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Hola Andy! We want people to find something new each time they look at our shirts. We also like to right little stories about each one. For ‘the Waiter’, “When the customer visited Guilano’s Italian restaurant she was surprised to learn that the waiter had been experimenting with genetically modified spaghetti.” Enjoy!

Andy: These guys have some really interesting designs, and for a change I actually like the way that they have managed to incorporate their name into the shirts without it looking like it was a slapped on afterthought to bring more recognition to the brand. Don’t forget to use the coupon code LAUNCH for free shipping in the UK!


Chapter Co launched a bit over a week back with the one design you can see above. Launching with one design, albeit available in two colours, is always a gamble, if it falls flat then chances are people will write off your brand in the future, but thankfully that’s not the case here, because this shirt has got me interested and wanting to see more from them.

It’s a really nice design, crisp, original idea, clever bit of typework, it’s the kind of thing that anyone would be happy to wear, and that kind of broad appeal is important when you’re starting out, especially if you can manage that whilst having interesting designs. The shirt is priced at £16 and that includes free UK delivery on all orders, so that’s reasonable, and they seem to be doing everything else right, so all I want to see from them now is more designs to help round out what they’re offering and give shoppers more of an opportunity to like their stuff.


Interesting tees from Alpha Alien

by Andy on September 13, 2013

Alpha Alien are a freshly launched (although I guess I should probably say ‘landed’) brand from Glasgow up in Scotland that have a trio of tees up for sale as their launch collection. Some really interesting layered designs here that I think will appeal to a lot of people. Personally I’m not a huge fan of their alien logo being integrated into every design, but at least it’s been done in a subtle way that doesn’t interfere with the flow of the designs. Each shirt is £20 and available now.


Say hello to Thunder Apparel

by Andy on August 22, 2013

Thunder Apparel got in touch recently to let me know that they released their Summer line, but since I hadn’t heard of them before I thought that it was probably the same for the rest of the readers and that just grabbing a few different things from the store (new releases and old) would be a better way to introduce the brand. Clearly things are quite logo-driven which I’m not always a fan of, but they’ve been going for a year now so they must have picked up a following, which is always the struggle in the early days for a company that focuses on logo designs, so they must have gotten over that initial hump and now have a solid base of fans that want to wear their stuff. Also, as far as logo designs go these are really crisp and wearable with some really strong symbols in there. The wolf tee shows what they can do when they go graphic as well and I’d like to see more of that side of them. Shirts are well priced at £15.99 – £19.99 with some of their older shirts on sale for £9.99.


Get Better Clothing are a new one on me, but they got in touch to let me know about their Summer collection and I sure am glad that they did since I really like the style of their designs. I’m not sure which of those above are from the new collection, the bear and cowboys & indians designs definitely are, but the others may be older. Still, with this being our first look at them I thought there was no harm in showing off everything they’ve got.

Tees come in at £24.99 and crew necks are £34.99 including delivery in the UK, which isn’t bad at all, but HYA readers can get 15% off their orders with the coupon code HYA15. They’re an eco-conscious bunch so some of the shirts are organic bamboo fibre, which always feels good (and is naturally anti-bacterial, which is always good during the hot and humid months), and they print with water-based inks and package using recycled and recyclable card and paper. Go team green!


I love the way that us Brits are so down about our weather all the time, even when it’s sunny we’re talking about how it’ll only last a week and that it’s too hot and too dry (or humid). We’re never happy.

Costiness=£19.99 Buy it at Akeke


Yes, I’m posting about socks, this is happening, just go with it.

Our buddies over at Vapour Clothing have just released some really cool looking socks, I’m especially partial to the polka dot pair, and they can be yours for £5.99 a pair.


“Stampede!” by Carnifex Ferry

by Andy on July 2, 2013

Really nice to see a brand using an unusual print location to such great effect, and the design is great too.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Carnifex Ferry


Despite my love of the high quality designs and tees from The Affair I must admit that I don’t like writing about them sometimes because it reminds me of just how many classic books I haven’t read. Thankfully however, they rarely create tees that don’t make sense to those of us that aren’t particularly well-read, so everyone gets to enjoy them.

Get £3 ($5) off with the coupon code THEHORROR from now until June 27th.

Costiness=£26.90 Buy it at The Affair


You’ve got to admire the optimism of Anything Goes Apparel with their Summer range, despite being British they’ve still released a bikini, but then again a lot of Brits do head off to sunnier regions in the Summer so it does make sense, and hopefully they’ll shift a few this week with the warm weather we’ve been having recently.

It’s a solid collection with quite a lot of variety, you all know that I like to see brands offering more than just tees and tank tops, that kind of diversity is really important for small businesses and can make a big difference to the longevity of a brand. It’s all priced attractively too, bikinis £12, tees £15/£18, sunglasses, snapbacks and backpacks are £20 and the camo jacket is £30.

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When I first wrote about blackbloodapparel back in March I felt there was a lot of potential in the brand but did wish that there was a bit more to choose from in the product selection to help people make more of an informed decision about the brand and whether to follow them in the future. They recently released three new tees and a couple of beanies and I think that they have established themselves as being people worth watching and checking out for new releases in the future. The hand-drawn designs aren’t my usual style but they do work very well for t-shirt designs and everything here is wearable. Prices are decent for a UK brand too, with tees between £10 and £17.


