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dark tower t-shirt

TeeFury are today referencing Stephen King’s “Dark Tower”.

twitter t-shirt
Shirt.Woot have a nicely designed if unoriginal Twitter tee.

battlestar galactica calvin hobbes t-shirt
Calvin & Hobbes gets mashed up with Battlestar Galactica at RIPT for some reason.

sky rim t-shirt
Qwertee give Skyrim the NES box art treatment.

darth vader playing card
I really rather like the Vader playing card at Shirt Punch.

three wolf moon
Sorry The Yetee, nothing will ever make me like the Three Wolf Moon meme.

owl t-shirt
Because everything has to be in 3D now, even the imaginary perspective of an owl on a t-shirt. Shirt by DBH.

austrian coffee thieves
Today’s Made in the Now shirt is about two Austrian thieves who stole two tons of coffee.

fidel castro t-shirt
Apparently #FidelCastro has been trending recently so Fibertopic have depicted him as the ‘Red Leader’, which surprisingly enough is a concept I haven’t seen before.

I hadn’t heard of Tee Busters before, are they new? Well, they’ve got a Darth Vader shirt that I suppose is inspired by the ads where the kid is trying to use the force on his Dad’s car. Is it a VW ad?


T-shirt News Roundup for January 16th

by Andy on January 16, 2012

mythbusters t-shirt

Dexter’s Laboratory meets Mythbusters in this shirt from Teefury.

Y’know, I’ve never seen Donnie Darko, judging by the amount of shirts about it, including this one from Qwertee, I probably should (lots of shirts usually = a good movie).

Shirt.Woot have a delightful 8-bit Ghostbusters design.

Strangely, RIPT also have a Ghostbusters shirt, though with a Muppets twist.

Glow in the dark shirt from The Yetee.

Nowhere Bad have a Portal inspired shirt.

OtherTees have a nice Sherlock design. Did anyone see the last episode of the current run last night? That show is so damn good.

24Tee are selling a familiar stormtrooper design.

TeeRaiders have a Firefly design that I didn’t need to Google to work out what it was.

Quite a pretty Twitter design from

GraphicLab have a Portal shirt on sale all this week.

Tee Mashups is closing, which is unfortunate, though at least they are being up front about things and are sending refunds to people that will not receive their shirts.

Star Wars comes to Shirt Punch today.

Not my kind of tee at DBH today, but interesting nevertheless.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling Greg Abbott’s lovely fox design again.

Glennz has turned five of his designs into iPhone wallpapers (may also work with other smartphones, I’m not sure).

Tony over at Wrongwroks has released a parka jacket in five different colours.

Perception Apparel have put three of their tees on sale for $10.

Halfcut Clothing have released a shirt to celebrate their involvement with the Blind Tiger Collective. Use coupon code hcc10 to get 10% off your order in their store.

The official press release for the Boston Tee Party has been released, it doesn’t cover much new ground but it’s nice to have it all be ‘official’.

Big Cartel let us know about some of their milestones in 2012, such as collective store sales of over $100,000,000 from their almost 200,000 stores.

Mighty Fine are running a competition with Marvel to find an amazing Avengers t-shirt design with the winner receiving up to $2,500.

Johnny Cupcakes has a couple of new tees, and a couple of new hats in his stores.

Here’s Rihanna wearing a Celine t-shirt that probably cost more than my whole outfit.


rigu competition

Sure, this is off-topic, but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.

My other website, a camera accessories site called Rigu is holding a little competition, and I would love it if you would enter. The competition runs from now until Friday at midnight and to enter all you have to do is follow @RiguPhoto on Twitter and send out the following tweet:

RT @RiguPhoto: Follow & RT this message before Dec. 16th to win a £10 camera accessories voucher. #competition

That’s all there is to it, the winner will be notified before the end of the weekend. Why are you still here? Go, tweet!

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Daily Tee & News Roundup for November 23rd

by Andy on November 23, 2011

star trek t-shirt

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s amazing that there aren’t more Star Trek t-shirts around. $10 today at TeeFury.

I like the name of this shirt, ‘Vinyl Frontier,’ almost as much as I like the design. $10 today at Tilteed.

