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Ucon | SS ’13 Collection from Ucon GmbH on Vimeo.

Very nice from Ucon.


MKNK drop a ‘Collaction’ Video

by Andy on March 17, 2013

COLLACTION 01 from MKNK on Vimeo.

MKNK dropped hoodies & hats a couple of weeks ago, and to help promote that release they’ve put together this pretty cool video showing off their new goods and some moves that 90s Andy would have described as ‘radical’. They also took a few new lookbook photos at the same time which you can find below.


SS13 Video Lookbook from No Good Brand

by Andy on January 25, 2013

No Good S/S 13 Lookbook (Teaser video) from No Good on Vimeo.

No Good haven’t actually dropped this collection yet, but I’m a sucker for a pretty lookbook video and this is certainly it, appetites thoroughly whetted yet?

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deadburydead brand video

DeadBuryDead have laid on the style for their latest video in support of their new collection.

DeadBuryDead Freedom from DeadBuryDead on Vimeo.

I’d love to embed it above but it seems to just be on their own site rather than hosted elsewhere and I can’t find an embed code so you’ll have to make do with the screengrabs above. DBD updated us in the comments so it’s embedded now, enjoy!

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Vapour Clothing have a lookbook video

by Andy on November 13, 2012

Vapour Autumn/Winter Lookbook from AnotherRobot on Vimeo.

I like it when brands put out lookbook videos, here’s one from Vapour Clothing showing off their Winter collection.


“La Baraja” t-shirt from Pipiripau

by Andy on September 19, 2012

Post image for “La Baraja” t-shirt from Pipiripau

La Baraja | The New Tee from Pipiripau® from Pipiripau on Vimeo.

Pipiripau released this shirt in two colourways about a month ago, they told me at the time but for some reason I didn’t see the e-mail, because I really like the shirt so I wish I’d been a bit more timely with this post, especially since they went to the effort of making such a slick promo video.

Costiness=$24 Buy it in blue / red


The Subculture of Screen Printers [Video]

by Andy on September 14, 2012

Frankie over at Rawtee shared this mini-documentary about the art of screen printing that I thought you guys would enjoy too.

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“A New Beginning” Lahuv Clothing Fall Line from Lahuv Clothing on Vimeo.

Fall Line Photo shoot from Lahuv Clothing on Vimeo.

Lahuv Clothing are gearing up for their Fall release and put out this nice teaser video (top) to help build a bit of anticipation ahead of the release in ten days time. I also noticed that they posted a behind the scenes style video of their photoshoot (bottom) which gives a much better view of the shirts.


Looks like a fun time with Willy Wonka Johnny Cupcakes, as usual.


dance party massacre sale

Really nice looking new range from Dance Party Massacre, and when I heard that the lookbook video had Justice right at the start I knew I was going to enjoy it. That 75% off sale is looking pretty epic too, should be starting in a couple of hours if my recollection of time zones is correct.

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I’m pretty sure I posted a teaser image of this about a month ago, but details and a fun video have now emerged to announce the opening of the Johnny Cupcakes store in Martha’s Vineyeard in Massachusetts this weekend. In typical JC fashion things aren’t quite normal, as there will be a treasure hunt at 11am before the shop officially opens at 2pm. I know it’s a fairly long shot, but if any HYA reader heads down for the opening it would be great if you’d like to submit a few pics and tell us about the experience.

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Seems like making a lookbook video is the hot thing at the moment, Rock Candy have got in on the action with a video of a guy wearing their latest items and playing with a dog.


Really nice video showing the festivities at Johnny Cupcakes to celebrate the Newbury St store being open for six years.


Usually if I see a teaser video for a brand and it’s two minutes long it’s pretty unlikely that I’m going to be watching it through to the end (two minutes? That’s a lifetime!), but this lookbook video teasing for Socially Exceptional‘s impending shirt release on June 11th is awfully stylish and well put together so I was sat enraptured until the screen went black at the end. Bloody nice shirts, too.

As usual, I will try and remember to let you know when the shirts have been released, but as usual I expect I’ll probably forget.


If you’ve been reading HYA for more than 5 minutes you’ll be well aware of the back story behind Juhnny Cupcakes, but that doesn’t stop me from mentioning it every so often. Johnny is an impressive success story and it’s cool to hear him talk about it, I especially liked the bit towards the end where he talks about emotional success being as important as financial success.


ambush apparel

Can’t say that I’d heard of Ambush Apparel before they got in touch, but they have a polished look that suggests they have more experience than a brand putting out their sophomore release. The logo shirt isn’t particularly expiring, if you’re a fan of Ambush then I’m sure you’ll like it but there’s not a lot there for a newbie such as myself. The other designs are pretty interesting though, and good to see a brand putting out a couple of tank tops in anticipation of Summer, gives me hope that the sun might appear on this chilly British weekend.


T-shirt News for March 16th

by Andy on March 16, 2012

mega man t-shirt

Mega Man based tee at TeeFury today.

Very clever design from Shirt.Woot today, I gues it really did kill the cat.

Labyrinth meets Pac Man at RIPT today.
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Seeing as I am the most manly of men you won’t find me doing this, but it is a pretty neat tutorial on how to turn that old t-shirt you never wear into a cotton necklace.


This faux info-mercial has been doing the rounds on the tee blogs recently but it’s taken me until now to get around to watching it (I’m so busy blah blah blah). It’s a lot of fun (the Anna Faris bits are especially funny) and I’m always happy to see Mr. T gracing screens in any form. Being in the UK I doubt that I’ll ever be able to judge if it really is the best tee of all time, but who knows with HYAs ever expanding list of contributors.


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