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Revolution Australia

A brand hailing from Australia bringing a “revolutionary” idea to you on t-shirts.  I’m not sure about that whole revolutionary thing but these new tees from Revolution Australia are quite stylish in their own right.

Working the typography angle, Revolution Australia has produced some creatively cute designs.  This one above is called Surf Zoo and as Ric the owner/designer shared with us,

“One of the most popular sports in Australia is Surfing. There are so many beaches that many, MANY people practice this sport. You could say OZ is a SURF ZOO.”

I really enjoy when brands do typography tees and creatively incorporate designs into the lettering.  Something I’ve never been a pro at doing but I really do admire a brand who can come up with a good one.  This is a good one, considering I love surfing myself but my only problem is Ric shared that explanation with us at HYA but not in the product description on the website.  I mean the washing instructions are there which is well, interesting, in so many words but no good “story” with the tee.  Here’s a few more new ones from Revolution Australia.

Love/Hate T-shirt (Available in Men’s & Women’s styles)

Revolution T-Shirt (available in Men’s & Women’s styles)

Love Surfing T-Shirt (Available in Men’s & Women’s styles)

Cost = AUD $29.00    Buy at Revolution Australia


star wars alphabet t-shirt

I’m pretty surprised that no one has made a Star Wars alphabet before, but I can’t remember another and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen everything in the world ever so there’s no way I’d have missed it. Really nice shirt from A Better Tomorrow, I expect this to do fairly well.

Costiness=€22 Buy it at ABT

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Socially Exceptional Review

by Mr Four Fingers on June 25, 2012

Live slow die whenever

Being a graphic designer/illustrator I have an interest in typography and often look upon type t-shirts with an even greater scrutinizing eye, they are hard ones to get right and I can say with a glad heart that ‘Live Slow Die Whenever’, created by Socially Exceptional, is one of those t-shirts. [click to continue…]

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Lil’ LoveDriven’s “One Love” Tee

by Amy_F on June 23, 2012

one love t-shirt

Lil’ LoveDriven has released it’s new Summer Collection and I’m pretty fond of some of these new tees.  Having several Lil’ LoveDriven tees already in my closet I can say that it’s a fun brand to wear.  Spreading the message of loving what you do through different cartoonish designs and typography tees is kind of their signature style.  This new One Love tee out of the new summer collection is a favorite of mine.  Using what I like to call ‘Mickey Mouse Hands’ to develop the beginning of the phrase “One Love” make this design not only inspirational but playful.  Looks like it’s a unisex fit for Men & Women on a Navy Blue 100% ringspun fine knit jersey tee.

Cost – $18.00    Buy it at Lil’ LoveDriven


de bellmort t-shirt

Very, very nice type work from De Bellemort, a French brand who got in touch to say that they released their second collection a few days ago. Here’s their description of their brand:

Our concept is to propose very limited editions tee-shirts made by graphics designers we believe in, we also make some collaborations with electronic music artists we like.

To bo honest I don’t know if the above shirt is part of the new collection, but I liked it so thought it was worth sharing. There’s a pretty deep back catalogue, so make sure you check them out, be prepared to pay premium prices though.

Costiness=€39 Buy it at De Bellemort


1960s love song poster

These are pretty neat from Typography Shop. As you may well have guessed, they’re a couple of posters featuring love stories made up from song titles of the 1960s and 70s, apparently with the 80s coming along soon as well. They’re currently on pre-release for $17.50 each and will be shipping on or near to June 18th.


Post image for Ekozania: Where Art and Style Collide – T-shirt and Tank Review!

Ekozania arrived on my doorstep, two tees and a tank to be exact, and of course I was more than happy to review such a generous package of samples. First of all, they all came individually wrapped in plastic, so they felt nice and new as I opened up each tee. Another fine touch was the stickers holding the plastic packaging together with Ekozania’s logo, as well as shirt size clearly printed. Printing your logo places that are memorable is a good touch in my opinion. Once the package was opened, I was greeted by a number of stickers, as well as a personal note to me, and if you know me, you know these personal touches are the way to get on my good side!

