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Regular readers already know what I’m going to say, this design made me smile, and I think that it could be popular, but with that mockup instead of a real photo of the t-shirt being worn I am A LOT less likely to want to buy it. Still, it’s a funny enough concept for me to run even though it’s only in mocked up form.

Costiness=£20 Buy it at Ste Machine Designs (check out their Facebook page for free tee prize draws)


Let’s take a look at Dance Macabre

by Andy on May 3, 2013

Dance Macabre from over in Middlebrough (that’s North East England for those that are unaware) got in touch recently to say hello and I am pretty impressed with their setup, they’ve got some strong designs with a consistent style running through them, and that’s important to a first time viewer because it means that we can immediately tell what these guys are all about. Here’s some more info in their own words:

Our style has an alternative edge and our designs are are blend of Victorian collages and gothic themes mixed with bold colours and urban grunge.

All our designs are limited edition with only a small number ever being printed. See your edition number on the back of your price tag.

The designs are produced by Paul Dobson and printed locally to North East England. Paul spends hours looking through archaic prints and random photos seeking out any golden nuggets; he then montages them together into eye catching designs. The lucky few get printed to be enjoyed by you.

The physical shop, located in the Emporium, Middlesbrough is a start-up initative allowing small start-ups such as Dance Macabre to trade in the centre of the town. The shop is managed by Paul’s business and real life partner Leona Hartland.


Pretty cool new collection from District roots, a brand who like to keep it local and with them being based in Manchester it’s nice for me to be able to post about someone that isn’t hundreds of miles away from me.

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There’s some really nice camera work in the latest lookbook from Street Casuals, showing off items from “staple brands [including] Carhartt, Penfield, Rascals & Libertine Libertine whilst merging in with new brands Grand Scheme, Only, Bohnam, Elvine, Asics & Veras.”

Oh, and how did I miss them opening a physical shop?


ActTheGoat and their tie-dye t-shirts

by Andy on April 23, 2013

I’m sure that it will come as no surprise to regular readers that you won’t find me wearing tie-dye t-shirts or tank tops any time soon, but I am quite aware that young people don’t share my taste, I wish I had the confidence to get away with wearing something this loud these days.

ActTheGoat were established last year with the idea of creating a clothing label focused on the spirit of adventure and that is clearly a theme that runs through the designs, and is pretty on the nose when it comes to the tee that simply says ‘Adventure’ on the front. Tees are £20 which seems pretty reasonable when you factor in the free UK postage. As usual, it would be nice to see some model photos of the tees and I don’t understand why the product pictures are so small (the shots posted above are 100% size versions of what they use on their site).


I like this artwork, but I haven’t seen enough of Breaking Bad to know whether this mashup actually makes any sense, can someone help me out in the comments? If the design is just based on the pun then it’s a little poor, since we’re seeing a Joker mashup, and from my limited understanding in Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston starts out with the drugs as a way to earn money for his family after he dies of cancer (I’ve literally only seen the first two episodes, and that was some time ago), which wouldn’t align with the Joker’s ideology of mayhem for it’s own sake. Still a cool design though!

Costiness=£16.99 Buy it at 8ball

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My usual style is pretty safe, I don’t wear stuff that’s particularly edgy, but I can recognise when an artist has a lot of talent, and Christopher Lovell certainly has that. My feelings towards t-shirt brands using Kickstarter as a mean of launching a brand are mixed, but Big Bad City are already an established entity with a solid catalogue of designs already so I’m totally onboard with them using the service as a way to kick their brand into gear and push on with an expanded Summer range. The pricing levels look pretty good to me too with a large array of options covering all the bases.

At the time of writing they’re getting towards halfway in terms of pledges with another £1000 needed by May 24th, I’d like to think that they’d be able to make it considering the there’s much worse stuff asking for a lot more money (and getting it) on Kickstarter.


I actually saw some of these designs at the Margin show back in February, and whilst some of them weren’t to my personal taste the quality level was impressive and there’s some really wearable designs in the collection. Here’s the blurb:

The Illustrated Mind is an independent t-shirt line based in Brighton, that seeks to showcase the best in up and coming illustration via the most fashionable means… We have been commissioning and releasing designs since 2011 and have worked with the likes of Jack Teagle, Joe Daly, Steve Seeley and Gordon Holden to name but a few. Our aim each season is to develop a cohesive collection of illustrated t-shirts styled around a loosely devised theme. So we seek out the best and most notorious artists to collaborate with and whose work has caught our eye and made us think they’re awesome, we hope you agree.

The tees are available from Brighton’s finest tee shop, Boy Parker, and are £26.50 a piece.

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We started Dead Gent Clothing in 2012 with one goal; to make unique and limited edition Pocket T-shirts using high quality fabrics gathered from around the world.

We now have a great collection of shirts to choose from in our online store. Each shirt is made to order and personally hand finished to an extremely high standard. This made to order service means we can offer a really unique and personal service to our buyers and provides them with shirts that are truly exclusive at an affordable price.

