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Everything Must Go at Winky Boo

by Amy_F on October 12, 2013

Everything Must Go at Winky Boo

Winky Boo is having an Everything Must Go sale where all t-shirts and tank tops are ONLY $5.00 + Free Shipping! Sale doesn’t end until everything is gone!

Shop Winky Boo Now!



Our lady Amy has just launched a massive sale/coupon code for her brand Winky Boo, givign everyone a whopping 50% off with no minimum purchase needed!

Use the coupon code FUNINTHESUN to get 50% off your order at Winky Boo from now until June 12th.


Winky Boo: 1 Day Only Black Friday Sale

by Amy_F on November 22, 2012

Winky Boo Black Friday Sale

Get 25% off during checkout at Winky Boo 1 day only for Black Friday.  Sale starts 11/22 at 12am (EST) and will end 11/24 12am (EST).  Shop easy, shop indie, shop online!


Three new shirts in store at Winky Boo

by Andy on October 23, 2012

Post image for Three new shirts in store at Winky Boo

As you’re no doubt aware, Amy, the lady behind Winky Boo, is also a contributor here at HYA, frequently demonstrating her in-depth knowledge of the industry when writing shirt reviews. That does put us in something of a pickle when actually promoting her stuff, and that of any of the other posters, since it’s always going to be quite biased since I like these people, but disclosure is important so I wanted to get that out of the way at the top.

You can see the two new designs above, one in mens and womens cuts, and also a women’s cropped tee that has a design on it that fans may well recognise as being by popular tee designer Gaunty. The ‘Know Your Worth’ tees come in at $22 a piece whilst the crop top is a couple of bucks more at $24.


PASTE Skeleton Tee

I had been waiting for a while to receive my t-shirt for review from Paste.  They got me all excited months ago but turns out they were waiting for their new line to launch – so I guess I can forgive them for that.  I had no idea that it actually arrived when it did because the mailer was a basic one with no indication of where it was from.  The return address didn’t even say Paste, it said Jason Laurits which I at that point in time, I had no idea who that was.

Turns out, he’s the artist!  Ha, don’t I feel stupid now.  Anyway, inside that basic mailer was something unique.  The t-shirt was rolled up in a brown paper bag with a Paste sticker to hold it closed.  My immediate thought was, “ooooo, the t-shirt was exposed in the mailer and what if the mailer had a hole and got wet?”.  Then I thought, “this is a cute idea!”.  It gave me this simple and earthy feeling (please don’t ask me how you can feel earthy, I’m not quite sure.).

Earthy? right?

I was able to slide the shirt out of this very easily, without having to tear it open or wreck the sticker which was nice.  When I unfolded the shirt, that’s when the real shocker took place.  It had a skeleton with a cute kitten inside poking it’s head out.  Unfortunately, Paste happens to have bad timing on the review front.  Let’s just say that I had to attend a funeral not too long before I received this package and even THAT aside, the same day that person passed, the family I work for’s pet cat died as well.  So you can see that AT FIRST I thought this was some sort of mean joke.  Then my rational side came back and I realized it was a coincidence and that I need to wait a bit before I review this because I need to change my perception of the t-shirt.

With some time having passed now, I am not AS bothered by the shirt’s design as I initially was.  This original work is titled “Skeleton” and is designed by Jason Laurits for Paste.  Jason is an artist/designer that has an incredible portfolio of what I’d describe has amazing Photoshop skills.  His pieces look like part drawings, part photographs, part Photoshopping other images into photos where perhaps they don’t belong.  His art is silly, a little shocking at times but more or less just fun.  I wouldn’t necessarily describe this particular design as “fun” in my book; it can be distinguished as a bit dark but in another viewpoint; loving.  With a little help from my mother, she looked at this design as the kitten is always in your heart.  Still, for some reason when I look at it I see a dead person (the skeleton) with a kitten inside that could represent you eating the kitten?  Perhaps the kitten was swallowed alive?  No?  Or maybe the kitten is dead too?  Is the kitten playing inside of a dead body?  I really have no idea and when I took to Paste’s website to see if they had any explanation or description, there was none.  If you’re an avid reader of my reviews you know I do enjoy a description of a design.  I feel it helps capture your customers attention, emotions and wallet (you with me on this?).

