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Three new shirts in store at Winky Boo

by Andy on October 23, 2012

Post image for Three new shirts in store at Winky Boo

As you’re no doubt aware, Amy, the lady behind Winky Boo, is also a contributor here at HYA, frequently demonstrating her in-depth knowledge of the industry when writing shirt reviews. That does put us in something of a pickle when actually promoting her stuff, and that of any of the other posters, since it’s always going to be quite biased since I like these people, but disclosure is important so I wanted to get that out of the way at the top.

You can see the two new designs above, one in mens and womens cuts, and also a women’s cropped tee that has a design on it that fans may well recognise as being by popular tee designer Gaunty. The ‘Know Your Worth’ tees come in at $22 a piece whilst the crop top is a couple of bucks more at $24.


Post image for Winky Boo heads to Kickstarter to raise funds for the classy casual collection

As you more than likely know, Amy from Winky Boo is a writer here at HYA, and a damn good one at that, so it is impossible for this post to lack bias. Amy didn’t want to write the post herself since she felt that wouldn’t be right, and I can understand why she’d feel that way. That said, I’m pretty biased too!

Amy is aiming to raise $4,000 to fund the release of the CASUAL collection which would be ready in time for a Winter release. You’ll notice from the images above that this is a slightly more restrained and simplified design style from Winky Boo than we’re used to seeing. I like it, when a brand is comfortable enough to go small with their logo you know they’re confident in their product. Of course, I love big prints too, but something like this with a smaller logo does add a touch of class to an outfit.

You all know about my gripes when it comes to Kickstarter and t-shirt brands; far too often people do not offer the people that pledge good value for money. I get the feeling that this is something Amy is very conscious of because at every level she’s offering good value, which is what people should be doing when you’re asking people to trust you with their money. Currently the pledge total stands at $0, which I do not like to see, especially when this Kickstarter project is a lot more professionally prepared than most I see from tee companies, so head on over and make a pledge. Even if you aren’t that into what’s in this new collection some of the lower pledge levels allow you to pick up current designs at a discount.


know your worth t-shirt by winkyboo

Winky Boo‘s getting inspirational and deep with this new Know Your Own Worth t-shirt for Men & Women. This will be the second time around with a typography type design for Winky Boo – our first being the A Life In Progress series which was very popular. Know Your Own Worth will come in a women’s style & a separate men’s style (no unisex), both in similar dark grey heather colors with that strong, bold font. Promoting positive self-esteem and self-worth is the goal with this t-shirt – all in all relating to the Winky Boo brand mantra of remembering how fun and inspirational life was when we were in our youth. How we were happy and positive, fun-loving kids that were just amazed and impressed by everyone and everything. We were so innocent and so care-free and weren’t yet crushed by the negatives in this world. Inspire yourself to remember that with our Know Your Own Worth t-shirt!!

Andy: Funny to see Amy submit a post instead of just writing a post herself, but I think she was worried about HYA becoming the WinkyBoo blog this week with all the news and releases that they’ve got going on. This particular design is on pre-sale until Friday night.


Daily t-shirt releases for April 26th

by Andy on April 26, 2012

planet of the snapes t-shirt

Harry Potter pun tee at TeeFury today.

Skyrim shirt at Shirt.Woot.

Iron Man meets Neon Genesis Evangelion at RIPT. I’m not too familiar with NGE, does this mashup make any sense?
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T-shirt News for March 22nd

by Andy on March 22, 2012

calvin & hobbes t-shirt

Calvin & Hobbs meets The Blues Brothers at TeeFury today.

I picked the wrong time to check on Shirt.Woot.

Transformers walks hand in hand with Game of Thrones through a daisy filled meadow at RIPT.
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Daily Tees & News for November 6th

by Andy on November 6, 2011

doctor who t-shirt

I don’t think I’ve ever seen more Doctor Who references on one shirt, you win, TeeFury!

Qwertee have a Lord Of The Rings t-shirt for us today.

Shirt.Woot have a Pacman design that has better graphics than the original Pacman.

RIPT ensure that the Doctor Who:Star Wars balance is maintained.

24tee also share my love of cheap noodles. That said, when you get real ramen it is pretty amazing.

Ahhh, Loviu, the old switcheroo!