Very nice Doctor Who t-shirt from Nowhere Bad today.

I’m not sure if this shirt at is a Deadmau5 reference or not, but I like it.

Not my favourite Shirt.Woot design ever but it definitely fits with their style.

I’m fairly sure there are a lot of people that would like this RIPT version of Battlestar Battleship to be a real thing.

Awesome shirt at The Yetee today, who would have thought that “Star Wars x crappy Christmas sweaters” would be such a good concept for a design?

And here I was thinking that all the “people whose names are also a state” had been done, well done 24tee.

TeeRaiders are dropping a Firefly design today.

Loviu really liked The Dark Knight, presumably.

Catch of the Day Tee provide us with our second Doctor Who shirt for Wednesday.

Shirt Punch seem to be the only company that have realised The Muppets are really popular at the moment.

Very pretty design from DBH today.

Let me remind you that Rigu is a thing I launched last week and it would be brilliant if you could check it out.

Glennz has released a desktop calendar for 2012 featuring some of his favourite designs.

80sTees satisfy my thirst for Seinfeld t-shirts with this George Costanza ‘Professional Hand Model’ tee. for $22.

Monsieur Steve is offering 20% off in his store today only with the coupon code onlytoday, though you do have to spend €70 to qualify for the saving.

PLNDR have up to 55% off goods from Mishka NYC.

A few months back on I Am The Trend Monique from Antisparkle featured “3 Affordable and Creative Branded Packaging Ideas” that I’m sure store owners will want to take a look at.

I didn’t mean for this to turn into a daily roundup for store owner resources, but I’ve been finding some good stuff recently, here’s “Five Copywriting Errors That Can Ruin A Company’s Website” from Smashing Magazine.

Mashable have 7 Tips to Make Your Blog Stickier. A lot of shirt brands have a blog that this info can apply to, but it’s important to note that a lot of the tips apply to non-blog content too.

Kissmetrics have a super guide to marketing using Twitter, and also a post with a guy claiming to have a 2% bounce rate which if you know your bounce rates you know is astoundingly low.

I Am The Trend’s Black Friday List is up and it has more than 80 brands on it, crazy! My initial list will be up in a few hours.

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Daily Tees & News Roundup for November 22nd

by Andy on November 22, 2011

walking dead t-shirt

Very nice Walking Dead t-shirt at TeeFury today. Anyone else watching this show?

I’m surprised that Qwertee have this shirt on sale since it’s part of 604Republic‘s permanent catalogue.
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Every Friday Johnnyroyale gives away a free tshirt to anyone that retweets the competition tweet, if people want to take part they can follow @johnnyroyale_

Paul Robinson

[Andy: I would suspect that in spite of the wording of this submitted post that not everyone that tweets out a message wins a tee, it seems a lot more likely that a single person will be picked to win a tee, possibly the Che design above.]

This post was submitted by Johnnyroyale.

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twitter fail whale t-shirt

Ian is a very eloquent man, so I’ll let him explain the this tee:

It’s based on the Twitter “Fail Whale” and vintage nautically-themed beer label designs, and I’ve illustrated it using the same classic scratchboard technique that I employed for my popular “Polar Beer” design. It will be for sale at TeeFury on Wednesday, Feb 23rd for just $10, and is also available through my own shop hand-screened on American Apparel for $18.

I’ve also reworked the graphic and had it printed on both pint glasses and can koozies, both of which are also available in my shop.

Once again to coincide with the TeeFury print, I’ll be running a coupon code (FailWhale15) good for 15% off of your total order from my shop and will also be giving away goodies through both Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr (with more details available on my blog – where you can also find photos and descriptions of the process behind this design).


Threadless Twitter competition

We’re getting pretty close to Christmas now, so I thought it was about time I spread some festive cheer in the only way I know how, by giving away a t-shirt whilst gaining more followers for my Twitter account, it’s like a modern day Dickensian tale!

Almost 2,000 people follow @hideyourarms already, who are clearly happy to receive updates about t-shirt deals (some of which aren’t shared on this blog), new HYA posts as soon as they go live, and insights into my fabulous lifestyle, and I thought it was about time to reward them by giving them the chance to win a t-shirt from Threadless (and entice a few new followers at the same time).