Descriptions aside, some small details I noticed on the t-shirt were that they included the brand’s name and what appears to be Jason’s signature underneath the design on the front of the shirt.  It was a small, delicate detail that I really liked.

 Though I’m not a super fan of this particular design, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like Paste’s other designs or them as a company in general.  They produce their shirts all within the USA.  Their tees are hand silk-screened in Brooklyn, NY and they get their tees made in California.  Once again all the graphics are original works by Jason Laurits; and let me tell you he’s got some really good ones in there if you take a look through their website.  I especially enjoy the Hamster one, myself!  The t-shirt is a men’s slim cut in a Small (I believe all their shirts are men’s cuts) and it is by far the world’s most comfortable/softest t-shirt ever!  Whatever they’re doing with these tees in Cali and Brooklyn, keep it up!  The print itself doesn’t make for any discomfort as if you run your hand over the top of the tee, you only feel a slightly different texture where the design is, but it isn’t lumpy or hard or cheap like some t-shirts I’ve felt before.  The tee is loose, being that it’s men’s cut but I’m assuming that if on a man it would fit “slim” (ha).  They’ve got their own private label printed on the interior neck area which I’ve photographed for your viewing pleasure!

They also gave me a sticker, a large postcard size business card for Jason Laurits and a hand-written note!

They gave me just enough little goodies and not too much to clutter my desk.  I got only the important stuff, which is how I like it!  I’m still currently wearing the shirt while writing this because it’s THAT comfortable.  I can get past the design for comfort on this one.  All in all though Paste produces some amazing apparel made in the USA keeping comfort in mind.  I’m sure at least every one can find one design on their website that will tickle their fancy and make them laugh at little.  Though, at $38.00 a pop per shirt, that’s a little out of my price range when it comes to buying t-shirts.  I guess that can be justified with the hand silk-screening process but otherwise I can’t understand a t-shirt being that pricey, no matter who the artist is.  Time’s are tough these days and tack on shipping to that and you’ve just spent about $45.00 for 1 t-shirt.  Not really my style when I go shopping but if you can afford it and it’s your taste, I say go for it, because the product doesn’t disappoint at all!  Two thumbs up to you, Paste!!

Just want to give a huge thank-you to Andrea from Paste for sending this over and to Jason for his ever so unique designs!!  You can keep up with Paste on Twitter and Facebook and don’t forget to check out all their shirts on their website.  And by all means, take some time to head on over to Jason’s website and see all his beautiful work!



Boston Tee Party Recap Winky Boo Style

by Amy_F on August 19, 2012

Boston Tee Party 2012

Last weekend was a huge weekend for the indie clothing community.  Months of planning lead to the First Annual Boston Tee Party & Artist/Design Expo.  Hosted by Kelly Murphy (owner of Saucewear & The Tee Gazette) and co-hosted by (yours truly) Amy Fiedler (owner of Winky Boo & blogger/contributor for Hide Your Arms), the Tee party took place in where else? Boston, MA!

Brands from all over gathered in Boston to take part in the Boston Tee Party.  From New Jersey, to California, Florida and UK, we all traveled to take part in this extraordinary event that didn’t disappoint.  Starting the day off with 3 guest speakers which then lead us into the shopping and networking part while the live music played.

For the rest of my recap of the First Annual Boston Tee Party and to check out photos from the event head on over to the Winky Boo Blog for a closer look at this outstanding Indie Event!!

Take me to the Winky Boo Blog


winkyboo once upon a time

Calling all Pre-Orders!!  Winky Boo just threw up 3 brand new designs on pre-order over at their website.  This one is titled, “Once Upon A Time” and will be printed on a women’s cropped heather grey tee.  It’s on Pre-Order until June 29th for only $12.00 with Free Shipping!  The design is done by Gaunty , an incredible international artist who’s done work for some major indie clothing companies.  Looks like a really cute summer tee or year-round tee for that matter that could go with practically any outfit!  This design is timeless and you’ve definitely got to go read the product description, Winky Boo never disappoints in that department either!

