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Post image for Groupon posts a t-shirt for idiots who don’t wear seat belts, regrets it.

Groupon has got itself in a bit of a snafu after their social media manager in the United Arab Emirates posted the above image of a fake seatbelt t-shirt to their Facebook page instead of his personal account. Frankly, I think that raising a fuss about this is a bit silly because it was clearly an accident, and in the image it does say “please wear seat belt while driving.” But of course in this day and age there’s no such thing as an accident so everyone has to jump on board to take a shot and act as if someone posting an image (with no link to a purchase page) is actually going to make people stop wearing seatbelts.

I can’t believe there are people out there who don’t wear seatbelts. The only time I don’t wear a belt is when I’m going down the drive at a building site I’m working on at the moment, where there are 3 gates that need opening and closing over the course of about 300 metres, it’s a single track road so I can see no one is coming, and I never get over 10mph, and even though it feels really weird to not be strapped in so half the time I buckle up anyway just out of habit. Driving without a seatbelt is just madness and I have little sympathy for people that have a collision and are injured by not wearing a belt. Same goes for cyclists, it amazes me that there are people in my local area who will go for a bike ride without a helmet on. Quick question, when did I become the guy who complains about youngsters being dangerous?


nuclear explosion

Sorry about the lack of posts this week guys. I was down in London for a couple of days on a non-tee related job, and when I returned home yesterday I found out that someone had broken the phone cable leading into our valley. It looks like someone drove into a pole near my house, so that means that they have to get the pole people involved, then put up the new cabling, so it will likely be next week before we get working telephone lines (and therefore, internet) in our area, so I won’t be able to get any posts up (including the submitted ones) until then. I’m really sorry about this guys but there isn’t really much I can do, hopefully BT will get it all sorted out soon, because I wasn’t really planning on taking a holiday this week.


And the idiot strikes again

by Andy on August 2, 2006

Hello RSS readers, if you read the post about Oddica earlier, I’ve changed it because my comments were inaccurate and misrepresentative of Oddica. I’d really appreciate it if you take a look back one post (my feed reader doesn’t notify me of updates to posts so I thought that this would be the best way to make it clear to subscribers) so that I can feel a bit less guilty for hurting some people that work really hard at a good company.


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