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Answer: of course it does!

Highlights here in this sprawling, 21-minute (!!!) odyssey include a gaming-as-addiction montage (:38 seconds), a Pong tutorial from Jeff Bridges and Harry Dean Stanton (2:03), a three-piece tribute to Michael J. Fox (8:57), and a montage of digital dance offs (10:29)!

See a full list of the films as sequenced at YouTube.

Edited by Travis Greenwood (disclosure: that’s me!) and Brett Roberts for Slacktory.

Read more of Travis’ work at The Pet Collective and From Hop To Pop.

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a-z video games t-shirt

I’ve enjoyed the other A-Z shirts that A Better Tomorrow have produced and this gaming version if no different, though I think it’s a bit harder for me to guess that names compared to the superhero version. The names are listed on the product page, but feel free to have your fun in the comments trying to guess the characters and games.

Costiness=€22 (earlybird) Buy it at ABT


tshirt laundry

I’m not even going to attempt to work my way through the alphabet of video games, though you guys are of course welcome to rise to the challenge. Nice selection from Tshirt Laundry, and as usual they’re currently $14 rising to $18 next week.


Post image for ‘The Returners’ T-shirt by Kari Fry at The Yetee – One Last Chance to Help!

If you have been keeping up with my posts this week about the charity tees for sale at The Yetee, then you know exactly what this tee is all about! If you are clueless, let me fill you in; The Yetee has been selling tees this week to raise money to go to The Organization for Autism Research and with each t-shirt sold, The Yetee donates $3 directly to this great cause. Not only that, The Yetee is in coordination with Summer Games Done Quick, a gaming marathon – learn more by reading my last blog post!

Two tees sold, one to go and you get to see it here first before it is up for sale in just a few hours! This last of the three tees sold this week is by the lovely Kari Fry titled, The Returners! Don’t you just enjoy her style? This design, like the others this week, is packed full of video game characters and I just can’t decide which is my favorite… thanks for the great work, Kari!

One last thing, The Yetee has officially raised $1,500 with your purchases of shirts! That’s incredible, and remember, there’s still time to help – go shop!


Post image for The Yetee – Cool Tees and Gaming Marathons, All for a Great Cause!

So lookie here, if you haven’t heard already, the folks over at The Yetee are offering three tees over the next six days that not only generate smiles from gamers and tee lovers alike, but also a portion goes to a very worthy charity! See, $3 from each shirt sold will be donated to The Organization for Autism Research, a worthy cause if I don’t say so myself. (Oh, I already did!)

Not only that, but this event is in coordination with a Gaming Marathon – The Summer Games Done Quick or SGDQ, hosted by Speed Demo Archives! Let me tell you more about SGDQ: it is a whooping 4 days of gaming (a marathon, if you will), in which speedruns of games are livecast and better yet, most of the characters on the t-shirts featured on The Yetee are from the games played during the marathon! The livecast starts today, May 24th – go check it out!

So on to the tees, what you all are really excited about! The first design Speed Runnin’ (shown above), is by Ryan Haak – nice one Ryan! This t-shirt is FULL of our favorite video game characters, speeding on through almost like they will burst right out of the tee on that Warthog! Again you have to remember $3 from your purchase will be going to a more than noble charity, and I know you wanna help, right?

Keep an eye out here on HYA for a sneak peek at the next two tees – I’ll keep you posted!


T-shirt News for February 22nd

by Andy on February 22, 2012

hellboy elmo t-shirt

I get the feeling that this Hellboy x Elmo mashup is going to do quite well at TeeFury.

What a delightfully cute cooking shirt at Shirt.Woot today.

Awesome Mario shirt at RIPT today.
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video game t-shirts

Rockhart Clothing are a startup aiming to sell t-shirts about video games that aren’t totally lame. Whilst the video game tee world isn’t all bad, a lot of them seem to cater to stereotypical gamers that live in their parent’s basements and live vicariously through their WoW characters, so I can understand why Rockhart would want to make some cooler shirts for gamers. Judging from the mockups and what’s going in the goodie bag I think they’re well on their way to achieving that aim, but they do have one little issue, they need funding on Kickstarter so they can make it happen.

