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1960s love song poster

These are pretty neat from Typography Shop. As you may well have guessed, they’re a couple of posters featuring love stories made up from song titles of the 1960s and 70s, apparently with the 80s coming along soon as well. They’re currently on pre-release for $17.50 each and will be shipping on or near to June 18th.


Post image for Everything on clearance at Typography Shop, go buy something now

Big news coming out of Typography shop recently:

We’re clearing the shelves of every single item in stock while we work on transitioning the line to a third party fulfillment site, possibly utilizing a print on demand method. It may be your last chance to pick up these designs silk screened for awhile. And you’ll save big time.

We’ll still be printing product for retail outlets, online resellers and flash sale sites, but won’t be carrying stock for the time being. We will let you know as soon as our designs are available online again. Having sold all over the world these past 4 years I want to continue to serve customers anywhere. We will re-launch the shop for the George Lois poster project, possibly with a small selection of shirts.

Patrick wanted to make it absolutely clear that Typography Shop is not closing, that’s not what this is, it’s just a change for the business to make it more adaptable so he can focus on different things right now.


typography t-shirt

When I say I don’t understand this ‘Counter’ t-shirt, I mean it, I’m not trying to be cute and giving you guys a wink and nudge to post the answers or what you think it means, I genuinely don’t know since I don’t have a typography background beyond “hey, those words look nice.” Here’s what Typography Shop have to say about the shirt:

Typographic anatomy with at least a quadruple entendre.
We’re pleased to announce a new shirt on TypographyShop. Counter is our latest release. A simple term of typographic anatomy, “Counter” and the “O” surrounding it are full of meanings beyond the intended one. As with our Sans design, the ambiguity of the shirt’s message for the typographically challenged will be sure to elicit many an interesting conversation.

I’d wanted to release a design about type anatomy for some time, but there are dozens already on the market illustrating all aspects, dissecting several letters and their respective terms. We thought we’d go minimal and define just one. Set in Futura Bold and printed in white and grey on a black tee or tank.

Having written all that, I’ve now gone and looked at the product page and have a vague understand of what ‘counter’ means in a typographic sense, but there’s at least four more way to attack this design, so have at it in the comments, take me to school guys!


T-shirt News for February 21st

by Andy on February 21, 2012

star wars alderaan t-shirt

A truly grown-worthy Star Wars pun t-shirt from TeeFury.

Glow in the Dark Skyrim t-shirt at Shirt.Woot today. Also, Woot are selling American Apparel blanks for $7.99 each as they’re switching their supplier to a new blank soon.

RIPT have a Firefly tourism shirt available today.

LOST x “Spy vs. Spy” today at Shirt Punch.

The simplicity of this 24tee shirt made me chuckle.

Pokemon gets a run out at TeeRaiders.

Doctor Who design by Tom Trager has been added to the Tshirt Contest catalogue.

I really like this design from DBH, bit different from my usual tastes, but it’s interesting.

Los Pollos Hermanos is a Breaking Bad themed shirt that is $11 instead of $20 for another day at BustedTees.

This lovely Greg Abbott t-shirt is back at Tilteed.

These three shirts are new-ish at Camiseteria.

Seventh.Ink have some of their older designs available for the ridiculously low price of $7.

Wrongwroks have got a sale on, though you do need to spend a minimum of $150 to qualify.

A Better Tomorrow have a sale on for their plain zip-up hoodies.

Rib Cage Customs are giving away ten t-shirts in conjunction with Loaded Magazine (which does mean the link looks a bit NSFW).

Like Sin Star on Facebook and you’ll be sent a massive 50% off coupon code. This offer is good until March 20th.

Threadless screenprint 99% of their tees, but they are experimenting with DTG. Sounds like a good way to make sure some of the less loved designs don’t get consigned to the design cemetery.

Get free shipping (US only, international orders save $10) at Typography Shop when you order two or more items.


T-shirt news for January 26th

by Andy on January 26, 2012

star wars argyle t-shirt

Very nice argyle Star Wars t-shirt today at TeeFury.

Seems to me like this is the kind of design that Shirt.Woot should have been selling in the run up to Christmas.

RIPT drop a Milton Glaser-inspired Doctor Who t-shirt.

Harry Potter Muggle Ale shirt at Qwertee.

Those troublesome Tribbles are at Shirt Punch today.

Skyrim is the inspiration for this Nowhere Bad shirt.

I have no idea what the inspiration is for this design at The Yetee.

Star Wars meets Firefly today at OtherTees (who have a snazzy new site).

TeeRaiders have a Doctor Who design as well.

24tee go for the niche with one of the stars of the (surprisingly enthralling) King of Kong coin-op games documentary.

DBH love owls. On that subject, I saw a man walking down the street with an owl yesterday. Owls are great.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling one of their lesser seen designs again.

I have no idea what the kanji (presuming it’s Japanese) on this shirt says, so buyer beware at TeeMinus24.

Tee Gazette have put together their 10 favourite tees from the Storenvy marketplace for January.

Sock Monkee have released their Ampertastic Mr. Fox design as a print.

Adam over at IAMTHETREND busts six commonly held myths about his employer Storenvy.

Wrongwroks have released a parka with a faux fur trim.

Threadless have made some tees available to be put on Xbox avatars, and they cost about $1 each, but here’s the real kicker, if you want a hoodie you have to pay $2. They’re pixels, just because it costs double in real life doesn’t mean that they should cost double on the Xbox marketplace!

Glennz has made some more designs available as hoodies.

Mashable have a guide to building a strong online community around your brand.

Everything is on sale at Myth Clothing.

This Rihanna ‘thug life’ tattoo picture has been doing the rounds, but it’s her John Lennon t-shirt that interests me the most.

Here’s Katy Perry wearing a pretty cool hoodie (and I suspect a cool skull-based all over print t-shirt too).

Buy one get one free (on tees, not hoodies) at Eleven Eleven.

Typography Shop have put all their hoodies on sale.

Sehubabe have released a hoodie and t-shirt for Transardentes 2012 (a Belgian electro rock festival).

TanDan have been added as a brand store at A Better Tomorrow.


Typography Shop’s Biggest Sale Ever

by Andy on May 12, 2011

typography shop sale

That image says just about everything you would need to know, all that’s left is for me to give you a link to Typography Shop.


helvetica hoodie hoody

Natuarlly, I’d liketo see the print taking up a bit more of the ‘canvas’, but then the weights probably wouldn’t be right, would they?

Costiness=$39.99 Buy it at Typography Shop



Tees for a cause are usually something that I can get behind, and this is most certainly a cause I can get behind. Rosa Loves (who specialise in ‘tees for a cause’) have teamed up with the Pre-Emptive Love Coalition to help fund some life-saving surgery for a very ill 2-year old kid called Hussein in Iraq. Long story short, they need $4000, and if you buy the tee you help them reach that goal.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Rosa Loves


To be completely honest, I prefer the t-shirt version of this design to the fleece sweatshirt, the print feels a bit small for a sweatshirt, which is a garment I usually associate with a larger print. Still, its pretty rare that I get to post a sweashirt (clearly they’ve fallen out of favour with a lot of designers), and the price is certainly very attractive.

Costiness=$24.99 ($29.99 after the end of the month) Buy it at the Typography Shop

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