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“101 Pandas” t-shirt from IBAKI

by Andy on April 26, 2013

Pretty cool idea, I’m quite surprised that I haven’t seen the concept before but I’m pretty sure that IBAKI have an original idea here, which is pretty rare in the t-shirt world these days.

IBAKI seem to have been going for a while but currently just have two designs in the store with more coming along next month, there’s some interesting designs in there that I think will go down well with the HYA crowd, but the webdesign style is a bit outdated which maybe be a bit of a hurdle for them in the future, for example they clearly have nice pictures taken with a model, but their store system doesn’t make it possible to display more than a thumbnail next to the buy button, so no one will see them, and the picture above is a much nicer way to display the shirt than a simple thumbnail.

Costines=$24.99 Buy it at IBAKI


Post image for Three new shirts for the basic range at Johnny Cupcakes

I guess that these Johnny Cupcakes shirts couldn’t get much more basic, but I still think they look quite cool and I like this restrained line of shirts.


V-necks are in at A Better Tomorrow

by Andy on August 10, 2012

a better tomorrow v-neck t-shirts

Things are moving at pace at A Better Tomorrow, earlier this week they launched their clean new site, and yesterday they revealed that they’re now selling some of their most popular designs on v-neck t-shirts for €22, neat!


PRIME TIME – new shirt at Ugmonk

by Matt on August 6, 2012

Post image for PRIME TIME – new shirt at Ugmonk

Ugmonk just dropped their newest tee, Prime Time. An ode to those numbers that are not evenly divisible.

They also released two new colorways of two old favorites. “Do What You Love” is now available is a lovely heather orange and the Premium line, Ampersand V-neck can now be yours in a tri-blend heather green.

Use discount code “summer” to save 10% off your entire order at Ugmonk!


Post image for “Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea” typography t-shirt by Breathe Atlantic

Very nicely done indeed, pity the sizing options only go from S-L, but I guess most of the tee buying public is probably that size so it makes sense to print them, but us big guys like tees too!

Costiness=$22 Buy it at Breathe Atlantic

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sleepy dan t-shirts

Dan got in touch to let me know what has been going on at Sleep Dan recently, and the e-mail was practically an essay, the man has been busy!

The biggest news is obviously the latest release you can see above, with 4 new graphic tees ($26 a piece), a couple of v-necks ($22), and a couple of polos ($28). Solid release with a decent amount of variety to it, which is something that I often feel conscious of when talking to Dan that he doesn’t just want to be known for selling t-shirts, and wants to explore all aspects of where he can take the brand.

Other big news is that Dan has been accepted as part of the Karmaloop Kazbah, which will hopefully give him a good avenue for extra exposure for the brand since Karmaloop is such a massive entity.

Closer to home Dan has also been busy in his local community organising a gallery event for artists to create Sleepy Dan themed paintings whilst he did live screen printing to celebrate the release of the latest collection.

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land of the greed t-shirt

Not really sure how I feel about this design, I like the look of it and think the concept is cool, but at the same time I’ve gone a bit off political designs that are making a point rather than just being silly, so on a personal level it’s not for me.

Costiness=$24.99 Buy it at Branded Baron as a regular tee or a v-neck


wild wild midwest t-shirt

I live near the longest lake in England, but it seems kind of bizarre to me that there are lakes so big that they actually need to have lighthouses on them.

Costiness=$17.95 Buy it at Sleepyhead

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Hungrrr by Cherry Sauce Clothing

by Andy on February 11, 2010

Post image for Hungrrr by Cherry Sauce Clothing

This tee has a sandwich on it, so it fits in with the reason why a lot of people are visiting this site at the moment, but beyond that, IT GLOWS IN THE DARK, and we all know how much of a child I am for something that glows in the dark. Green and purple is a pretty classic colourway, so this tee clearly works beyond the night-time wow factor, though that said, kudos to Cherry Sauce for using the glow effect as an outline when the obvious choice would have been to have a glowing monster.

Now, if only it weren’t a v-neck… not everyone needs to know that my chest could double up as a rug.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Cherry Sauce’s Storenvy store

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80s Checker by Loyal Army

by Andy on September 20, 2009


I remember being really excited to find the Loyal Army store on Haight St when I was in San Francisco earlier in the year. I also remember being a little disappointed that they didn’t have more designs for guys, but their style is probably a little feminine for most dudes anyway, so it’s understandable.

Costiness=$26 Available (in size L & XL only) at Loyal Army


Acid Wash Monkey by NYIllustration

by Andy on September 8, 2009


It’s a monkey!

Costiness=$26 Available from NYIllustration’s Etsy Shop



Is the brand called Dirty Violet or is that just part of the tee’s name? Doesn’t matter this shirt is beautiful.

Costiness=$19.99 Available from Urban Outfitters [via Rumplo]

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Snakes & Suits: Fall Line Out Now

by Andy on October 28, 2008

Considering I’ve never seen their site before, the whole lot is new to me, but Snakes and Suits released their latest line, and guess what? They have an ampersand design!

Snakes & Suits – Fall Line Out Now
We are proud to present our brand new Fall Line! We’ve been working for months
and months are so glad to finally release it! We hope you love it as much as we
do. We’ve got 7 new T-Shirts (including our first V-Neck!), 1 new hoodie and 2
new necklaces. Some brand new designs and some fresh new colorways on some of
our favorite designs from the past.

Also, we made a special Snakes & Suits shirt that we are giving away for
free to the first 100 orders over $50! There is no other way to get this shirt.
It’s limited to 100 and will never be printed again. Yes, it is a surprise as
well! Our way of saying thank you to the loyal and the quick! Thank you for
being a part of this.
-Snakes & Suits

PS – Thank you to A Rocket To The Moon and Brighten for modeling everything in
our web store. We’d also like the send a special thank you to Adam Elmakias for
taking the photos.

Snakes & Suits Big Cartel Store
Snakes & Suits Main Site


Marie by Lisa Corbett @ Tasty Tees

by Andy on April 22, 2008


I’d actually been sitting on this tee for more than a week, just saving it for when I didn’t have any cool ones left in my bookmarks, when I noticed that its only on sale until April 25th, so you’ve got just 3 days to put an order in if you want one. This tee by Lisa Corbett represents a new release schedule for Tasty Tees, instead of the traditional, we print, we put on sale, you buy, when they’re bought they’re gone model, they’re going to be making tees available to be pre-ordered for a few weeks, and if you miss the pre-order you don’t get to buy one, simple as that, all tees will be limited edition (and numbered to that effect). There will be a new design every couple of months, so I think we can expect the quality level to be kept pretty high since when you’re putting out about six designs a year, you’re going to want all killer and no filler (as some Canadian poets might put it).

Costiness=$20 Link

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