The prize is one t-shirt of the winners choosing from Threadless, and to be eligible for the competition all you need to do is follow @hideyourarms on Twitter, and tweet the following message:

Win a t-shirt from @threadless! Follow @hideyourarms and RT to enter the competition! #hyacomp

Terms & Conditions:

    Each time to tweet the above message you will receive one entry into the giveaway, but please do not spam your followers, we all know how annoying that is, I suggest that you don’t tweet the message more than once a day.
    The competition is open from now until Friday December 17th at 23:59 (GMT), tweets after that time and date will not be counted.
    The winner MUST be following @hideyourarms, I will be notifying the winner by DM, and if you aren’t following I can’t message you.
    Following notification by DM, the winner has 3 days to reply, otherwise a new winner will be selected and the initial winner will have forfeited their prize.
    The competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world that Threadless will ship a package to.
    I will randomly pick a winner from all the tweets using the service. Each entry/tweet will be assigned a number, and I will randomly generate a number to find the winner.
    The winner may pick one t-shirt from the Threadless catalogue (excluding from the Select line), or two t-shirts if they choose from the $5 section.

Now go get tweeting, and if you aren’t a Twitterer don’t worry, there’ll be another competition next week, and maybe even the week after that!


Where to get your HYA fix!

by Andy on November 12, 2010

warehouse project manchester

…. and that’s another week!

Some pretty good posts, tees and hoodies this week I think, hopefully you agree. This weekend I’m heading to the Warehouse Porject in Manchester to see MIA (gig/clubbing under a train station? Yes please!), if perhcance any HYAers are going to be there and spot me, say hello and I’ll give you a free HYA button, also, because it would be soooo awesome if I were recognised at an event, I’d probably end up buying you a drink, even at Warehouse Project prices!

I thought it might be an opportune time to remind you about other places to find HYA around the web. There is of course the Hide Your Arms twitter account, which auto-updates every time a new post goes on the blog, so join more than 1800 other people and follow me. If you want to ‘like’ HYA on Facebook that would be very much appreciated, I don’t use the page too often to sedn out updates because I hate spam as much as the next guy, though recently I have been trying a ‘post of the day’ update that people have seemed to like (and the post isn’t always from HYA either, I’m trying to spread the love). The FB Page is over 1600 likes now which I’m really proud of, thanks to everyone for taking time to press that button and share the site with your friends. A couple of months ago I switched on e-mail subscriptions for the site, in which you receive a daily digest of everything that was posted to HYA that day, if you don’t use an RSS reader and want to make sure you miss nothing I think it’s a pretty good solution, and you can always just delete it or unsubscribe if you don’t like it.

Lastly, there is of course the Hide Your Arms shop, which at the moment only has two items in it, the HYA logo tee (some sizes sold out and others running low) and the button pack. I’m considering having some stickers produced, and screenprinted posters, not necessarily to sell since I can’t see them being that popular (no one loves HYA as much as me and I’m cool with that), but if there’s anything you guys want the HYA logo put onto, and similarly, if you designers ever want to play around with the logo get in touch and I’ll send over the illustrator file.

Enjoy your weekend, and I *might* have a special surprise for you next week!

[Picture by fussy onion]

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hide your arms badge

I thought that after writing a mammoth 48 posts this week I would take the weekend off, especially as all of you American folks will be out in the sunshine tending to grills or recovering from Big Earl, and presumably won’t be chained to your computers. I might still do some work on other super-secret projects that aren’t yet ready to be talked about, but otherwise I intend to just have a fun weekend, as you should too if possible. Writing so many posts is something of a strain, but at the same time it also offers me a bit of freedom that I’m enjoying, with that many posts being written they feel a lot more off the cuff, and in a way more fun to write, but if you guys think it’s all a bit too much let me know and I might start putting some posts together (like coupon codes and that kind of thing).

I thought this post would also serve as a good way to remind you about ways you can connect with Hide Your Arms:

Twitter: You can follow me on Twitter (@hideyourarms) where every HYA post gets auto-tweeted when it goes live on the site, I talk about t-shirts, tweet deals and coupon codes that sometimes don’t find their way to the main site, moan about the price of Apple peripherals, and ponder whether someone is trying to break into my house.