Really, really nice Boardwalk Empire x Monopoly mashup today at Shirt Punch.

Some brand I’ve never heard of called Venus Falls released their Fall collection recently and it looks pretty nice.

Rob Dobi has redesigned a few of his old Fullbleed shirts, including the one above.

410BC released a large collection of new tees last week, though the Mintees crowd have noticed that a lot of the designs are simply public domain images on shirts, which just doesn’t feel like the 410BC way to me.

Everything has got 20% off at Outcry Apparel for a limited time. How limited? I have no idea.

One ad space has become available on HYA at the price of $19 per month. All other spaces are currently sold out but there will be some other opportunities opening up this month so get on the waiting list if you are interested.

WinkyBoo have got a massive 50% off coupon code live at the moment. Use code WINKYMUSIC to receive the discount.

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Our brand new PRINCESS TEES part of the NEW Crown Jewel Collection at Winky Boo have arrived and are officially up online for sale for only $19.00.

The shirts are made from 100% viscose printed on American Apparel Oversized Tees. The design, very simple contains a small white embroidered Winky Boo Crown over the right breast. These tees are black but very thin and sheer and are great for summer and that relaxed off the shoulder look.

[Andy: This post came in a while back and I thought that I posted it but have just now noticed that I didn’t, whoops!]

This post was submitted by Amy .


Welcome back to the blog roundup by Hide Your Arms where we like to bring you links to other high quality t-shirt blog posts that you might have missed. This time though I want to highlight one subject in particular: blog posts to help t-shirt designers and indie t-shirt lines with advice and resources. With more and more people designing their own t-shirts and launching their own lines such a topic has never seemed more relevant. So here they are, five great blog posts that should serve you as excellent resources in the past couple of weeks.

Lowdtown Secrets to Social Media

How to Gain a Twitter and Facebook Following by Lowdtown

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, and a very dark, deep cave at that, you’re undoubtedly aware of the potential for exposure and promotion that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook offer to their users. However, as with all things in life there’s a wrong way and a right way to do something and this post from LDTN provides some excellent advice on the right way to do things.

Winkyboo What Would You Do

What Would You Do Differently in Starting Your Clothing Company by Winkyboo

As the old expression goes, “hindsight is twenty-twenty.” I think we’ve all been in a position in which, after the fact, we’ve wished we could go back and give our past selves some advice about how to proceed. Obviously of course we can’t, but thanks to this post by Winkyboo about “What would you do differently in starting your clothing company” at least the newer generations of t-shirt company founders can benefit from the wisdom of experience.

Vectortuts Print Promotions

13 Illustrator Tutorials for Creating Successful Print Self Promotions by Vectortuts

In this awesome tutorial post from Vector Tuts, readers are given 13 Illustrator based tutorials on how to create various print forms of self promotion. We’re definitely living in the electronic age and sure enough there is typically a strong focus on electronic based promotion, but rest assured the print versions aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and this post is awesome in helping readers tap into its potential.

Vandelay How To Facebook Pages

21 Resources for Effective Facebook Fan Pages by Vandelay Design

Now back to social media. The LDTN post was great for offering tips for promoting yourself on Facebook and Twitter, but this Vandelay Design post takes things one step further by focusing on Facebook, specifically on 21 resoucres for creating effective Facebook Fan Pages. There are a ton of different sites out there that users create these pages, get the lowdown on them from this post!

You The Designer Vector Roundup

30 Free Vector Graphics for Your Daily Needs via You The Designer

Now that we’ve covered the promotions and advice side of things it’s time to focus on actual tools to help you create awesome designs and graphics. This post from You The Designer does just that by hooking readers up with 30 amazing sets of FREE vector graphics! There’s some really great stuff here in a wide range of categories. Don’t miss this.

So there you have, five awesome blog posts to help designers and indie t-shirt lines. Make sure you leave feedback if you’ve found these posts informative and helpful. If you know of other great resources and helpful information please let us know that as well!

This article was guest written by Blake, a t shirt designer at You Design It.

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Black Friday is approaching here & Winky Boo would like to submit our sale to your site!! All shirts will be on sale for $18.00 with Free Shipping on all items!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

[Andy: Thanks for the submission!]

This post was submitted by Amy Fiedler.


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