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Post image for Review of Magick Outlaw’s Cool Tanks (and Tee) – Perfect for Spring and Summer!

I received a hefty package of samples from Magick Outlaw last week and without a doubt it made my day. This Philadelphia-based company asked me to review three tri-blend tanks from their Summer 2012 line, (one of which is The Summoner, pictured above), as well as a tri-blend tee which is already available for purchase in their shop. First of all, when I opened the box, I was greeted by creative, yet simple packaging that captivated me right away. All the products were wrapped in tissue paper and then placed on top was a postcard (with a nice, personal message to me on the back, which is always valuable in my eyes), but what got the most smiles out of me was the wax seals on two corners of the postcard. Details like this impress me without a doubt.

After I had admired the packaging, I ripped it all open to reveal the tanks and the tee and right away I was impressed by the quality, print, smell (yes I love to smell new tees) and the feel of each. I have taken photos of each tank and the tee to show the print quality to all you readers. As you can tell, it all looks very well done and trust me, it feels good to the touch as well – after a few washes the ink does become softer, like most tees.

The tri-blend tee, titled Shapeless Freaks, (pictured below) fits somewhat largely on me being as it is a Men’s small, but I have no problem with that because I do like to occasionally wear a loose fitting tee and this one is in no way too loose on me, so I will keep wearing it (and wearing it!) I like the design; utilization of simple shapes to create a design that is attractive to the eye and makes people intrigued – I certainly am. I love the small touches as well, like the Magick Outlaw logo on the sleeve and the custom printed tag, though somewhat disappointed the size isn’t printed as well, because I do sometimes like to check the size of my tees if need be and obviously that little sticker is not going to last, but again, that doesn’t overly bother me at all.

Rainbow, the tank I am wearing in the photo below, is gorgeous and colorful. Again, the logo is incorporated on the lower left hand corner of the tank and is quite elegantly placed. This tank fits quite nice and I feel quite nice in it, but I would like to stress to females that all these tanks do show a bit of skin and if you choose to wear a bra, it most likely will show. Most females have no problem showing a little skin in the chest area, but if you are in any way self conscious of that you could always layer or add a cardigan, no problem! I will not be wearing a cardigan or jacket – these tanks will be perfect for those hot, Summer days here at the beach where I roam.

The next tank, Herringboned, is a lovely shade of burgundy or cranberry with bold colors on top, which is probably what I like most about it. Oh, but not only that, I like the print on the back as well – what a nice, subtle surprise. Like most of their designs, the Magick Outlaw logo is incorporated into the design, but never over-powering the art.

Lastly, The Summoner tank (shown right below and pictured on me at the very top) is possibly my favorite of the bunch, simply because it is a well constructed design and it encompasses what I like most about this brand; the use of simple shapes to make pleasing and polished designs. This one incorporates black with a pop of red, which both look very good on the heather gray tri-blend and happily I see the logo appropriately placed on it, as well as bold text which very much adds to the design as a whole. One last small detail that I really love: the brim of the “Summoner’s” hat leads into the “M” of the type-face, bringing it all together very nicely.

All in all, I must say I am satisfied and happy with Magick Outlaw. Their customer service, packaging, overall quality and fit are what I look for when I am in search of tees, and trust me, I can be picky. I would also like to add that Magick Outlaw has a very nice lookbook worth checking out – quality photos of the products on pretty people, shot by Josh Pelta-Heller /

Keep up with Magick Outlaw:
, Facebook and, of course, visit their Magick Outlaw Store!


T-shirt News for March 23rd

by Andy on March 23, 2012

hunger games t-shirt

TeeFury have a Hunger Games shirt today.

Shirt.Woot have a delightful flower shirt.

