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Post image for Sneak Peek of ‘Pixel Pandamonium’ at The Yetee – Second of Three Tees Sold for a Good Cause!

This week The Yetee has been selling t-shirts (three to be exact) for the Speed Demos Archives annual Summer gaming marathon – the Summer Games Done Quick, which raises money for charity! The Yetee is donating $3 from every shirt sold; it will go directly to The Organization for Autism Research, a worthy cause indeed. I can’t stress enough how cool The Yetee, the Speed Demos Archives, and the artists are for putting this all together, truly inspiring.

For the next few hours, you can still buy the first of three tees, Speed Runnin’, designed by Ryan Haak AND immediately after that, Pixel Pandamonium by Drew Wise will go live! (You’re getting a sneak peek thanks to Glen at The Yetee, thanks Glen!) This new design, shown right above, is not only packed with popular video game characters, all done in Drew’s pixely style, but it also glows in the dark! You are sure to be noticed while wearing this tee!

What you should do:

Remember to check back here on HYA or at The Yetee for the last of the three tees – you won’t be sorry!


Sleepy Dan : Vinyl Thoughts Event Shirt Printing

by Sleepy Dan on March 19, 2012

An inspiring night requires an inspiring shirt design… The theme of this year’s Vinyl Thoughts event was Next Level. A retro video game tribute, so I had to create a shirt using one of my favorite games growing up, the classic Donkey Kong! With the help of Alexa Machine this shirt printing went perfect.

To line up a four color print on the press, you gotta tape one of the films to the pallet in the same spot you want all the prints. So you can line up all the screens in the press to that film, this is the basic registration of the print.

You will be able to see the film thru the negative space of the emulsified screen, and just gotta line them up perfectly and tighten the screws on the press…

Once all four screens are taped off on the back and loaded with the correct ink color, the printing begins!

This four station, six color manual press is perfect for two people to print at once. Just gotta print the colors in the correct order and communicate so no mistakes are made. Check out the final color printing

Then you get perfect prints like this! I wanted to design something with huge letters, so the levels of the Donkey Kong board were a perfect large surface area.

Hot off the press, I picked up the shirts and rushed over to the event where all the shirts sold out that night! I am reprinting some more shirts now, so they will be available on my Sleepy Dan web shop this week.

The two color back design showed off all the sponsors for this year’s event. The show was packed all night and has become such a hit for the up and coming Dallas vinyl arts culture.

I’m so proud to be part of this event and becoming a contributing vinyl designer. If you check out pics of the event and custom vinyls, I created a tribute to Mike Tyson’s Punch Out by creating two vinyl characters Bald Bull and King Hippo!


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