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200 T-shirts for Food Lovers

by Andy on February 3, 2010

food t-shirts

If you love food and you love tees, you’re going to love this post. Regular fans of the site will be aware that my love of tees is just about rivalled by my love of food. I wouldn’t describe myself as a foodie, I just like eating good food, and if I’m going to eat something unhealthy (like a burger) then why shouldn’t I try and eat the best one possible to justify all those delicious calories?

How it’s taken me this long to put together a food t-shirt list surprises me; there are hundreds of great tees out there for gourmands and gastronomes, and hopefully you’ll find something in this list you like.

If you were directed to this site from a link, tweet, stumble or something social like that, presumably this will be your first visit to HYA, so thanks for visiting and please look around the rest of the site or sign up for the RSS feed to keep yourself updated. If you liked the list it would be great if you could share it with others (Twitter, Facebook, writing the URL on a cake in frosting). As ever the shirts are not listed in any particular order, so don’t feel that the numbers mean anything, they’re just there so I can keep track of items. This list has been split into 4 pages of 50 tees, because having lots of people loading up 200 pictures at a time would be rather stressful to my server. If you want to jump through or load all the pages ahead of time in different tabs, here are links to the second, third and fourth pages.

Now, gorge yourself on t-shirts, they’re fat-free!

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This t-shirt seems to be causing a fuss because its apparently insulting to Carrie Underwood, because she is vegetarian and used to date Tony Romo, who Jessica Simpson now dates. I almost hate myself for writing that last sentence since its so ridiculously Us Magazine, but it does allow me to ask the question; how come no one has pointed out that this t-shirt is probably the kind of thing that you get given when Joe Francis turns you into a Girls Gone Wild ‘star’?

Also, I’ve noticed that behind her, Tony Romo is wearing a t-shirt that has ‘hickory’ written on it (see thumbnail if you don’t believe me). Now, I might be just looking at the bright side of this, but is it possible that Tony and Jessica are just really, really big fans of barbeque food?

Jessica Simpson thinks that real girls eat meat, good for her.

[Photo credit: Just Jared]


Powered by Tofu from Peta

by Andy on February 12, 2008

Powered by tofu t-shirt from Peta - perfect for vegetarians!

I noticed Turk (actor Donald Faison) wearing this tee on an old episode of Scrubs a couple of days ago and found it pretty easy to track down. I think this is yet another case of product pictures not doing the design justice. Admittedly, this isn’t exactly a stunner, but surely once you’ve received your tees from the printers it makes a lot more sense to show the customer the real thing rather than a computer-generated mock-up?I got a box of tofu for Christmas (strange family, I know) and I was amazed to find that the box is a tofu ‘factory’, when it goes into the carton it is a liquid, and starts to turn solid in the carton. Something about that process says to me, ‘this should not be eaten by people.’

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