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Man o’Warning by Verdestyles

by Andy on June 4, 2010

man o war t-shirt

Regular readers will be well aware that previously hard-line stance over logo tees has been softening recently, and this tee is further evidence of my downward spiral into brand-itude, because when I noticed the ‘verde’ text in the jellyfish, not only did I not recoil in horror, I actually smiled, because that type qork it pretty fun. Verde Styles are quite an interesting company, every design they sell has an environmentally concious message behind it (and the message isn’t put on the shirt in a “look how environmental I am, I am a better person than you” kind of a way either) , and for every tee they sell, a charity plants a tree, which sounds pretty damn cool.

Costiness=$14.99 Buy it at Verde Styles


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