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bushido t-shirt

When I first saw this shirt (currently on pre-order, so I can’t really complain about the lack of a model photo) I wasn’t that impressed, but looking at it more it’s definitely grown on me, it seems like the kind of shirt that’s pretty wearable and could go with most outfits, unless you’re eating Italian of course, in which a white tee is just asking for trouble.

The Limited Edition VXRSI x MiddleEasy “Bushido” Collab Tee is now available for $20 on VXRSI’S ONLINE SHOP for PRE-ORDER! Order by 2/4 and your order will ship out 2/23!

After tons of design submissions, VXRSI and MiddleEasy have decided that this design created by artist Gary McLoughlin is the winner! By definition, Bushido or its meaning “the way of the warrior is a Japanese word for the way of the Samurai Life. Only a limited quantity will be produced so make sure to pick up this collectors item!

Pick it up at VXRSI for $20


tete d'oeuf t-shirt by phenum

I don’t really understand “TÊTEDOEUF by BREST BREST BREST” but I do like it.

Costiness=€30 Buy it at Phenum


not a walking billboard t-shirt

I suppose the irony here is that they do still have their logo on the shirt.

Costiness=$26 Buy it at Concrete Coast in Black / White


Post image for Frederik Garcia has a weird collection of tees and sweatshirts, I like ‘em

There’s no denying that the above tees (and the rest of the collection) from Barcelona’s Frederik Garcia are a bit odd, but they are all interesting and wearable too. To celebrate the new release Frederik is offering 10% off with the coupon code NEWCOLLECTION, which is most welcome with the tees being €29 and the sweaters €44 which is a touch above the usual prices HYA deals with.


Post image for Super limited edition “Au 92″ photo tee from OLOW

We’re used to seeing photo tees these days where the photo takes up the vast majority of the front on the t-shirt, so this rather more traditionally shaped 4:3 photo on a tee looks fairly restrained by comparison. It’s a nice image taken by photographer Séréna Lutton and I think it works well on a shirt. When I say in the title that this is a limited edition product I am not kidding, there’s only 10 pieces available in total, so there’s only 2 or 3 of each size available, act quick if you want to snap up a tee.

Costiness=€35 Buy it at OLOW


A “Fresh” t-shirt from Atslopes

by Andy on November 8, 2012

Post image for A “Fresh” t-shirt from Atslopes

Fresh indeed!

If you’re thinking “that shirt doing look particularly white” that’s because it’s printed no an organic AA shirt and those aren’t the brilliant white that we’ve come to expect white to be, but I think the slightly off-white colour complements the green nicely.

Costiness=$26 Buy it at Atslopes


Charity tees and prints from One Good Atom!

by Andy on October 24, 2012

Post image for Charity tees and prints from One Good Atom!

One Good Atom got in touch with me recently to say hello and let me know about their new charity t-shirt sites. One Good Atom aims to occasionally produce limited edition runs of t-shirts and art prints from guest artists, and then give all of the profits to a charity of the artist’s choice. All sounds good to me, the world gets some good tees, and charities get money to continue doing their work, I’m pretty sure everyone wins.

This week they have “It’s Own Place” by Alan Kerr (who is actually the site’s founder too) up for pre-order, available in cuts suitable for men and women (£13) or as an art print (£8) with the goods being shipped out on or around November 5th. Alan has chosen the UK depression charity Mind to receive the profits from his artwork. It’s going to be cool to see who else they get, it would be great to see this site really take off.


Post image for “Macbeth” is another literary tee from The Affair

The Affair make some of the finest tees I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing, so really all you have to do is pick your favourite design and throw your wallet at the screen. This latest design is inspired by one of Shakespeare’s most famous work, Macbeth.


Say hello to Milk Jones

by Andy on October 1, 2012

Post image for Say hello to Milk Jones

Katina from Milk Jones got in touch with me recently to let me know about her new-ish brand (only opened in mid-August) that she started for “girls who are artistic and original, and who stand out just by being themselves, no matter how weird or awkward others may believe you are”. Even though that description is about being unique, funnily enough to me it sounds like a bit of a cookie-cutter description, and that’s coming from someone who gets a lot of people telling him about their brands. It doesn’t really tell me a lot about the brand and what they’re trying to do, beyond make clothes for people that want to wear them, which is of course fine, but it would be cool if I could get more of a flavour of the style from a brief description like that. I’m being picky, I know, but it’s best to look at these things early on rather than later down the road.