I’m sure I’ve seen this design before but it’s nice to see it at RIPT.
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sports t-shirts by loyalist at bustedtees

I really like what BustedTees are doing with the Loyalist range, t-shirts for people that like sports (and especially stuff for individual teams) tends to be on the wrong end of ‘meh’ scale, stuff you’d only wear because you’re a fan of the team, but these tees are different, they’re something you wear because you like them, and you like the team, which is a nice combo.


Two more great shirts from laFraise

by Andy on March 12, 2012

mechanical heart t-shirt

Favourite of the week for me at laFraise is the ‘Heart Mechanik’ design, really cool concept with great execution. Not to say that I’m not partial to the other one too.

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harlan t-shirt

Glarkware seem to be a bit random in when they release their shirts, or at least they’re a bit random when they send out their newsletters. They’re going to start running something called ‘Now or Never’ in which shirt designs are only available for a month after which they will be “shot into the very sun itself using our very expensive shirt cannon.” The two shirts above are the two tees that will only be available in March.

You can also get the rather unusual figure of 17% off your order (provided you spend $25 or more) using the coupon code STP1712 from now until March 19th.


platypus t-shirt lafraise

It doesn’t really get much more laFraise than these two tees, a cute animal shirt and a well thought out typography tee, c’est magnifique!


Two excellent new tees from Random Objects

by Andy on February 27, 2012

we must sail and not drift t-shirt

‘Jack of All Trades Masters of None’ is the latest design from the ever-excellent Random Objects, and the fun part about this tee is that it actually comes with two #2 pencils which I think is a really neat touch that does add to the experience. The anchor shirt has previously been seen on a crew-neck jumper and now makes it’s debut as a tee, and mighty fine it looks too. You can pick it up for $24, or $26 for the Jack of All Trades tee (I guess that the pencils push the price up a little).


T-shirt News for February 16th

by Andy on February 16, 2012

burger t-shirt

I love burgers and I approve this message at TeeFury.

One of the more subtle Star Wars t-shirts at Shirt.Woot today.

I don’t think this is an original Doctor Who concept at RIPT, but it certainly is well executed.

Victorian profanity makes for an entertaining shirt at Qwertee.

A slightly abstract Mario design at Shirt Punch, very wearable though.

The Yetee have a Mega Man x Evil Dead/Army of Darkenss t-shirt.

I’ve always thought that there are surprisingly few Star Trek designs out there, OtherTees are trying to redress the balance.

What’s the deal with all the He-Man designs at the moment? This one is from Tee Minus24

24tee have a shirt for Frank Zappa fans.

I can’t call myself a fan of today’s shirt at DBH.

A Better Tomorrow have an E.T. shirt as their latest winner.

ThinkGeek are selling random shirts for as low as $5.99.

Mishka have released a lookbook teaser video for their Spring 2012 collection.


Origin68, New Site and New Line!

by Leah on February 8, 2012

Origin68 Enjoy Life

Origin68 has made-over their site and it certainly is looking quite nice. In addition, they have added eight new tees making their 2012 Spring/Summer line. My favorite t-shirt from the bunch would definitely be Enjoy Life (pictured on the pretty girl above). It displays an incredible use of type to create a design – first of all, it grabs my eyes with it’s bold use of red on heathered gray, and then I am intrigued by the way LIFE flows into a circular shape to form something almost organic or whimsical, while ENJOY is tucked away elegantly within the top of the design, that I love! Oh, let’s not forget the subtle details; the placement of their name at the bottom of the design, as well as the hem tag – ah, so refreshing and just right.

Cost: £20.00 Buy it: Origin68

MORE from their new line (and honestly, I enjoy them all!)

Keep in touch with Origin68: Facebook, Twitter, and Blog



Post image for Fat Gold x Dolls for Idols Collaboration t-shirt

I have no idea who Dolls for Idols are, I don’t really keep myself in the loop when it comes to music anymore, but judging from the song above they’re pretty cool. I may not know music but I do know tees and I really like this design, the typography is delightful and I think that the design really suits theiur style of music, it’s the kind of thing that I can imagine wearing to a club on a night out.

