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As ever with these competitions from there are quite a lot of winners, so if you like X-MEN then chances are you’ll see something you like above. The Grand Prize winner is ‘United’ the circular crest design at the top of the mockups, and that sends designer Antony Rozwadowski on a trip to Comic-Con in San Diego which is a pretty special prize. It’s interesting looking at all the designs because it shows the restrictions that an official competition bring, as someone that has never read the original comics and has all of his knowledge from the movies the characters sometimes look a bit off to what I’d expect, of course Wolverine doesn’t look like Hugh Jackman, because using Hugh Jackman’s likeness would be another license to deal with. It doesn’t ruin any of the designs, it’s just an interesting insight into the world of licensing in the tee world, one that a lot of tee a day sites probably don’t give a damn about.

Each tee is available now for $25 and you can find the collection here.


Bit of a mixed bag this one if you ask me, there’s a couple in there that I don’t like, but the grand prize winner at the top and that maze design are pretty damn great if you ask me.

Pick them up at


x-men design competition

You know what’s nice about doing designs for The contests are always legit, the prizes sizeable, and they attract some impressive brands too. If I were an artist that liked to pop culture designs I’d be subbing to them quite a lot, because making a fun X-Men design is one thing, but making one that is actually licensed and approved by Marvel is another. In this particular contest the Grand Prize winner is going to be sent to San Diego Comic-Con later in the year… that sounds pretty cool.

For more details head over to


Post image for Chris Kawagiwa has a great Loki shirt over at

Chris got in touch to let me know that he has a new Loki design up at and I’m glad he did because it’s pretty fantastic.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at WLF


Post image for are running a Power Rangers Design Contest!

Is Power Rangers just nostalgia or is it still a thing that is being made at the moment? I have no idea.

Either weay, I’m sure there will be some designers amongst you that will be awfully excited to hear that are running a contest to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers and find some great t-shirt designs in the process. As the banner says there are up to $2000 of prizes available, which should be enough to clear your Christmas credit card debts, and you guys have until February 4th to get your entries in. x Power Rangers Design Contest


12 Days of Holidays Sale on at

by Andy on December 14, 2012

Post image for 12 Days of Holidays Sale on at

Oh yeah, ’12 days of holidays’, we all know that famous saying… will be offering deep discounts on different categories of t-shirts every day from now until December 23rd when you should have stopped with Christmas shopping and be wearing ill-chosen sweaters whilst lazing on the couch. Well, I say that it’s every day, there isn’t anything on the special page where the sales should be as I type this, but I’m sure that service will be resumed soon. The link changes every day, just head to the homepage to get today’s deal (Adventure Time at the time of writing).


25% off at for Cyber Monday

by Andy on November 26, 2012

Post image for 25% off at for Cyber Monday

coupon code CYBERWORLD gets 25% off at today.


Post image for Star Trek T-Shirt Design Contest Winners Revealed at

If you’re wondering why so many of these Star Trek t-shirts have Uhura on them, Nichelle Nichols was one of the judges of the contest, which probably explains it. Still, it’s good to see more well-designed Star Trek shirts out there since it does seem to be an area that is sorely lacking considering how popular the series has been in it’s various iterations.

Buy these Strak Trek t-shirts at


Post image for add James Bond shirts to their lineup actually released these shirts last week for Global Bond Day, celebrating 50 years of the super-cool British spy, but this being HYA I’m only getting around to writing about it now, good thing that Bond is popular all the time, and not just one day of the year. Anyone else getting excited about seeing Skyfall, I was all for heading down tot the IMAx to watch it, since there’s a special IMAX version, but they seem to only be showing it at the smaller ‘IMAX digital’ screens and not the real ones… how very odd!

Fair to say that the logo shirt is a bit boring, but at least the Octopussy and You Only Live Twice shirts are a bit more interesting, presumably being based on the original Japanese and possibly Thai posters for the movies. The shirts are $25 each and available now with more expected to be added to the lineup soon.


Post image for Exclusive coupon code for 10% off at, the brand with more pop culture t-shirts than you could shake a very large stick at, have been kind enough to offer HYA readers 10% off everything in store (not just the Avengers tees I’ve posted above). Use the coupon code HYATEES at the checkout to receive the discount.

One of my favourite things about WLF is that they seem to do some much more with the licenses they have (yep, all their tees are legit) than most other places, their artwork appeals to fans of the TV show or movie, rather than just slapping the logo on a shirt and being done with it.

