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Chris from Ichabods dropped me a line so that I could help spread the word about a guy whose been e-mailing tee producers telling them that they can get there tee’s into films if they send a few over to him. I guess its really exciting for small labels when a celebrity wears their stuff, so people may be tempted to ship over a few tees no questions asked, but I’m afraid this guy doesn’t seem to be legit. He goes by a few names, Will Skrivseth and Bill Farley amongst them, and lists his address as being in Minneapolis.

Whilst I don’t have much experience with this side of the industry, always research any kind of offer or company when they ask you for free clothes (if you google them and can’t find anything, something Fishy may be going on). Whilst we’re on the subject, I will never contact anyone asking them for a sample for review, in fact I don’t accept samples unless I think that the company in question makes good and interesting clothing, so if you get an e-mail claiming to be from me asking for a sample, forward it on to me and I’ll deal with it.

Ichabods blog post
Plopculture smelt a scam back in 2007 too


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