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pokemon t-shirt

I stopped updating the Black Friday t-shirt deal list once it hit 109 items and I got a migraine, but please remember that not all those deals were just for Black Friday, a lot of them carry on until today and a few beyond that too.

Not often that you’ll see a Pokemon x Katamari Damacy shirt, but TeeFury have given us a great one today.

Qwertee have a shirt about The Hulk today.

The dance of the blue footed boobie makes a return at Tilteed.

Nowhere Bad have dropped a shirt about National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, of course.

I don’t know if there’s any significance to XYZ on the shirt, but I like the idea of the zip in the Y.

This rather magical tee at Shirt.Woot is also available as a long-sleeve tee.

Swiss Army Wolverine, huh, didn’t see that one coming, RIPT.

Very clever shirt from The Yetee, I wouldn’t call myself a massive fans of the Aliens series, but this concept works really well.

A fairly oblique reference to Futurama from TeeMinus24, but it’s always good to see a Futurama t-shirt.

Very interesting Bowser shirt from 24tee today, good style to it.

TeeRaiders are responsible for our Doctor Who shirt today.

GraphicLab have dropped their latest shirt and it’s a delightful mashup or Scott Pilgrim and Back To The Future.

Very nice musical shirt at Loviu today.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what the Japanese (right?) text says on this Back To The Future tee at Shirt Punch?

Tshirt Contest are parodying Game of Thrones with this bacon flavoured t-shirt.

No new shirt from DBH today, but every tee is $15 for Cyber Monday, I think that’s a pretty good deal!

Kissmetrics take a look at whether having your phone number om your website will increase sales. Hint, it usually does.

Honour Over Glory have released their Autumn/Winter Range, so obviously they had to make a promo video featuring hot girls in the woods.

BustedTees Cyber Monday offering is already down to 20% off.

166 Days have knocked theer shirts down to £9.99 for the week.

Social Fabrik are offering 15% off all their shirts today with the coupon code CYBERMONDAY.


“T-shirt 1.5″ by YCollective

by Andy on September 1, 2011

not sure how to describe this shirt, SEO be damned

I spotted this shirt in one of Rumplo’s newsletters a while back (did anyone else spot the HYA logo shirt in the last newsletter?), it’s funny how cutting up a photo and just showing part of it can result in a shirt that looks so good. Definitely check out the rest of the YCollective site too, lots of good stuff going on there.

Costinss=£16 Buy it at YCollective [Rumplo page]


disturbia clothing

It’s really interesting to see Disturbia branching out and growing beyond being a company that sells t-shirts and hoodies to being more of a lifestyle brand. I’ve made it clear in the past that their style isn’t necessarily something that I would wear, although I would happily pick up a few of these items (the non-horror/gore ones) which probably shows that as they’re growing and diversifying they’re also starting to appeal to those of us that don’t want to wear a shirt with a torrent of blood on it.

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ichiban x chemical records t-shirt

I really like the style of this shirt, and one cool thing I’ve noticed about shopping for t-shirts on the Chemical Records site is that they list the Pantone colours that are on the shirt, so that even if your monitor isn’t representing the true colours, you can look them up in your Pantone swatch book.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Chemical Records


tea shirt

Between ‘people’ and ‘love’ in that title I really wanted to drop the f-bomb in a Hipster Hitler kinda way, but I managed to resist.

Yes, British people do love tea, though I don’t really count myself as a fan, I’ll have a cup of jasmine or green tea every so often, but my mates think I’m awfully odd not having a regular cup of tea with sugar and milk.

Costiness=£9.99 Buy it from John Williamson (other colours available)

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Dark Bunny Tees takes on Inception

by Andy on December 16, 2010

inception t-shirt

This morning I saw on Twitter that Dark Bunny Tees had released an Inception-themed t-shirt, but as I was just wasting time in a car park before a dental appointment I didn’t have time to investigate further, and when I came back to work this afternoon I couldn’t find the shirt anywhere on the Dark Bunny site. Intrigued, I headed back to their Twitter feed to find that it was on pre-order, so I think it’s being kept a secret on the main site, and just shared with fans on their Twitter and Facebook pages. I’m hardly surprised that Dark Bunny have made an Inception tee, it was my favourite film of the year and I’m sure that’s the case for a lot of other people too.

It’s being released in January, so I would assume that’s when you’ll be receiving the shirt if you were to order it now in this short pre-order window (it’s only available until Dec. 18th at midnight, GMT presumably), and as a reward for getting in on it early you’ll be paying £3 less than the usual rate of £15, which is a nice little saving.


Singing Birds By Sutsu

by Andy on June 12, 2010

Blue Singing Birds t-shirt By Sutsu

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Sutsu

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