There are currently two designs available, and I like the artwork, that actually is artistic and original, but I do wish that the product photos weren’t let down by the incorrect white balance, which is strange considering there’s well taken model photos (and one above) on the product pictures. The shirts are well priced at $16, and whilst I’ve struggled to tell what ladies will like to buy in the past, I think that the lady-folk of HYA will probably like these and I’m looking forward to seeing what Katina comes up with next.


A couple of new shirts from Phenum.

by Andy on September 25, 2012

Post image for A couple of new shirts from Phenum.

Very nice, very nice indeed. Limited to 100 pieces and available for €30 each.



Review: NoEmotion Clothing

by Chris_S on September 12, 2012

I got this t-shirt a couple of weeks ago.

I’m telling you that because I don’t want you to think this is a dashed off, unthinking review. Usually, I write stuff fairly quickly; this one I’ve thought about carefully, because it takes a lot of kindness and gumption to send out a review copy of a shirt and this review isn’t going to be a whitewashed positive outlook on it.

I’ve mellowed in the past couple of weeks to ‘She Loves Me’ by NoEmotion (£17.00). When I got it out the bag I hated it. Hated hated hated it. But since then, I’ve worn it a couple of times, and taken a better look at it. It’s not perfect, and I hope that Clarke and the team at NoEmotion will take this as something to build on rather than a shooting down of their tee brand.

If you look around their shop, you’ll see that NoEmotion sell a lot of great designs. I love ‘Hit the Bottle’ and ‘Rock Baby’, and the pictures on the site look great. But when I got ‘She Loves Me’ I got a closer look at the quality of the shirt and the printing and I’d say that – if like me, you like the look of some of these designs – hold back a couple of months until NoEmotion get a bit bigger.

It’s difficult starting out a t-shirt brand. You’ve got to invest in tee stock, printing, a website. It’s not a cheap thing, and it’s difficult to do. One of the biggest costs is the actual printing of designs onto tees. Screenprinting can be expensive when done in any sort of decent detail, and takes a big chunk out of the startup change you have set aside.

Which is why I was disappointed when I pulled the t-shirt out of the package. As far as I can tell, NoEmotion have chosen to put their design on the shirt via iron-on transfers. That’s absolutely fine if you’re just starting out and producing prototype designs. Heaven knows I’m aware that screenprinting can cost an arm and a leg. And though it’s well done…well, I was spending hours with an iron, an inkjet printer and a blank t-shirt when I was 12. It’s acceptable if you’re making shirts for yourself, but when you’re charging £17 for a shirt it might be a little less welcomed by customers.

The design is great, by the way. I’m not keen on the text itself (it’s very 90s anti-grunge, where you use a mix of caps and lowercase in a simple sans serif – the sort of thing you’d see in spreads in The Face or something), and think it detracts from an interestingly positioned and quite poignant graphic. But when you pull on the shirt, you get that crinkly, slightly starched feeling that comes from an iron-on transfer. (Full marks for having the patience to cut out around individual letters, though: my forays into iron-on designs were always scuppered when it came to text.)

A lot of effort has been put into this shirt, which is what makes me so sad to be a downer. You can tell, from the fact that each letter’s been carefully placed on the shirt, to the way that the sleeves have been rolled up and stitched. There’s also an attempt at branding via two name tags – one at the bottom and front of the shirt and one at the back of the neck – which is admirable and has taken a lot of effort, but is a pet hate of mine.

In my experience, I’ve never seen a person carefully examine a brand tag attached to the outside of my t-shirt. I’ve seen people admire a design itself from afar, and come up to ask me where I got the shirt – and I’ve happily told them, giving the brand some more custom. Having not one but two tags on the shirt makes me a walking billboard for a company. Not only that, but the placement of the front tag ruins the flower design.

NoEmotion’s tag on the left, and a more subtle version on the right

If you really want a conspicious branding on a tee, either produce a logo tee or have a small loop tag that can be stitched into the side stitching on the shirt – the way a number of companies do it. I’ve shown how NoEmotion do it above, and how other companies do it: the tag is circled in red. That way people can eyeball it if they really want, or the wearer can point it out to an interested observer.

Andy recently wrote about the importance of (constructive) criticism, and why HYA isn’t just a senseless propaganda machine for tee companies. “Constructive criticism is very important,” he wrote, “and even insults can be useful. Getting a pat on the back is great, you feel good and it reassures you that you’re doing the right thing with your business, but what about when people keep telling you things are great when your t-shirts aren’t selling?”

I hope this hasn’t been insulting, and I hope that the criticisms levied against NoEmotion are helpful. They have a lot of great designs which would look great properly screenprinted and free of conspicious commercial interruption. The designs are worth your money – once the kinks are sorted out.

