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Breakfast at the Capitol

by Andy on February 19, 2010

breakfast on capitol hill t-shirt

You know what’s stupid about the Capitol Building?

Some of you may be expecting a rant about politicis here, but fear not, my concerns are far more pressing…. you aren’t allowed to take any kind of food or drink into the building, not even into the part where you go to get your tickets for the tour. This wasn’t so bad for me and my brother turning up in the morning, though I did have to throw a perfectly good apple (yes, you can’t take an apple in there, presumably an apple is a major security threat) into a huge bin filled with perfectly good food. It was pretty bad for the group of school-kids who went in before us though, who had to dump the contents of their lunchboxes into the previously mentioned bin. Ridiculous!

Good tee though, and for a limited time you get a free Washington, DC t-shirt with it, which I can only presume would be this shirt. If they run out of that shirt to offer you as a freebie, you’ll receive a $10 off coupon for your next order.

Costiness=$29 Buy it at Jon Wye

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This sale shows great Aplomb

by Andy on March 16, 2009


Washington D.C. based brand Aplomb has just announced a spring sale on their online store, their biggest sale to date. Everything in their store is currently on sale, some items over 50% off. Aplomb is making room for new products that they will be releasing shortly as part of their Spring/Summer line for 2009.

I’m heading to DC next weekend (HYA x America tour in full effect, holla!), so hopefully posting a local-brand should give me some good karma, maybe Obama will make me his Secretary of Awesome… or maybe I won’t get shot!


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