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Iron Fist Review

by Mr Four Fingers on June 11, 2012

Iron Fist

While waiting on the platform for the Gautrain in Midrand (South Africa) I spied this bloke wearing a pretty damn cool t-shirt (yellow design below). As you might have guessed it was a skull design. So trying not to feel like too much of a plonker I stopped the guy for a brief chat (thinking of HYA of course and not some personal skull fetish) and asked him where I could buy the t-shirt from. He told me the brand is called Iron Fist and the have a store in Rosebank Mall, the very place I was getting the train to!

So after a few wrong turns in the shopping mall I found a very small shop called Iron Fist, where they actually tattoo people and sell merchandise. The lovely lady working there informed me that the founders of Iron Fist, like many tattoo artists, decided to branch out into apparel. They started small and have since boomed. They only had about four t-shirt designs in the store and all were white on black prints. The design I bought was the design with the smallest Iron Fist logo. It seems since becoming more mainstream that their logo has also increased in size. I think this is a little sad, as the illustration has to take second place sometimes. Notice that the t-shirt the man was wearing at the train station had a smaller logo. I imagine this is an older t-shirt or maybe even an outsourced illustrator that didn’t want his illustration compromised.

The illustration itself does cut a few corners as the skull on either side of the figure have been copied and pasted and so has the rose design, multiple times. I would have had a  greater appreciation if the rose and skull elements were drawn individually.

The t-shirt has a longer than ‘normal’ cut and is sightly tight across the chest, nothing that will stop me from wearing it of course. This particular t-shirt cost R229 so about £18. You can check out their online store here where most of their t-shirts can be purchased for about £26.99.





by Mr Four Fingers on February 20, 2012

DOOOM t-shirt design - Under the Needle
20sixFresh - UnderTheNeedle - Design

20sixFresh - UnderTheNeedle - Design

Hello HYA fans and anybody new (in which case welcome). My name is Doug, one part of a two part duo who operate under the name of Mr Four Fingers and I’m the latest person to join the Hide Your Arms writing team. Ask me what we are and I will probably distract you with some bright colours. Basically we create illustrations and our meetings generally involve tequila. Oh yes, this is our first post. Cheers Andy!

While perusing the internet I found a design in a t-shirt competition by an illustrator who goes by the name of DOOOM. His design caught my eye and I soon followed some links back to his website where I found some serious talent.

This design is entitled ‘Under the Needle’ and is sold under the  20 Six Fresh brand. The design and colour choice are well considered for dark fabric execution, which is not always easy. The clean vector lines, traced from hand drawn designs are well balanced and the overall feeling off oddity is heightened by the strange mushroom shape at the top of the illustration. Later I found out that this is the view from under the Seattle Space Needle.

Cost: $25


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