It’s difficult to commit the money needed to produce a professional product, I know. But if NoEmotion improve their printing process and tone down the tags, I’d be more than happy to come back, post and tell everyone at HYA that they should run – not walk – to buy these t-shirts.


Hands-On LiHai T-Shirt Review

by Amy_F on September 10, 2012

Amy wearing her NO EVIL tee

I’ve had an abundance of reviews sent to me recently and this one in particular stuck out in the crowd.  Arriving in a sleek long black tube, I was actually confused as to what I possibly ordered for myself that I forgot about.  Lo and behold I wasn’t losing my mind, I hadn’t ordered anything, but it was in fact some t-shirts coming from brand new clothing company LiHai!  They just launched in August and they’ve kicked things off with a bang!

The black tube mailer was definitely a really different approach to mailing t-shirts.  Very sturdy yet simple with a silver logo sticker placed in the center of the tube.  Part of me feels bad throwing it out and wants to find a use for it so it’s kind of still just sitting here at the moment.  Inside wrapped in tissue paper were two t-shirts and some stickers and small square business cards.

The stickers were cool because they had partial images of the t-shirt designs I received along with a few others of logos and other designs in their collection.  These nifty little square business cards were another creative approach to a basic business card.  LiHai really tries to take a distinct path rather than a normal approach to basic business elements and I really enjoy that about them.  I want to hop right into the designs because these were intricate and just amazing to look at!

This first one is titled “Audio Visual”.  It’s printed on a deep grey unisex t-shirt with colors like black, white and red encompassing the design.  This design is beyond amazing to stare at!  The way they made her hair as the chords and plugs and her feet as the speakers.  Her chest area is made up of the turn tables and the different tuning buttons.  The best part which I didn’t even pick up on until I put the shirt on and my mom looked at me in it; the entire red background of the design is actually lettering that says “Audio Visual” repeated over and over in exquisite text that makes you not realize it’s even wording.

 Close-up of “Audio Visual” T-Shirt

The detail throughout the entire design from top to bottom is incredible.  Every part of this design links itself together somehow, someway.  I love the simple use of color and texture through the use of text and shading and lines.  

Close-up of “Audio Visual” T-Shirt

Though it’s a unisex fit, this shirt fits pretty nicely on me.  I received a size Small in this and it’s soft and not too tight or too big as some unisex fits are.  It’s a little larger then the other t-shirt they sent me which is a girl’s cut but all in all it fits nicely and is comfortable!

My dog wanted to get in on the photo too!

Let’s move on to the second t-shirt titled “No Evil”.  I loved the concept of this shirt immediately, “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil!”  Vibrant, colorful blues take over this design on a black women’s t-shirt.

Another intricate and creative design by LiHai; “No Evil” takes an edgy approach to the Three Wise Monkey’s that embody the proverbial principle to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.  Artistically including a spray paint can, headphones and a microphone, these monkey’s definitely give this tee an edge.

Just like the other t-shirt, “No Evil” includes a ton of detail as you can notice in the close up image above.  The background is a series of different intertwining lines creating a repeating pattern.  The fronts of the monkeys include a faint yet detailed logo design for LiHai.  These tiny delicate details in both shirts really make the designs come together and fall into place.  You can tell they’ve really taken the time on their artwork to complete an entire piece and make something that is not only intriguing to the eye but attractive to wear.

Once again they slipped in some crazy text in the background that says “No Evil” over and over again.  These shirts are like a fun game of I Spy!!  Blue is my favorite color and the contrast between the shades they chose is very appealing for this design.  The detail in their labels doesn’t disappoint either as seen below:

Unlike most independent companies who usually screen-print the label on the inside neckline or do a hem tag, LiHai went ahead and got their own private labels custom made and stitched inside.  Check out the back of the label:

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why does she think this label is so cool?”, right?  Well as I said, it’s rare to see an independent brand go all out with labels like this and not only did they make sure it was tailored to their brand but they made sure to include their brand name and/or logo on the front and back of the tag.  It’s those small details that matter sometimes!

I really enjoyed being able to review LiHai.  Their artwork was spectacular to examine and their overall packaging and branding is really spot on for having only launched in August.  I can’t wait to see what they come out with in the future and how they begin to grow and expand.  Thanks again LiHai and Daryl C. for the incredible shirts – they’ve become some of my favorites to wear!!

Check out LiHai clothing here



Crooked Monkey T-shirt Review is OMG LOL!

by Leah on September 6, 2012

Post image for Crooked Monkey T-shirt Review is OMG LOL!