Cost = $12.00    Buy It At Winky Boo 

*Full Dsiclosure: Amy runs WinkyBoo and is a writer at HYA.*


winkyboo bang for your buck

Between this heatwave going on in the states and everyone looking for a good deal these days, I decided that it was the perfect time to give our customers some huge savings.  Since summer began I’ve been rotating Summer Clearance items in store online weekly!  To keep up with which items are on sale during which week, LIKE the Winky Boo Facebook Page.  I’ve extended last week’s sale items because of Father’s Day, so we currently have 4 Clearance Items with savings as much as 50% off!  Pictured above is Stalker which is currently on sale for $12.00  (Saving You $10 from it’s Original Price).  Stalker is a unisex fit for Men & Women printed on 100% combed ringspun cotton – super-soft- lightweight tee.

Buy it at Winky Boo


Mission: Vote For Winky Boo

by Amy_F on May 22, 2012

Winky Boo is part of Chase and LivingSocial’s “Mission: Small Business” for a chance to be rewarded with a $250k grant, but we need your help!  In order for us to move forward, we need to get 250 votes (so you see, that’s where you come in but I’ll get to that in a second).  First, let me explain to you a little about Chase and LivingSocial’s Mission.

They are rewarding 12 small businesses with a $250k grant towards our business to help us thrive and grow.  There is a panel of judges that will be reviewing our information and our business plans and our plan on what the money will go towards.  As I was sharing the voting information yesterday I was informed that voters aren’t able to view our business plans and only the judging panel can, so I want to just share with you Winky Boo’s plans for the $250k if we are lucky enough to win!

It’ll be slightly easier for me to speak in first person since I am Winky Boo and I am writing this blog (ha).  I, Amy Fiedler, own and operate all aspects of Winky Boo.  I am a one-woman company single-handedly running business out of my bedroom slash office above my parent’s garage.  Aside from the psychological effects having your office in your bedroom does to you, being able to have this business grant would mean being able to open up an office space for Winky Boo and hire full-time employees.  Currently my mother, who works full-time works as my assistant (for free) in-between working her very crucial job as a Nurse Anesthetist in an Operating Room at a hospital.  I also (like most of a lot of the independent clothing company owers) work a full-time job as well every evening, so as some of you in similar positions can relate to, it becomes overwhelming and sometimes even can effect certain aspects of business when you’re a one-man/woman army doing everything.

Office space and employees are not the only reason at all why we’d be able to thrive and grow with this grant.  We have much anticipated interest from retailers worldwide who just want “more” from us and currently we are unable to produce “more”.  We can’t fulfill wholesale desires without funds to produce what would typically equal 1 years worth of printing for us in a month span.  We also can’t successfully show to our interested larger chain wholesalers without the financial capabilities to do this and thus another reason why this grant would mean everything to Winky Boo.

So, what can you do to help? It’s simple.

Step 1: Head on over to Chase and LivingSocial’s Mission Small Business website.

Step 2: Click the login through Facebook on the main page in the bottom right side. (see below)

This will sign you in through your Facebook (you can only vote if you have a Facebook, and if you have more than 1 Facebook – EVEN BETTER)

Step 3: In the search boxes you want to search “Winky Boo” and for the State, plug in “New Jersey” (you do not need to put a town/city)

Step 4: Winky Boo will appear on the page and next to it you’ll see a blue button “VOTE” – click it!

Step 5: Now go to Winky Boo’s Facebook Page and comment with your name so we can place whoever votes for us in the running to win 1 or more free items from There will be more than 1 winner!

 This literally takes less than 1 minute to do and will be so appreciated because every vote helps!  We have 39 days left to get to 250 votes and we only have 20 votes – so please take a second to help my dream come true!!


Our brand new PRINCESS TEES part of the NEW Crown Jewel Collection at Winky Boo have arrived and are officially up online for sale for only $19.00.

The shirts are made from 100% viscose printed on American Apparel Oversized Tees. The design, very simple contains a small white embroidered Winky Boo Crown over the right breast. These tees are black but very thin and sheer and are great for summer and that relaxed off the shoulder look.

[Andy: This post came in a while back and I thought that I posted it but have just now noticed that I didn’t, whoops!]

This post was submitted by Amy .


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