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Post image for Overcompensating introduces the tShirt (iPad parody)

I don’t read that many webcomics, but I am a big fan of Overcompensating, and yesterday’s strip is one of the reasons why. I’d recommend clicking through to OC so that you don’t strain your eyes.



I know that the message is the star on this tee, but once again I must bang the drum that a larger print would be beneficial for this as a shirt, but my print-size gripes aside this tee does make me laugh (a bit, on the inside).

Costiness=$19 Available from TopatoCo



I tried reading Dinosaur Comics for a while but just couldn’t get into it, maybe if I’d stuck with it for longer I’d have started to appreciate it more.

However (caution, a beast of a segue is coming up), one thing I can appreciate right now is this t-shirt (yeah, I told you it was good), which apparently a lot of other people do because it’s being reprinted in several sizes. It’s kind of hard to make out the writing on the tee, even on the larger picture on the product page, but what I could make out seemed pretty funny. One unfortunate thing I’ve found about tees like this is that people will insist upon reading the whole thing, which would probably get quite awkward after a paragraph or two.

Costiness=$18 Buy it from TopatoCo



I could never really get into Dinosaur Comics, I’ve tried a couple of times but it just doesn’t quite work for me, I guess that you need to read it for a long time before you start getting all the long-running jokes, and I think that I already spend enough time reading stuff on the internet. However, this, this I like.

Costiness=$39 Buy it at TopatoCo


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