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Regan Smith Clarke’s shirts are awesome

by Chris_S on June 28, 2012

Post image for Regan Smith Clarke’s shirts are awesome

It’s been a busy few days here at HYA – which is why though Regan Smith Clarke’s summer collection has been around for a little while, we’re only getting to it now. But what a doozy it is: well worth the wait. Regan designs shirts with a vintage art twist, with eye-popping designs which seem to have leapt from a 1940s newspaper comic strip. Coincidentally, that’s exactly the sort of thing that I love, so I’m craving these shirts very badly.

Trailblazer (above, $25) is a shirt which looks like it could well be at home on a wartime propaganda poster for kids, and would undoubtedly draw some looks for its big design and bright colours. Personally, it’s my favourite of the bunch.

But then you’ve got Lone Wolf ($25) – which comes in black and yellow – that manages to take the weird anthropomorphic animal thing that you see in all cartoons (Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny say hi) and create a new character. As you might tell from the two shirt names, Regan Smith Clarke’s all about giving the wearers of his t-shirts an identity and an ego boost.

Keeping the wartime propaganda look (and almost making me willing to buy a three-quarter length baseball tee) is the Stand and Deliver 3/4 length ($28). I personally think that wearing 3/4 length clothing on your top half is almost as dangerous as wearing 3/4 length shorts (it runs the risk of making you look like a baby) but the design on this is so beautiful that I’m almost willing to overlook it. Almost. Regan, if you’re reading this: put it on a normal tee. I’ll buy it in an instant.

Costliness = $25-28


Daily News & Tee Roundup for November 21st

by Andy on November 21, 2011

warwick davis t-shirt

I’ve had a change of tack today and I’m putting Shirt Punch at the top of the roundup because today their designer is not by a normal t-shirt artist, it’s by sophisticated dwarf about town Warwick Davis of Star Wars (and currently ‘Life’s too Short’) fame. I know that his new show has gotten a lot of negative press for exploiting short people, but I don’t think he’d be in the show if he didn’t think it was right for him. Nice to see Philip Schofield in the sideart section!

I watched the first episode of The Walking Dead (season 2) at the weekend so I think this TeeFury shirt is pretty dang cool.

Qwertee, or at least someone, has sold this ‘Joy of Death’ shirt before, I’m sure of it.

Very sweet design by BootsBoots at Tilteed today, and whilst it isn’t new to the site, it is new to me.

Nowhere Bad are referencing Iocane Powder from the Princess Bride again.

Seems like this camera t-shirts from provides yet another lovely opportunity to mention my new camera accessories site, Rigu.

Rare that you see Shakespeare quoted on a t-shirt, but Shirt.Woot have pulled it off.

It’s also rare to see RIPT re-using designs, but that is the case with this Tardis/Union Jack t-shirt.

The Yetee give some love to a pair of Ninja Turtles characters that don’t often get a look in when it comes to t-shirts.

I’ve never seen the Slap Bet episode of How I Met Your Mother, but it’s cool the way that they bring it in during later episodes, I like the way that HIMYM has a lot more callbacks than most shows. TeeMinus24.

Random shirts on sale at OtherTees for the next 4 days.

I don’t really understand what this Crane Jackson thing is all about at 24tee today. I’ve found a strange Facebook page that might be a real theatre, and that Crane Jackson was a real person, but I still don’t quite get it. The mystery is quite fun though.

Today at TeeRaiders they’re celebrating a show called Once Upon a Time that’s only been on the air for a month on ABC in the US, I can’t decide if that’s brilliant or terrible.

GraphicLab have a shirt this week that combines Nintendo’s famous Power Glove with Thanos from the Marvel universe.

Really cool design from Loviu today.

2nd design has been made available from Tshirt Contest, this one is all about how delicious meat is.

Not really my kind of shirt at DBH today.

Someone on Instructables has made a fun looking shirt with LEDs in it.

Wrongwroks will be releasing this hoodie today, I really like the contrast detail on the zip and hood.

Springleap have teamed up with Marmite for a design competition.

PLNDR have more ridiculous prices in their bargain bin today.

Get $25 off with the coupon code 25X8TN at 80s Purple when you spend $80 or more (and there’s free shipping if you spend $99 or more).

Sturban Clothing have started selling Quilted Jackets by SeventySeven.

This guy called Jack got in touch to let me know about his site, and whilst the tees aren’t really my style, I thought you guys might like his stuff, and he seems very likeable in spite of the odd choice of creating a website that is 300 pixels wide.

Chris Kawagiwa, who recently had a few designs printed over at Might Fine, sent me an e-mail that pointed me towards a concept & process video for one of his steampink Star Wars designs. It’s really cool to watch it come together from pen & paper to the finished tee.

RadCakes have released three new shirts that I don’t particularly care for, perhaps you do.


Dead Bury Dead will Never Die Easy

by Andy on July 29, 2010

dead bury dead never die easy And the award for most over the top promo picture of the year goes to… Dead Bury Dead! Actually the most over the top thing is probably the little movie they made.

I quite like this tee, but it doesn’t really fit with other items that they’ve got in their store, although the Never Die Easy collection will consist of four tees, so perhaps it will reflect DBD going in a slightly different direction, for this collection at least.

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iraq war t-shirt

I don’t want to jump up and down on a political soap box since this is just a tee blog after all, but I think this is a genuinely clever design that looks great on a shirt. In case you can’t read the pic the non-redacted words read “THE TROOPS ARE HAVING A BLAST HERE.” Yet more good work from the Headline Shirts crew.

Costiness=$19 Buy it at Headline Shirts


“Doves” by Ironclaw for INDVSL Clothing

by Andy on December 1, 2008

Night out in Manchester (OMG I’m too old for this!) + day shopping in Manchester (OMG the crowds… there is NO recession!) = Posts based on blurb

Moving along to our new release, IRONCLAW aka Dr. Bolick, just designed a beautiful new shirt for INDVSL called “Doves” available here. With the ceaseless policy of war, “Doves” speaks peace. This shirt is printed with soy-based inks and durable wash after wash. For more on Dr. Bolick’s concept behind the design, see the “why” section under the Doves INDVSL page.


The War by Schmack @ Karmaloop

by Andy on April 3, 2008

The War white t-shirt by Schmack @ Karmaloop

I don’t expect you to know Latin, so I’ve googled the phrase for you; ‘sic semper tyrannis’ means “thus ever (or always) to tyrants.” Whilst I did only bookmark this tee because I thought the image was cool, there is clearly a political message to it, although unusually for these kinds of tees there’s actually a fairly wide scope for discussion of what the message means in this particular context. Who are meant to be the tyrants?

But if you look at it on a more superficial level, and I sure did, this is a great take on the crest style tee that we see so often. To be honest I think that the flames are a bit weak, but that’s almost always the case when you try and print photo style flames.

Costiness=$39 Link


This is another bunch of tees that I personally wouldn’t wear, probably because the word ‘twat’ is far more NSFW in the UK than the US (I think?), but since a portion of each sale goes to Operation Enduring Care (a charity which supports American troops who have been injured) I thought I’d give them a quick link.



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