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Vaughn de Heart Spring/Summer 2013 Photo Shoot from Vaughn de Heart on Vimeo.

Solid collection from Vaughn de Heart as usual, I like the way that RoyLyn keeps things on a theme with his own style and yet still manages to release items that are different enough each season that it feels fresh, which is quite a hard balancing act to achieve.

Vaughn de Heart


As usual, pretty much everything in this latest Glamour Kills collection looks good and is wearable, but wouldn’t all make sense in a cold and wet place like where I live. Still, for those few days of Summer that we get in Cumbria each year I would look pretty cool.


Sevenly support TAPS this week

by Andy on May 21, 2013

I’m sure that a lot of you will have heard of TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), a charity that helps the families of people that have lost someone who was serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. There’s almost a danger of t-shirt designs around this subject being too patriotic, but Sevenly have managed to create designs that can appeal across national lines since I’d wear these even though I’m not American.

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We Are The Recipe have just released two brand new designs for guys & girls.

The BRATS tee has a vintage café/diner design is available in white or grey, with each tee being packaged in a custom branded Sauce Bottle!

The Jump Ship tee is a nautical/tattoo themed print finished in traditional WATR style. It is available in both men’s & women’s sizes, with a limited run of vest tops also available for women.

Head over to to update your summer wardrobe!

Check us out on Twitter @WATRclothing
Instagram @wearetherecipeclothing

Andy: I’d been looking at these new releases on Friday and I thought that the sauce bottle was just a prop for the


I think that this might be the first time that I’ve ever seen a brand sell their own shot glasses, and ear plugs for that matter, so bravo to Small Victory for a couple of HYA firsts.

You know what’s really cool about this release? It’s so reasonable, when I saw the tees I expected them to be £20 a piece, but they’re actually only £12 each, par for the course for our American friends, but compared to other brands in the UK they’re an absolute steal.


Impressive new collection from Sin Star, I’d say that it follows a lot of the trends that are hot in the UK at the moment, but I’m fairly sure that does Sin Star a disservice since they’re probably actually influencing the scene at the moment. There’s a load more in the collection but I didn’t want to put too many images in this post.


I don’t usually post about reprints, but this is the first time I’m seeing this vest print from Your Eyes Lie and even though it’s for women and I don’t wear vests I do really like it.

Costiness=£28 Buy it at Your Eyes Lie


I was rearranging my bedroom recently when I found the shirt that Sin Star sent to me a while back (yes, sometimes I forget what shirts I own), it’s a lovely quality shirt, the print was really soft, a bit too much of a fashion fit for my frame, but still surprisingly flattering when I wore it, they do justify the premium price tag. So with that fresh in my mind it was great to see that they launched their Spring/Summer collection for 2013 recently. I’ve put a few things in the gallery up there, but to be completely honest I have no idea if that’s everything in the collection or if I’ve included some old stuff in there since I was just grabbing items from their ‘new‘ page. Lots of strong designs available, tees crew necks and vests in the line up, well worth checking out in more detail.

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Four new designs from Vespertine Machine

by Andy on January 31, 2013

Post image for Four new designs from Vespertine Machine

Good stuff from Vespertine Machine, you’re looking at $24 across the board for each item, with the items modeled by the guy being on pre-order (but out soon, I think) and the cropped tee is available right now.


Post image for “Power to the Peaceful” is a brilliant t-shirt for the Anonymous crowd

I really like this, it takes a familair item and puts a great artistic spin on it, and the tattoo style has been becoming more popular recently too so I can see this being a pretty good seller for them.

Costiness= NZD$40 / $35 T-shirt / Singlet


Post image for F/W12 arrives at German brand Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Let’s be honest, Home Is Where Your Heart Is is an awfully long name for a brand, so it’s hard;y a surprise that they abbreviate to HIWYHI whenever they get the chance. Solid release from them, five new designs available in a whopping 50 different ‘motives’ as the Germans say, so if you like a design but don’t like the colour chances are it’s going to be available in a colour that you do like.


AW12 from Anything Goes Apparel is impressive

by Andy on November 6, 2012

Post image for AW12 from Anything Goes Apparel is impressive

Big release from Anything Goes, cool to see them stepping up to the next level with the size of this collection. Their prices are extremely reasonable too, I was surprised to find some of the next tees and tank tops available for £10 when I clicked through to their store, how refreshing!
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Post image for A/W2012 at Sinstar Clothing is ‘made bulletproof’

With Sinstar being British, and me being British, and most of you reading this being American I feel like Sinstar are quite a hard sell. Their designs look great, I think that everyone can agree on that, they were on the forefront of the trend in the UK at the moment for large-print photo tees and this latest range is very strong. The problem is the price, Americans are used to paying a certain about for a t-shirt, and £35 (about $55) isn’t it.

It’s a real pity because their t-shirt quality is absolutely fantastic, they sent me a sample a year or so ago and I was pretty blown away by the quality level, well-cut custom tees that are soft and hold their shape wash after wash, and a butter-soft print that refuses to get worse over multiple washes. Then again, not every brand needs to crack America to be popular, Sin Star are very popular indeed (and for all I know they could be big in the US too), and I’m sure this new collection will do nothing to harm that situation.


The FreedMinds Season 7 Lookbook

by Ricardo on September 12, 2012

Post image for The FreedMinds Season 7 Lookbook

Freedminds dropped their new season of t-shirts recently, it’s their seventh look book now and going strong. In the lookbook it features 6 graphic t-shirts, a tank top, a 40oz pin and their first snapback. Based out of San Francisco, they’re a lifestyle brand with a ruthless attitude – but yet still humble. Anyone placing an order will receive custom brain print bags and stickers too. T-shirts are going for $32 a piece.


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