In Jan we searched Japan for 6 fine fabrics to produce a range of limited edition EXCLUSIVE Dead Gent Pocket T-Shirts. We will make only 5 shirts from each fabric. These shirts are only available through our online store.

With thousands of years of textile history in Japan finding great fabrics was easy, Picking 6 was the hard part. In the end we picked fabrics from all over Japan to reflect both traditional and modern Japanese textiles. Colourful modern geometric prints sit alongside classic hand printed patterns.

We’ve already had a great response to this collection, so we hope you’ll love them too!

Shirt Details
We use supersoft, pre-shrunk, premium 100% cotton t-shirts. The pattern on each pocket will vary slightly between shirts ensuring that your shirt is truly a one off piece of clothing.
Sizes: S – M – L – XL – XXL

Available in Crew and V-Neck (Please Choose When Ordering)
Regular Fit
Short Sleeve
Contrast Patch Pocket
Ribbed Collar
100% Cotton

Andy: Very nice indeed and well priced, thanks for the submission.


30% off flash sale at Sin Star Clothing

by Andy on April 16, 2013

Use the coupon code ACCESSALLAREAS to get 30% off all mens sale items (which makes your bargains more of a bargain, huzzah!). You might be thinking that sounds quite limiting but there’s loads of stuff in the sale section. Coupon code is live until midnight (UK, presumably) on April 18th.


Couple of nice little promos to start the week from moreTvicar, get 25% off the two Akumu Ink shirts above with the coupon code AKUMUINK, making them £15 instead of £20, and use the code NOSTROMO to get 20% off a variety of sci-fi tees.


We all know I don’t read many books because I spend too much time reading rubbish on the internet, so I have no idea how this design relates to the book, but it certainly does look nice.

Costiness=£29.90 Buy it at The Affair


Shrt clothing has been running a Kickstarter page for the last 20 days to raise funds for the brand.

Now they have come up with another design and put it onto their Kickstarter page for people to pledge for.

This tee should look great when made, go check them out and make a pledge if you like the Tee.

Andy: You know who loves t-shirt brands talking about themselves in the 3rd perso? Andy loves t-shirt brands talking about themselves in the 3rd person. Nice to see that Shrt have surpassed their £500 goal in a big way, congratulations!


Disturbia win the award for creepiest Easter sale promo image. Use coupon code AprilFool to get 20% off until midnight (GMT) on Monday.


You know what? I don’t like these hats, they aren’t my style and that’s completely fine, different people are allowed to like different things and Dream But Do Not Sleep clearly have louder tastes in headwear than I do. What I do like is that these new goods are made in the UK, I think that’s brilliant, I didn’t even know that there was anyone on our collection of islands that was producing hats like this, I knew that shirts were still made in the UK but I thought it was more of a bespoke thing that would push the cost sky high, the £50 for a shirt that they charge is pretty reasonable to me. I don’t know much about DBNS but so far I am very impressed and looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.


Many Tees are simply appealing

by Andy on March 27, 2013

I got a newsletter from Many Tees recently and I was impressed by the shirts in it (shown above), I’m not sure if all the tees above are new, but I’d certainly like to wear them all and that’s a pretty good sign from a brand.


It’s pretty rare that I’ll post news like this, but I thought that it would be something good for other brand owners to think about.

Having some interesting packaging really helps to separate your brand from the rest, and give you a more professional look which makes a customer feel as if the t-shirt (or any product) has more value to it. Good on Vapour for pushing forward and doing something nice with their branding.

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Dead Mouse: Right on Trend

by Andy on March 21, 2013

Big photo tees are hot in the UK right now, and it’s easy to see why, they look cool and are a lot easier to get right with the improvements in printing technology over the past few years. Dead Mouse tees don’t just sell tees with attractive women on them (not that I don’t enjoy looking at them), but also have some interesting shirts with vintage comic style designs and also the ever popular Mexican-style skull (there’s a proper name for it, but I can’t remember the term, so it’s possible that I’m being unintentionally racist by describing a design style as Mexican). It’s a really solid foundation for the brand to be launching from and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

As an added bonus there’s also free UK deliver on all orders as standard, so you’re saving a few quid there and it’s nice to know that what you see is what you pay on these £24.95 t-shirts.


Introducing Outsiders Apparel [Submitted]

by Andy on March 19, 2013

After turning 25 and having a passion for t shirt brands I would always day dream about designing and starting my own line so I decided to start on my birthday. I researched all the books and blogs and moved back in with my parents to save for my first batch…

Outsiders Apparel (Facebook page) was born and now an independent clothing brand started in November 2012 from the bonnie city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Inspired by underground city nightlife mainly house music, disco and indie music subcultures.

The plan is to bring unique, fresh designs that are clean cut and simple. We aim to release two T shirts monthly always one black and one white in conjunction with a Mixtape by a local DJ.

Thanks for your time.

Andy: Do you ever get the feeling that someone really wants something? Thanks for the submission Fraser, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next month.

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