I couldn’t wait any longer, and tried on this first tee titled, Purple Bird. It’s an image that’s made simply by the use of the the word “Ekozania” over and over to form a bird. It didn’t strike me as something I would want to wear (at first), until I actually put the tee on and I felt quite good in it. The fit is nice and tight, but not too tight. I think I am mainly attracted to it’s fitted look and v-neck which makes it very feminine and sometimes I do want to feel more feminine while wearing tees – it’s the best of both worlds.

Next the tank top, Wake. Build. DESTROY. Repeat, is a lovely tank that I wear very often (and it’s pictured on me at the very top of the review, don’t I look happy?) It is a nice fit and with it’s metallic text, it adds an element that appeals to me. Plus I am a sucker for tanks, especially since I live near the beach – they’re perfect for those hot, summer days; perfect and cute. Like I said, I love the fit and it’s still in great condition even after a couple washes, but the print is a little inconsistent in places, yet nothing I would be upset about – if anything, it adds to the design.

The last of Ekozania’s samples to review is this white tee titled, Sunglasses, with it’s focus being a pair of simple sunglasses, hence the name obviously. I like the simple silhouette of the sunglasses, but all in all this tee does not captivate me like the other two do. I think it’s a bit too simple for my tastes. Also I usually fit in a small tee quite nicely, but this one is a bit too tight for my liking (as you can tell by my messy hair, it was a struggle putting it on!) Also being as it is a white tee and tight, it’s obviously a bit see-through as well, so keep that in mind. I do love the discrete placement of “Ekozania” on the arm of the sunglasses, nice touch there!

One thing I would have liked to have seen with this brand is a tag; either a hanging logo tag, a custom printed tag or sewn on tag, something to make Ekozania stand out amongst the others. It also adds a bit of personality to the branding and adds a professional touch to the brand, in my opinion. I think I have said this every single review – the tiny details make a brand unforgettable to me.

Overall, I do find myself liking and wearing the tank and the Purple Bird tee quite a lot, so thanks for the opportunity to review your products, Ekozania!

Keep in touch with Ekozania: Shop, Facebook, Twitter

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doing real stuff sucks justin beiber t-shirt

Saw what you want about Justin Bieber, and most people do, but the guy most definitely exists and does have a large effect upon a lot of people in the world. Sometimes he wears some pretty cool clothes too. Celebrity Style Source spotted Justin in the t-shirt above and hunted down the brand that sells it. How Justin Bieber wound up wearing a t-shirt from a Polish (Local Heroes) label that sells stuff on Big Cartel and doesn’t have a real website I have no idea, but I do think that it’s pretty cool.


funny comic sans t-shirt

Words to live by. No idea where to buy this particular shirt, sorry guys.


New Tees From Sockmonkee

by Liam_Hodgeon on May 6, 2012

Sockmonkee undoubtably makes awesome T-shirts and nothing has changed here with the latest 3 tees in the Sockmonkee collection!

Once again you can see the great Sockmonkee style continue to be one that you feel you really need to have adorning your chest, and with the mix of characters and type (as well as them all being $20 each or less!) there should really be something for you. To see these tees in a bit more detail head over to his online store now!


the natives t-shirt

I suppose it’s the pot calling the kettle black with me posting this t-shirt, I tell you several times a day to buy things and this t-shirt tells you “buy, submit, follow…” clearly suggesting that being one of the ‘sheeple’ is bad, and of course to some degrees I am right there with them. There’s a certain amount of irony in The Natives selling a t-shirt that’s partially about consumerism and buying things you don’t need, but I think we should let that slide since it’s a damn good looking t-shirt.