Crooked Monkey was kind enough to send me a tee to review and by the looks of it, as well as the other t-shirts on their website, Crooked Monkey is one of those brands that radiates fun in their style, designs, and even in their name! The brand seems to be focusing on t-shirts that make people laugh with their quirky designs and humorous style, but not all are funny shirts – there are also graphic tees with an emphasis on animals, music, and some with lots of color!

My tee arrived in a regular mailer, but the little things inside did make a nice impression on me. After excitingly ripping the tee out of the package, I noticed a bag of candy staring back at me. Aww, candy is always nice, right? Yes, but this candy was clever, it matched the branding of the company so well being as the company name is Crooked Monkey AND the logo features a sweet, faced monkey… so what better than little banana candies? Those really stand out, it’s a fun way to make your customers happy! Not only that, but the coupon code thrown in immediately makes a customer pleased and willing to go shop more – good touch!

So, I received the t-shirt, LOL OMG EYE CHART and as you can see, it’s a tee designed for a person with a silly sense of humor. Not that I am not a silly-minded person, (I might even be too silly at times), but if you know me well enough, you know I really dislike the use of acronyms for everything we do – from laughing to leaving. These Internet slang like LOL, OMG, TTYL, WTF, even BRB and spelling “you” with only an “u” bothers me, so I am hard to please when it comes to this design. Plus the fact that the design is an eye chart makes it a creative excuse for the viewer (man) to stare at the wearer’s (woman’s) chest – is that on purpose? Ha, I believe this tee was designed by a male, that’s for sure! All kidding aside, a review is not solely based on the design of the tee now is it? No, not at all, because we all have different taste and opinions, thank goodness.

Nothing is more important than fit, print, and quality and Crooked Monkey got an A in all three. The blank is a fitted Alstyle with a v-neck that especially feminizes the tee. It’s a tighter fit, and as you can see, it is obviously a white tee, so it can become a bit see-through at times which is definitely not a deal breaker, but it is surprising as most Alstyle I have experienced are thick, but this one is far from it; the tee is very soft and comfortable, which we all know is an extremely important part when wearing a t-shirt. The print looks very good as you can see in the photos it’s even and clean. Also, I can tell you it is not thick or rough to the touch, and after a couple washes, it’s still maintains it’s color and quality. Another fine detail is the monkey logo printed on the back of the shirt. I quite like when brands stick their logo places that can be seen, but in places that are not distracting or too pronounced! Lastly, the custom sewn on tag is a nice addition to the t-shirt as a whole. The logo, size, and, website are printed clearly and the original tag is still in place which not only has the care instructions, but it also distinguishes which blank they are printing on, for those of us that have our attention on that.

Crooked Monkey has quite a large amount of tees to choose from – either funny or graphic, so please take the time to go check out what they have to offer. The prices are a bit high for me ranging from $15 – $24, but I also wish to point out their $1 Promise Scholarship Fund, which I find to be one of the most interesting aspects of Crooked Monkey.

For every 2 t-shirts sold online, we donate $1 to the fund, (some months we run special promotions to donate even more). Every year, we choose one lucky, qualified recipient to receive the scholarship for use at any college, or institution of higher learning that they desire. It’s that simple. We’ve chosen to give back to the American Community, because we feel that our generation is too quick to give abroad before looking at change we can inspire within our community.

More info on how it works and how to apply can be found very easily on their website.

Thanks goes to Crooked Monkey for giving me the opportunity to review their brand and also, I never can forget, thanks to all you HYA readers as well!

Keep up with Crooked Monkey: Facebook and Twitter


Post image for “No Skulls” from Dead Kingdom Clothing [Submitted]

D E A D K I N G D O M C L O T H I N G ‘s new release N O S K U L L S Tee is out now.

The tee is a lightweight Cotton (100%) and as with all our products, Hand-Made and Hand Printed in the United Kingdom. (Never blanks)

Dead Kingdom Clothing.

Andy: Judging by some of their other designs I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess that this design is something of a rebellion against the amount of skulls that are used in t-shirt designs.


Post image for Muhammad Ali and Marilyn Monroe hit A Better Tomorrow

I’m not an avid viewer of Spongebob Squarepants, but I’m not entirely sure what Patrick would have done to piss off Muhammad Ali so much that he had to knock him down. Similarly, I don’t know what happened to Marilyn Monroe but I think it makes for a fairly cool t-shirt at A Better Tomorrow.

Costiness=€22 Buy them at ABT


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