We would like to introduce you to our new streetwear brand. Sublow was founded in late 2012 by two creative graduates in sunny cornwall. At sublow we design and screen print garments by hand from our studio.

We love the freedom of partying at festivals, meeting friends at the skate park and relaxing on the beach. We want this feeling to be incorporated throughout our design range.

Sustainability is key for us because we don’t like the idea of harming the environment. We are not tree hugging hippies; we just believe that doing things in an environmentally conscious and ethical way is right. All of our garments are organic and ethically produced using water based ink.

We are also committed to limiting our wastage by recycling and re-using as many materials as possible. Everything from our product labels to some of the equipment in our studio is recycled, reused or reusable.

Sublow collaborates with designers, photographers, artists and illustrators from across the world that inspire us and encompass everything Sublow stands for. These collaborations form guest designer and limited edition product ranges.

Sublow is our way of sharing our passions with the world and we invite you to come on the sublow journey with us!

Andy: I was looking at this submission and wishing that they had more designs than just this simple (but attractive) logo design since everything looks good but having a bit more range is always good for a new brand trying to establish itself. Thankfully, they do have a couple of other designs that are really nice on their site (that have nothing to do with their name or logo), so why they didn’t include them in this submission I have no idea.


Take a peek at Lift the Veil

by Andy on May 27, 2013

Generally, I tend not to look at trends and what is popular, but looking at these designs from Lift the Veil I can’t help but notice that they’re a lot like what I see a lot of young people wearing these days, except that they seem to be a bit more intelligent and have more thought behind the designs than the standard ‘massive print with writing on it’ design that you see on the high street. That’s a combo I like, I’d love to see ‘lads’ out on a Saturday wearing a Nikola Tesla t-shirt in a beer garden, it would make me feel like humanity still has some hope even if the wearer wasn’t all that aware of just what Tesla did for science. Really wearable style this, can you honestly say that you’d be against wearing any of those tees up there?

Price wise they aren’t the cheapest at £34.99, but that does at least include shipping which isn’t exactly an insignificant cost to a brand these days after the Royal Mail price rises in April.

Lift the Veil


Really, this post should be about the top mouse tee, Mighty Mouse by Phil Smith (aka Biff), that I managed to miss posting when it was released, but I thought that since so much time had passed since I’d looked at Mighty Humble it would be a good idea to share a few of their other designs since they’re really nice and I think that they have one of the nicest logo type shirts that I’ve seen for a long, long time. The organic tees are £25 a piece, using ethically produced cotton and non-toxic inks, and their commitment to the environment even stretches as far as shipping items in biodegradable packaging.



DBD have reversed the concept of their logo for these tees, which usually have the skull as the larger head and the little face on the hat. The cool thing about this is that it is interesting to hardcore fans of the brand since it does represent something different to them, but to casual people approaching the brand for the first time it’s still wearable. Tees are £25 each and the varsity jacket is £50.


Take a look at Druu Clothing

by Andy on May 17, 2013

Druu Clothing have got in touch with me a few times and it has taken me an almost-rude amount of time to get back to them, HYA gets a lot of e-mail and whilst I want to reply to everyone and cover everything, it is usually just not feasible. Here’s their blurb:

From urban origins, the indie label Druu has attracted the talents of various street artists from all over the U.K. and U.S. to share their work with the emerging brand. With much of DRUU’s influence coming from the skate/street art scene the brand has already amassed a significant following from its recent launch in 2013.

Producing all original designs on high quality materials DRUU has firmly established itself in the indie sector. And with a growing portfolio of underground and street artists contributing to the cause, the continuing influence of the brand looks certain to continue on both sides of the Atlantic.

On the whole, I like what I see, but I wish that the pop culture designs weren’t there. Even though I like those designs and appreciate the artwork, it would be great if they were using the talents of their designers to create original art rather than trading on the popularity of something that already exists, which could be risky in terms of copyright too, they could be told by a lawyer to stop selling them and then what happens to all those tees they’ve had printed? The original designs work better as t-shirts anyway, so fingers crossed that’s the direction that they’ll be moving in the future.


When we first took a look at True Tarpan I noted how professional everything looked for a first collection and how their presentation showed a level of experience beyond people who had been running for less than a week. Well, unsurprisingly, this second collection shows that same level of quality that they brought to the first, and there’s some really cool designs in the collection. One thing that stood out to me in their press release was this; “printed using a new revolutionary print technology that will ensure long lasting wear and are printed on high quality tees.” That’s got me really curious because they don’t specifically mention their printing technique, but I don’t keep my ear to the ground on these matters so maybe there is some revolutionary printing technique that’s sweeping the nation, who knows?

Price wise they are keeping things fair at £19.99 for a tee including free UK shipping (something I feel that they should make a bigger deal of on the website).


I think that this might be the first time that I’ve ever seen a brand sell their own shot glasses, and ear plugs for that matter, so bravo to Small Victory for a couple of HYA firsts.

You know what’s really cool about this release? It’s so reasonable, when I saw the tees I expected them to be £20 a piece, but they’re actually only £12 each, par for the course for our American friends, but compared to other brands in the UK they’re an absolute steal.


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