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I don’t understand this shirt, but I do like it.

Cosintess= €34.99 Buy it at Frischfleisch


OLOW have just opened a new office in Nantes, and decided to get local with their latest shirt, teaming up with a webzine called Dasswassup and a graphic design studio called The Feebles.

As usual they’ve only had 25 of the shirt above printed, and the size small is already sold out, so if you like the shirt lay down you €35 as quickly as possible to avoid missing out.


“Ernok” t-shirt by Tribe Notion

by Andy on July 15, 2013

Pretty strong design for these guys to launch with, it’s not the kind of thing that I would usually wear, but I can definitely see it appealing to streetwear folks.

Costiness=$45 Buy it at Tribe Notion

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I like this design, but something about it seems a little bit unfinished to me, know what I mean? Maybe I’d prefer if if there were more colour in there, I’m not sure. Still, it’s pretty cool.

Costiness=$24.60 Buy it at MySoti


If you read through this blog post on the Oak + Oar site you can just about work out how they put supermodel Jessica Stam on the first shirt in their ‘1867 Vault Series’ line of tees.

Costiness=$28 Buy it at Oak + Oar


“Stampede!” by Carnifex Ferry

by Andy on July 2, 2013

Really nice to see a brand using an unusual print location to such great effect, and the design is great too.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Carnifex Ferry


I love the simplicity of this, I’d wear it over the Summer whilst I was out grilling if I could trust myself not to ruin a white t-shirt whilst I was around a BBQ and condiments.

Costiness=AUD$40 Buy it at The Not So Friendly General Store


Once you look at their designs and see that they have the word ‘crisp’ in their name it becomes all too easy to say that their designs are crisp too, I was like a moth to a flame with that title. but then again, I’m not a professional writer and this is one of the times that it shows.

I am really digging the designs though, it’s a collection that really works well together on a theme with similar styles that has resulted in some really wearable tees. They might be pushing it a little bit at €25 a tee, but as we’ve discussed extensively stuff just costs more in Europe and it’s not exactly going to break the bank.

Martian Crisp

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I’ve got no idea what it’s meant to mean, if it means anything at all, but it sure is a wearable design.

Costiness=$12 Buy it at Vatican Clothing (small & medium only)


Pretty cool two-piece capsule collection from The Clothing Face entitled ‘Life Sucks’ that, as you’d imagine, focuses on how life can sometimes be hard. I could do without the back print on the work hard shirt (can you imagine walking behind someone wearing that?), but otherwise I like the simple typographic style.

They’re limited to 25 pieces of each design, and are £25 each with free UK postage.


Regular readers already know what I’m going to say, this design made me smile, and I think that it could be popular, but with that mockup instead of a real photo of the t-shirt being worn I am A LOT less likely to want to buy it. Still, it’s a funny enough concept for me to run even though it’s only in mocked up form.

Costiness=£20 Buy it at Ste Machine Designs (check out their Facebook page for free tee prize draws)


“101 Pandas” t-shirt from IBAKI

by Andy on April 26, 2013

Pretty cool idea, I’m quite surprised that I haven’t seen the concept before but I’m pretty sure that IBAKI have an original idea here, which is pretty rare in the t-shirt world these days.

IBAKI seem to have been going for a while but currently just have two designs in the store with more coming along next month, there’s some interesting designs in there that I think will go down well with the HYA crowd, but the webdesign style is a bit outdated which maybe be a bit of a hurdle for them in the future, for example they clearly have nice pictures taken with a model, but their store system doesn’t make it possible to display more than a thumbnail next to the buy button, so no one will see them, and the picture above is a much nicer way to display the shirt than a simple thumbnail.

Costines=$24.99 Buy it at IBAKI


As you’d imagine from my ownership of Rigu, I try to follow the camera world as best I can, so I’d come across Japan Camera Hunter in the past, but it’s cool to see our two world’s meet in the form of tees for camera fanatics.

I like this fledgling range of designs being hosted at a Spreadshirt store, they look fairly simple (which is probably doing a dis-service to the designer) but are very nicely done and really wearable, especially if you’re a photographer.

Most of the range is $14.99 (with the hoodies and iPhone cases being more, as you’d expect), and is available now. I get the feeling that if there is enough interest the range will be expanding and possibly even moving to a non-POD solution, which is always preferable to a guy like me but I can understand why someone running a camera blog wouldn’t necessarily want to have to deal with holding stock and packing orders.


We all know I don’t read many books because I spend too much time reading rubbish on the internet, so I have no idea how this design relates to the book, but it certainly does look nice.

Costiness=£29.90 Buy it at The Affair


I feel a bit awkward about this shirt, because I like it since the show was really funny, but at the same time, MySoti shouldn’t be selling it since it is just stealing the logo from the people that own Better Off Ted.

Costiness=$23.50 Buy it at MySoti

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Post image for “Stay Young and Invincible” typography t-shirt from de Lirios

Whilst I’m not an Oasis fan at all, I do like the look of this shirt, possibly because I constantly pair red with blue.

Costiness=€16.80 Guys / Girls


don't let the muggles get you down harry potter t-shirt

I’m not even a Harry Potter geek and I think this is awesome.

Costiness=$19.99 Buy it at Wicked Clothes

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