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The Johnny Cupcakes Juggernaut rolls on with yet more “hey, that’s not a t-shirt” items. I wasn’t too into the ties that were released recently, but then again, I write about t-shirts, so when would I ever wear a tie? This windbreaker though, this I can get into, I love the colourway, and the subtle cupcake camo makes it interesting without being over-the-top on the bakery-love.

Costiness=$98.99 Available from Johnny Cupcakes for men, and for women


P®LKAD©TS collection by Wrongwroks

by Andy on December 6, 2008

After an usually long amount of time between releases, Wrongwroks has dropped this great wind breaker, along with a matching backpack, tote bag, hat, and camera bag. Yes, you can cover your body from head to toe errr waist in polkadots!

I really like the look of all the items, but I don’t think I could quite pull off wearing them all at once. There’s lots of cool little touches on them, like the custom WR zippers, double thickness hood on the windbreaker (to help the hood stand up when you’re wearing it and not flap around), little ® and © symbols breaking up the pattern, and plenty of adjustable straps to keep everything tight.

I’ve put loads of more detailed shots into the gallery.

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Two new jackets from Stereopanda

by Andy on September 3, 2008

Stereopanda haven’t been on HYA for far too long, so I’m glad to welcome them back by actually writing about something that actually hides your arms, which is something of a novelty at the moment, but since Summer seems to be long gone I think its time to get back in the hoodie habit.

SP have two new offerings, one is a classic varsity style jacket in a great blue/white/brown colourway, and the other is a windbreaker which has an upper-body all-over print of Stereopanda’s latest logo.

Oh, and that logo in the background of the picture isn’t photoshopped, I’m pretty sure they actually have those massive letters.



WcDonald Windbreaker from Wrongwroks

by Andy on April 21, 2008


Wrongwroks are keeping up their impressive release schedule with this all-black, seamless, waterproof windbreaker that features their WcDonald logo. It looks pretty cool, and I think that its important to have a windbreaker in your clothing arsenal for those times when you look out the window and see a few clouds and know that if you go out without a coat it’ll rain, but you can’t be bothered carrying around a big heavy coat.
WcDonald Windbreaker by Wrongwroks

Costiness=$140 Link


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