesses this Christmas and to do so with distinctive style and swagrrr.

The Blind Tiger Collective will spring to life on the 20th of December until the 24th at Little Green Gallery on Green Street and the temporary space will be retailing exclusive Irish Streetwear and accessories. In the run up to the launch, Dualta Jones, organiser of the event and co-owner of Project A Apparel decided he was tired of large foreign companies opening pop up stores to promote brands that were already saturating the market. He said “I decided that small Irish brands like my own need to come to together and help promote each other in a joint effort a stake a claim on our territory.”

There will be a wide variety of brands at the Blind Tiger Collective pop up like Turtlehead, Swallows and Daggers and LadyUmbrella, ranging from tattoo inspired hand drawn designs, skate apparel, street art and graffiti inspired work, showcasing the diversity of Irish design talent. A lot of the brands in the Blind Tiger Collective work on very limited print runs, some as low as 25 pieces, and when a design is finished its finished for good which guarantees exclusivity.

To celebrate the launch night and make the Blind Tiger pop up a bit more special, Galway based screen printer will be screen printing a unique “Blind Tiger Collective” tee. All good collectives need some good music and there will be a DJ for the launch as well as a range of free drinks to get the launch started. With a big push to buy Irish this Christmas and campaigns like “Irish Indie Xmas” getting a lot of attention maybe it’s time to forget the Celtic Tiger and listen to the roar of the Blind Tiger Collective.

“forget the Celtic Tiger and check out the swagrrr of the Blind Tiger Collective.” Follow the ambush at

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As you would imagine, I’m all for a project like this, and looking at the people that they’ve got involved it should be a big success as long as they can get enough people through the door. In the past I’ve made it clear that I have issues with the term pop-up shop, and I still do, but at least this seems to be a be an actual pop-up shop, as in a shop that will only be around for a couple of days, rather than when some fancy brand takes a corner of a hotel and calls it a pop-up shop.


A Year Of Tees is back, going ‘old school’

by Andy on February 21, 2011

a year of tees

I say going ‘old school’ because A Year of Tees is making a comeback, but isn’t following the same format as last year (adding a new t-shirt design every day). In reality, the comeback is more of a reissue, all of last year’s designs are being made available again after popular demand.

I’m not sure if this means that the store is going to be kept open indefinitely, but it’s certainly welcome to have all those designs available again, and I’m glad that Keith’s project is gaining more interest even though he’s ‘finished’ with it.

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We don’t really have black Friday on this side of the pond (which is a pity really), so we take sales when we can get them, rather than having a one-day orgy of savings, and this coupon code from Turtlehead is a bit of a beast. Some of you may have seen the image above before because it’s actually Turtlehead’s ad on the site which went up on Sunday afternoon, but as I know most people read this site via RSS (quick question, would anyone be offended by RSS ads? I pormise they won’t be ugly) I thought I’d make a post about the deal in case you missed it. Just input the coupon code MINCEPIE at the checkout to receive the discount.



You all know that I’m not particularly enamoured with the Three Wolf moon meme, perhaps I’m just not a fun person but I don’t get why people would where these tees. Still, if you’re going to do something you might as well overdo it, and that’s what Turtlehead have done, but combining several memes and things that interet-people love (and E.T. for some reason).

Costiness=€25 Available from Turtlehead for Men, and for Women



I know there isn’t much of the month left, but you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth now, can you?

Use the coupon code HAPPINESS at the checkout to receive 50% off all t-shirts at Turtlehead.


33% off Coupon code for Turtlehead

by Andy on August 18, 2009

Turtlehead Coupon Code

This post is going to look mighty odd for those of you looking at this on the actual site rather than via RSS, as I’m essentially relaying info from the top banner ad on the site.

If you use the coupon code THIRTYTHREE at the checkout with Ireland’s finest, Turtlehead, then, rather unsurprisingly, you will receive a wonderful discount of 33% off your order.