Costiness=28€ (including free delivery worldwide) Buy it at Fat Gold


T-shirt News for January 18th

by Andy on January 18, 2012

dexter t-shirt

Any Dexter fans in the house? I’m sure this TeeFury design will be right up your street.

I don’t think that sounds like a good idea AT ALL. Shirt.Woot.

RIPT couldn’t decide on a reference today so they had to just use all of them.

I don’t get it. Nowhere Bad.

Awful lot of skulls today at Shirt Punch.

One for the atheists over at

I don’t watch Archer, but I’m fairly sure that’s what this TeeMinus24 shirt is referencing.

There’s a new Doctor Who t-shirt at 24tee.

As long as you like all-over prints this shirt at DBH is rather lovely.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling that cool sushi t-shirt again.

Design Juices showcase 50 t-shirts with interesting typography.

T-Post are giving away the T-shirt Stories documentary DVD (which I can’t find anywhere in the UK, and I don’t know if I can order it off French Amazon) to people who subscribe to their tee service.

Green Day are running a t-shirt design contest, except you have to be part of their ‘Idiot Club’ to enter, and that has a $20 annual subscription, so you effectively have to pay to enter this contest… lame.

Miles To Go are running a poster sale until Friday.

Wrongwroks have opened a 2nd store in China, it’s fun to watch Tony’s brand expanding.

HYA isn’t going dark in protest of SOPA/PIPA (mostly because I don’t think anyone would miss it) but a lot of other websites are.

Rigu is still a thing.

Karmaloop have a video about L’il Wayne’s new clothing line (that doesn’t look at all like every other BAPE-esque brand out there), TRUKFIT.

604Republic have upped the prize in their design competition.


ohio typography t-shirt

I get the feel thing that the colours on this design mean something to American football fans, but since the coverage we get in the UK doesn’t go beyond the NFL (well, we can get college games via ESPN, but I can’t justify an extra $15 a month when I won’t watch it that much) I can’t immediately identify the team, and since ‘Ohio Football’ brought up a lot of green in Google Images I’m a little confused.

The good thing about this shirt, and the thing that attracted me to it first amongst the football related shirts on offer at Garage Cotton, was that it can be enjoyed by someone who isn’t necessarily a sports fan, hell, I’ll probably never go to Ohio and I think that it’s a great shirt!

Costiness=$26 Buy it at Garage Cotton (also available in other colourways)


faith love hope t-shirt

I really like the type work on this shirt from The Greatest of These (I’m not too sure about that name though). Unfortunately it’s only available in size medium and large, of course there are plenty of people out there that size, I just don’t happen to be one of them.

Costiness=£14 Buy it at The Greatest of These


cthulu t-shirt

Am I the only person on the internet that doesn’t have an obsession with Cthulu? $10 at TeeFury.

Shirt.Woot are playing on the idea (I think) that Shakespeare didn’t write his own plays with this ‘Ghost Writer’ t-shirt.

There’s no pop culture reference in this RIPT design… I don’t know how to react, where’s the reference, WHERE’S THE REFERENCE!

OtherTees offer up a splattered Portal Companion Cube for the next few days.

And there’s your Doctor Who t-shirt for the day at Shirt Punch.

I’d like to see how this shirt at DBH prints, but I do love the artwork.

I don’t think this is the first time 24tee have posted a Big Lebowski tee, they must be fans.

Hey look, Loviu are selling that Joker design again.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling that weird shark fortress design again.

Made With Awesome are on until Jan. 15th, the sale isn’t on the site yet, but it will be at some point today.

Do you like talking about tees, then talk about tees at teetalk next Wednesday, January 18th at 8pm EST. I doubt I’ll be involved since it starts at 1am UK time, by which time I’ll likely be tucked up in bed. More details at their Facebook page, and here’s a link to the chatroom.