As I write this they’re more than a third of the way to their goal with 17 days to go so it’s looking fairly good that they’ll make it, so if you are tempted to pledge some money it’s pretty likely you’ll get a tee out of it.


guns 'n' portals parody t-shirt

It’s funny how you get certain kinds of designer naturally gravitate towards different POD sites, parodies tend to end up on RedBubble, cool arty t-shirts go to MySoti, and people that aren’t designers go to Cafepress. (your insults in the comments, please)

Rob posted this re-imagining of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ that I thought was pretty fun:

Welcome to the Center [Johnson/Wheatley Remix]

Welcome to the Center
We got cake ‘n’ tests
We got Companion Cubes you want
And Lemons, you know the rest

We’re the AI that can see
Wherever you may be
If you see the turrets honey
Say goodbye to your knees

Portal… Step into the Portal
Oh you are a t,t,t,t,t,t,t,t,t,t,t,t,t,t tease, teeease

Costiness=£16.38 Buy it at RedBubble


bustedtees t-shirt

Food, gaming, and Pokemon. I’m sure there’s a Venn diagram out there with those three on it. These shirts were released by BustedTees last week but it’s taken me until now to get them up. Don’t forget to check out their clearance section either, lots of cool tees in there at $10 a piece.


zelda t-shirt

It’s *quite* pricey, but cripes is this a great design, and that’s coming from someone who I think has only ever played one Zelda game (the N64 one). King of Games have a license from Nintendo too, so this shirt is 100% sanctioned and 100% wearable. Oh, and a cool product picture too.

Costiness= 4900 yen Buy it at King of Games (various colourways)


mario kuribo's shoe t-shirt

I was looking at this tee thinking to myself “why do I know this tee, and why do I know what is that’s been exploded in the diagram?” after a few minutes it struck me, Coty had written about this tee, and the rare Mario Bros. power-up item it represents. If you knew that just by looking at it, bravo Sir (or madam, but probably Sir), and if not don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. Very cool looking tee though, what is it about technical diagram tees that make me post them every time I see one?

Costiness=$18 Buy it at 15 Bit Gamer


zen amiga t-shirt

I wish that Glennz was as popular as Threadless (though for one guy that might a little too much power in the tee world), because then people would make cakes out of all this designs like they do with Threadcakes, because this design would me a cool looking cake. What an odd thing for me to think of, I should probalby stop blogging and go eat something… possibly cake-based.

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it at Glennz


mortal kombat t-shirt

Looking back, I can’t believe that my parents let me play the original Mortal Kombat (as referenced in this shirt from Split Reason), I assume they didn’t know how violent it was because I doubt they wanted me seeing a guy rip out another guys spine, even if it was in 8-bit.

Costiness=$18.95 Buy it at Split Reason


minimalist street fighter t-shirt

I like this, it feels as if someone inputted Ryu and Ken into the iPhone Pantone app and this is what spilled out. Actually, in my experience, the Pantone palette result wouldn’t look much like the reality, but it’s still a cool app. Solid concept, well executed, good work AshRB, and good work to Coty for finding it.

Costiness=$19.98 Buy it at MySoti

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space invader star wars t-shirt

Want it, NOW. You’d think that people would run out of ways to make really cool space invaders and Star Wars t-shirts. Maybe they have and that’s why we’re now seeing mashups of the two?

Costiness=From $17.39 Buy it at MySoti

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choose your weapon t-shirt by ian leino

A t-shirt made up of weapons from loads of video games, created by one of the best t-shirt designers around? Yes please.

Costiness=$18 Buy it from Ian Leino



When I got an e-mail telling me about some tees based upon Street Fighter I had visions in my head of big characters, fireballs, and that dude that could stretch his legs really far that my brother always played as and I could never get in close enough to beat him… the bastard. However, when I clicked on the link in the e-mail I was confronted with some tees that whilst slightly less badass than fireballs and inappropriately proportioned visions of Chun Li, are actually pretty darned cool. I’d never think of going this route with a video-game based tee, but I guess that’s why I write about tees rather than make them.

Street Fighter IV T-Shirts by Kineda



Brian from Foepaws was kind enough to do all of the work for this post after spotting Miles wearing an Ames Bros. t-shirt on a recent episode of lost, not the crappy recap one they had last week (hey Lost, don’t call it a new episode if it’s all clips, even if I’m confused this season because my Lost companion and I are talking about how confused we are during the episodes), but the week before that (season 5, episode 13: Some Like It Hoth).

Anyway, Brian from Foepaws owns the tee being worn by Miles, he says it looks and feels great, and considering what I thought of his tees, I’d assume he knows what he’s talking about.

Buy it from Ames Bros. here.

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All are available at Split Reason.


Fight Night by Meat Bun [Rumplo Rocks]

by Andy on June 11, 2008


… I couldn’t remember who Balrog was… I shall now hang my head in shame.Costiness=$29.99 Tee Link Rumplo Link


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