Facebook: If you’re on Facebook, may I suggest you ‘like’ the HYA Fan Page? Unlike my Twitter stream, I don’t share too much on there, just major articles like the typography list, site news, and I ask for advice and feedback about what you guys want to see on the site. Clothing companies are also encouraged to post themselves and their deals on the fan page, as it does get a decent amount of traffic, and I might take posts on the Facebook page and put them onto here.

RSS: There is also the RSS feed available to those of you that do that kind of thing (and surely have thousands of feed items they need to read like I do).

E-mail Subscription: A week or so ago I added the ability to read HYA via daily e-mail digests that go out around 6pm EST. They are e-mails that have everything the RSS readers will receive, except wrapped up into one neat package. The problem with them is that sometimes you might get an e-mail that has a deal in it that has expired, but unfortunately that is just a risk you’re going to have to take, and generally this won’t happen very often.

Last little admin note, I still have an advertising spot or two available on the top banner, and the upper right banner, if you are interested please get in touch using the contact form or Twitter.

Now go have a good time!


follow me and add me sexy social media top

Pretty much only posting this because of the great photo.

Costiness=€30 Buy it at Monsieur Steve

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Bienvenue a Bruxelles!

by Andy on June 25, 2010

atomium in Brussels

As you read this I will be in Brussels, it’s safe to presume I will have a (strong) Belgian beer in my hand, and will be getting down to the serious work of hanging out with this guy. No posts this weekend, possibly some on Monday if I can find the time, but things should be back to normal on Tuesday, when I’ll hopefully be putting up the HYA tee misprints on sale for a ridiculous price (I’m thinking $10 with shipping anywhere, the printing errors are tiny, and there’s a small and a couple of mediums, which are the two sizes I’m sold out of) and dropping more tee news than you guys can possibly handle.

Whilst I’ve got you, may I remind you that if you aren’t following me on Twitter, or liking HYA on Facebook, you probably should be. On twitter you will receive updates every time a new post goes live on the site, random chatter from me (but no Twitpics after an unfortunate situation where my iPhone made friends with some water), and quite a lof of t-shirt news and deals that don’t make it onto the site, such as flash sales that only last for a few hours, and previews of new designs from companies, basically, I follow lots of t-shirt brands so that you don’t have to. The Facebook fan page is getting close to the magic 1000 fans, and those people get to hear about site news and sales when I think they’re big enough to be mentioned, t-shirt brands are also encouraged to leave messages about their brands too. I don’t want to spam up your newsfeed though, so I don’t want to put status updates on there too often.

[image link]


bird t-shirt by emil kozak

You know what sucks about Twitter, it’s just so ubiquitous. A few years ago, twittering was something actualy birds did, or something you said about people that chatted a lot. Now it means sending messages to people via a specific website (or a third-party client, as most people do), it’s like they’ve stolen that word, and I don’t like that. Similarly, this is a t-shirt with a picture of a bird on it, it’s got nothing to do with Twitter, and yet, clearly it has got me thinking about Twitter. Still, it’s a damn fine illustration.

Costiness=€35 Buy it from Emil Kozak’s store



Here’s the question for the unicorns rock competition that I posted about earlier in the week:

What brand of beer would a unicorn drink?

If you’re thinking that’s going to be mighty hard to work out, clues to the answer can be found on the posts that all 5 tee blogs made about the competition in the form of their respective coupon codes. When you have the answer, you need to e-mail it to along with a link to your Twitter account so that they can verify you have tweeted about all 5 blog posts related to the competition. If you haven’t made those 5 tweets then you are not elegible to win. If you’re just joining in the fun now you can just post all five tweets now (or spread them out a bit so that your followers don’t think you’re spamming them), you didn’t have to tweet on the day that the post was released, you just have to have tweeted all the posts before you send your e-mail to Unicorns Rock. Unicorns rock need to receive your e-mail by 5pm (I’m pretty sure they’re on the west coast so presume PST) on Monday (Nov. 30th) for you to be eligible for the prize of 12 t-shirts of your choice from their store.