{ 0 comments } go Avengers Crazy

by Andy on September 27, 2012

Post image for go Avengers Crazy

I still haven’t gotten around to watching the Avengers, apparently it’s good, and now is an opportune time to watch it since the Blu-Ray was released this week, and are celebrating this (because apparently Blu-Ray releases are an event now) with a few new Avengers shirts and even gave Agent Coulson his own category of shirts since the character is so popular.


it's a trap star wars t-shirt

Some really impressive winner from the Star Wars design competition that Mighty Fine held recently. All the shirts (and 5 more, but I wasn’t going to put 10 pics up there) are available in mens and women’s sies for the usual price of $25 a piece.


New Prometheus designs at

by Andy on July 10, 2012

prometheus t-shirts

I voiced my disappointment with the Prometheus shirts in the first release at, but I think this latest batch is a definite improvement.

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prometheus t-shirts

I like the idea of the Weyland Corp shirt and bag but the other shirts do feel a bit standard to me, especially compared to the interesting stuff that usually do with their big licenses. I would expect that with Prometheus still being in cinemas that there’s only so much that they’re allowed to do which is why the shirts currently available are based on the logo for the film. Hopefully they will be able to expand what’s on offer in the near future since I think that there is a lot of scope for cool designs with Prometheus.

Promeheus t-shirts at

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scott pilgrim t-shirts

Pretty impressive bunch of shirts from the Scott Pilgrim contest, and funnily enough my favourite is actually the grand prize winner (top shirt in the images above), which won a whopping $1,763 in cash. Typically of they shirts are all $25 a piece, printed on tees cut for guys and gals, and are all available in this Scott Pilgrim section of their site.


bert & ernie mario 8-bit t-shirt

Rapidly becoming one of my favourite pop culture t-shirt companies, have introduced a gaming section to their store and added a few new designs in the process. I’m not entirely sure if the Bert & Ernie Mario-themed design above is new, but there was no way that I wasn’t going to show it to you guys.


Daily t-shirt news releases for April 12th

by Andy on April 12, 2012

Cute Thundercats t-shirt

At least we can say this Thundercats t-shirt at TeeFury is cute, whether I’d want to wear it…

Very nice from Shirt.Woot. I had a friend that uttered this phrase once, we still mock him for it to this day (in that way groups of guys never forget anything embarrassing about each other.

Metroid meets Boba Fett at RIPT today and it looks mighty nice.

Five famous weapons at Qwertee.

Kong Barrel Co. makes an appearance at Shirt Punch.

I’m just going to presume that this design at TeeRaiders is to do with The Last Airbender (the film with no ending IIRC), and you can tell me I’m wrong in the comments.

Pretty nice from DBH today (oh, and get 25% off with the coupon code DBHSTAFF).

America is ready for Change at BustedTees.

Made in the Now point out that Disneyland Paris is in almost €2 billion of debt as it celebrates it’s 20th birthday.

Fibertopic react to the $1 billion sale of Instagram to Facebook.

Tee Busters have a shirt mashup of the two most famous Dexter’s on TV.

Among Villains have put all their shirts on sale for $15 this month. are running an Invader Zim design contest with a cash prize of up to $2,500.

Terratag‘s lucky dip mystery bags won’t be available forever.

Justin Bieber wore what looks like quite a cool t-shirt, from the side at least.


official avengers t-shirt

Very impressive lineup of winners from the collaborative contest with Marvel to celebrate the upcoming Avengers film. I watched Thor at the weekend and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected so I’m looking forward to what I presume to be the blockbuster ‘event’ of the Summer movie season.

There’s some really nice shirts amongst the winners here (with the grand prize winner being seen at the top of the post), there’s nothing particualrly outrageous or revolutionary but they all use the source material well and each shirt offers something different, which I’m sure isn’t a coincidence.

They’re all available now at

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furby t-shirts at

I never really got into the whole Furby thing the first time around, it was one of those phenomenons that thankfully I was too old for and didn’t cause my parents to have to hunt up and down the country trying to find a toy at Christmas (it was the massive Christmas toy at one point, right?). Apparently, enough time has now passed that people can be nostalgic about the little bundle of fur, so have released a range of t-shirts (which will be growing) dedicated to Furbies. As you’d imagine, I won’t be ordering one, but what about the rest of you?

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T-shirt news for March 27th

by Andy on March 27, 2012

half life t-shirts

Considering how popular Half Life is it’s no wonder that TeeFury decided it would be a good idea to produce a related shirt.

Shirt.Woot drop one of my favourite Star Wars t-shirts for a while.

Nice Sherlock shirt from RIPT today.
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