Free shipping at laFraise when you spend 60€ or more, no coupon code required. laFraise also recently hired a new strawberry, Katinka, who will be running the German-language blog, as well as handling less fascinating things like admin and SEO.

Light Design in Spain have a sale on for their musically inspired t-shirts.

Simply Tap is a mobile shopping app, if you buy a MoreTvicar t-shirt with it (and it’s your first Simply Tap purchase) you’ll get £10 cashback. They also have a number of tees on sale from £4.99, which is pretty damn cheap.

Smashing Magazine have a good roundup of free fonts you may want to add to your design arsenal.


Two lovely new shirts from SockMonkee

by Andy on January 10, 2012

sockmonkee collection t-shirts

SockMonkee is always reliable to bring out a solid design, and luckily for us today we have two new designs from SM to enjoy. Of the two if you wanted me to pick a favourite I’d go with the ampersand, but I don’t want to take anything away from the character design because that’s pretty sweet too. Both tees are a very reasonable $18 and are available now from the SockMonkee store.


football culture t-shirt eleven eleven

I’ve really been into football this season, probably because my and my boys are really into our fantasy league (well, I am, but I’m winning so of course I am), and because Newcastle are still doing a lot better than expected despite a fairly poor December. The problem as I see it with football t-shirts is that they’re all a bit blokey and tribal, they mark you as supporting a certain team or are a bit of a novelty (is anyone still wearing a Balotelli-esque ‘Why Always Me?’ shirt?).

Eleven Eleven aim to change that with football-based designs that are smart, wearable, and don’t make people think you’re a football hooligan. They come from that bastion of footballing heritage, San Francisco, but in spite of the impediment they have produced a lovely line of designs, which is hardly a surprise considering that the brand was founded by Artefacture‘s Andreu Osika.

Costiness=$32 Buy it at Eleven Eleven


brew tea not trouble t-shirt

We British are obsessed with tea, mostly, I’m not the biggest fan in the world but I’m warming to it slowly when it gets forced on me. As a nation for which a cup of tea can fix almost anything, it’s hardly surprising that someone would create a line of t-shirts dedicated to the not-so humble brew, and from that obsession came Edward Teabelly. The brand launched with 7 shirts (as well as some pin badges and stickers) at the start of December and it all looks very polished for someone that is only launching their first brand. Clearly Dave (Edward is his middle name) has done his research and put together a well-thought out launch, and it’s good to see a British brand using American Apparel blanks for their shirts even though we have to pay a premium to use them.

If I were to criticise, and I might as well, I’d say that 3/7 shirts being logo or name based is a little much, even they’re nicely done, but the quality of the other shirts is good enough and give the line enough variety. Of the launch selection I’d ay that ‘jolly good brew’ is my favourite of the crop. Looking forward to see what these guys come up with in the future.


pokemon t-shirt

I hope you guys all enjoyed Christmas and the New Year, it was a great break for me not thinking about t-shirts (much) and enjoying guilt-free eating. Good luck to everyone in 2012!

TeeFury have a Pokemon t-shirt that I don’t understand.

RIPT drop a Harry Potter-insipred shirt.
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Type – Eat Fast Die Young [Review]

by Abigail on November 30, 2011

I received a tshirt last week from Euan Gallacher of Type, a Scottish brand run by a talented graphic designer. It came with stickers and flyers (all beautifully designed) and in its own vacuum pack bag (like meat) which I was very impressed with, I have seen all manner of packaging but this was simple yet effective and assured me that the tshirt got to me in good condition.

The tshirt is Gildan Heavy Cotton, I wear a small and much prefer the fit of a small men’s shirt to a girl’s fitted tshirt, the design is striking, along with the rest of the designs on the Type shop (which can be seen here)

I am a sucker for brands that offer something a bit different like art, club nights or vinyl toys thrown into the mix and Type do stock a print but I think the brand could lean a lot more on the art aspect, as the designs are striking and would all make great prints!

Follow these links for more info on Type

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