All the rules (and you should probably check them in case I’ve made a mistake), along with a list of the participating blogs, can be found on the Unicorns Rock Contest page. [CC licensed photo by Zoomar]

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I want my own theme music twitter tee at threadless

I do believe this is the first is the first ever tee posted on Hide Your Arms that is based entirely on a tweet, can you feel the history?

I wouldn’t actually wear this Threadless tee (whether it had a Twitter affiliation or not), but I felt inclined to post it because this weekend a friend walked up to me and said that a small group of my friends were discussing what my theme music should be (I wasn’t with them, which is what made it a little odd), and decided that it was “Big Spender.” She then proceeded to belt out a few bars of the previously mentioned song, which was slightly awkward.

Costiness=$18 Available from Threadless


twitter tee

I think I’m a fairly active Twitter user, I chatter a bit, ask questions, give answers, I find it to be a genuinely useful tool, but there’s something I don’t understand; what’s the deal with all these people that feel the need to have thousands of followers? Or people going “come on, let’s get me up to 300 followers by Friday”?

What’s the point? What are you gaining by having a large number next to your name?

Nothing, if you can’t imagine yourself sending an @ message to someone or don’t feel that they’ll be interesting, don’t follow them, it’s as simple as that. If someone follows me and is following more than 1,000 people, chances are I’m not going to follow them back because it feels like they’re just going after big numbers. I even feel as if the 600ish that I’m following is too many because I can’t keep up with all the tweets. Anyone else know what I mean?

Costiness=$20.95 Available from MySoti



Let’s be clear, I like Facebook (it kept me in touch with my friends whilst I was in America), and I like Twitter (even if I am a bit guilty of posting about my lunches more often than I should), though I’m done with MySpace, but they can be a little creepy. Actually, it isn’t that the services themselves that are creepy, it’s that they tend to be such a one-way conversation rather than being social. When I came back from America I would be telling people stories from my trip, and they already knew about them because I’d written about them on Twitter, or my personal blog, or posted photos on Facebook, and this was usually from people that hadn’t left a comment on the posts. Also, I mentioned that I was in Las Vegas on Twitter, and then for a few days after that all the “hey, can you write about my brand” e-mails I received were curious as to whether I’d survived the onslaught of mediocre buffets and dudes in the street trying to “get dancers in your room in 20 minutes!”

So, it’s kinda creepy, but then again, no one is forcing me to write or post any of this stuff, so I have no one to blame but myself.

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it at Despair, Inc.

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Guitar Hero by Regal Clothing

by Andy on February 16, 2009


There’s nothing like a good tee that uses negative space to kick off the week… except for perhaps a mountain of coffee and a doughnut.

Twitter users can get 25% off by going to this link and re-tweeting a message.

Costiness=£15 Buy Guitar Hero at Regal Clothing (tee comes with a free guitar pick)


Wearing my Twitter Shirt by -nathan

I’ve been using the micro-blogging social-networking site Twitter since March last year, and whilst the service was pretty popular when I joined, it went from strength to strength throughout the year and is now more popular than ever. People use it for many different reason, personally, I like to use it for asking quick questions about the tee world and the internet in general, getting to know people I’ve met through Hide Your Arms that I wouldn’t necessarily send an e-mail to, and as an archive for my Facebook status updates (I’m weird like that). Oh, and to get pearls of wisdom from Shaq.

It can also be used as a very powerful marketing tool, I’m not too into that aspect, although I will post a link when I write an article I’m particularly proud of or think is interesting. I’ve kept the group of people I follow fairly limited, people that actually interest me (rather than adding everyone I possibly can to make my follower numbers more impressive), and amongst the people I follow are quite a lot of people from the tee world, or “Teeple” as I have ever-so cutely named them (because Twitter users are “tweeple“). I thought it might be cool if I listed them so that those of you who are new to twitter, or and old-hand wanting to follow some interesting people, could get more value out of the service. I’ll provide short bios on a few accounts, but I think the best thing would be for you to check out each profile and decide whether to follow them yourself, they are listed in the order I began following them, from the latest at the top, to the earliest at the bottom.

click here to see the list


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