Costiness=$30 Buy it at The Natives (use coupon code NTV12 to get $10 off your order)


survival of the richest t-shirt

I’m not entirely sure if Trust Fund Kids is a brand steeped in irony, or if they’re a bunch of guys with more money than sense who will go around Europe one Summer in a van getting ill-advised tattoos and dreadlocks whilst they ‘find themselves’ and then go back to the US and assume their positions at Dad’s company. Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, it’s a situation that I’m sure a lot of people would be happy to be in, and one that I’ve been able to enjoy myself to a certain extent. Still, no matter what the meaning behind the design, that is one nice piece of typework.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Trust Fund Kids

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typography t-shirt

When I say I don’t understand this ‘Counter’ t-shirt, I mean it, I’m not trying to be cute and giving you guys a wink and nudge to post the answers or what you think it means, I genuinely don’t know since I don’t have a typography background beyond “hey, those words look nice.” Here’s what Typography Shop have to say about the shirt:

Typographic anatomy with at least a quadruple entendre.
We’re pleased to announce a new shirt on TypographyShop. Counter is our latest release. A simple term of typographic anatomy, “Counter” and the “O” surrounding it are full of meanings beyond the intended one. As with our Sans design, the ambiguity of the shirt’s message for the typographically challenged will be sure to elicit many an interesting conversation.

I’d wanted to release a design about type anatomy for some time, but there are dozens already on the market illustrating all aspects, dissecting several letters and their respective terms. We thought we’d go minimal and define just one. Set in Futura Bold and printed in white and grey on a black tee or tank.

Having written all that, I’ve now gone and looked at the product page and have a vague understand of what ‘counter’ means in a typographic sense, but there’s at least four more way to attack this design, so have at it in the comments, take me to school guys!


ferris bueller t-shirt

I think I’ve mentioned in the past that I really like Ferris Bueller, it’s one of those great movies aimed at young adults that just doesn’t get made anymore, and that’s a pity. This shirt celebrates the film with a very stylish take on Ferris’ iconic monologue from the movie.

Costiness=£22 Buy it at Ohh Deer


Great type tee from All or Nothing

by Andy on April 2, 2012

all or nothing t-shirt

All or Nothing got in touch to say howdy a few days back, so I checked them out and I’m pretty impressed by what I see from this UK brand. This fancy type tee caught my eye in particularly but they’ve got plenty of other interesting shirts in store too. Prices are good in UK terms as well.

Cositness= £11.99 Buy it at All of Nothing (also available on black)


Filthy Nasty is back!

by Mr Four Fingers on March 31, 2012

Shit lasers

Filthy and nasty indeed. Well maybe not so nasty. Filthy Nasty boasts a t-shirt/vest range with a focus on the DJ/ club scene and does well to make strong links in this direction. They went all quiet when Darren was focusing on his club nights in Scotland, but he’s back in the tee game now and hungry for more. Their core range are type driven and lean, nay, leap towards cheeky, brazen and often quoting songs. I loved reading the ‘Shiny Disco Balls’ as it reminded me of going to Ibiza and yes I need a lot of reminding. There are reasons why there is a club called Amnesia.

If you like club\DJ related type tees then these guys are for you. However you can also wear a silver Disco Buddha, he is just cool. From what I can gather from their t-shirt images there is quite a nicely designed label on the inside collar with sizes and care instructions, which is always a nice touch.

All their t-shirts are a square £20 and £15 for vests. So head over to Filthy Nasty and start shitting lasers.



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mount playmore gaming t-shirt

When I looked at the new shirts from BustedTees this week I was very impressed, I don’t have a favourite this week, I have three favourites (the Mount Rushmore parody, Mad Men x Superman, and the one about taking class outside). Well done BT, well done.

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Embrace the Culture – Fashion House

by Mr Four Fingers on March 28, 2012

Wow them all

Embrace the Culture (Fashion House).  I like these guys for their clean aesthetic, though I would never wear a vest or tank top, I wore vests for some reason when I was 18 and I looked like I had Bob Marley in a headlock.

I digress. The designs are edgy with a focus on the ‘rough edge’ of religion and cultural beliefs, as seen in their latest range called ‘False Gods‘,  which I like as a visual play-off. Their type tees are large and confident. Their ‘Wow them all‘ is my favourite as it’s aspirational and the type treatment is clean with lovely shape forms.

What is strange is that when click the ‘Women’ category on their website, you just get more pictures of the same blokes.

Their prices for crew/tanks t-shirts (American Apparel) range from as low as $12 up $28.95.






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