Turtlehead just sent me over a new ad banner. That’s not necessarily big news, though it is a nice banner, but the ad comes with a coupon code on it for a 25% off all of their tees. I realise that quite a lot of you probably just read Hide Your Arms via an RSS reader, so you may never actually visit my website (don’t worry, I’m not shaking a fist at you, I do the same with a lot of blogs too), and therefore not see the banners (they’re great, you should totally check them out), meaning you’d miss out on this offer. Use the coupon code ILOVELAMP at the checkout to receive the discount.


3 New Tees at Turtlehead

by Andy on June 29, 2009


Hold up, you mean not everyone in Ireland worships the ground that Bono walks on?




Not all of these tees are super new, a few were released just last week, but I didn’t mention their last batch of releases, so it made sense to bundle them in with this post, and really, does it matter precisely how new they are if you haven’t seen them before? That sentence has made me realise that HYA is the anti-Hypebeast!

The coupon code that will get you 20% off your order is tweet (it’s amazing how many people want to give their twitter followers stuff on the cheap), and is valid until June 30th, which is plenty of time to get your reduced price order in.



A sale and a coupon code from Turtlehead

by Andy on December 6, 2008

I’d be pretty surprised if none of you knew who Turtlehead were by now on account of them being a HYA sponsor for many-a-moon, but I like to think that I don’t mention them too mention much, in spite of them having lots of great designs, just because I don’t want you to think that I’m just a shill for the people that help pay the bills around here.

Anyway, with that caveat out of the way, Turtlehead have a bit of a sale going on at the moment on a fair few designs, 25% off generally, which is pretty good. You can make it even better by using the coupon code santahead because with that you’ll get another 10% off your order.

The image at the top is a bit of a tease by the way, that design won’t be available on the site until early next year.


Turtlehead Presents Strautus, an online exhibition of new paintings by Chris Judge

I was going to write a proper post about this, but Karl has done such a good job that I’m not going to bother, just go an read what he has to say about it. Oh, and if you’re wondering what this has to do with clothes, if you purchase a piece of original art from the exhibition then you get a free limited edition tee which, unsurprisingly, has been designed by Chris Judge.

Turtlehead present Strautus: An online exhibition of 22 new paintings by Chris Judge



Not only is this a cool looking tee from an artist with an impressive CV (he’s designed for Sneaker Freaker, Lifelounge, 2×4, Mambo, Threadless Select, and Semi-Permanent), it’s also printed on the Earth Positive range that I wrote about yesterday, so if you guys wanted to get your hands on one of Continental Clothing’s new climate neutral tees then this is a good opportunity. It isn’t exactly a cheap tee, so I doubt that there’ll be many Americans jumping at the chance to purchase one of the 500 tees available, although to be fair to Turtlehead, Ireland is a pretty expensive place to be, and they do include worldwide postage so I don’t think they’re gouging you!

Costiness=€38 (including postage) Link


Polyphonic Spree x Turtlehead tees

by Andy on February 17, 2008

Polyphonic Spree x Turtlehead t-shirt range

Last Monday when I was rushing through the To Be Confirmed tradeshow to make sure I could get to the train station in time, I somehow managed to miss Turtlehead, who were exhibiting at the show. When I was looking through the show press literature on my journey home that they were located in an area I’d missed out entirely, which sucks, because not only could I have met an advertiser and thank them for their support, but also check out their latest releases, including the collaboration with the Polyphonic Spree. I’ll let Turtlehead explain it:
Polyphonic Spree x Turtlehead t-shirt range Polyphonic Spree x Turtlehead t-shirt range

We are launching 3 t-shirts in the “FRAGILE ARMY” series. For these designs we joined forces with The Polyphonic Spree.

If don’t know them – The Polyphonic Spree are a self-described “choral symphonic rock” group from Dallas, Texas. The band is made up of anything from between 10 and 23 members playing everything from drums, bass, guitar, flute keyboards, trumpets and violins.

These designs are all based on the name of their latest album – Fragile Army. There are 3 different designs available in guys and girls styles and a very very limited edition silver design limited to 50 t-shirts worldwide. Check out the album too – it’s amazing.

Polyphonic Spree x Turtlehead t-shirt range

Oh dang, they’re covered in hearts, why wasn’t this one of my Valentine’s posts!Turtlehead


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