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T-shirt News for January 30th

by Andy on January 30, 2012

muppets alien t-shirt

The Muppets are everywhere right now, including TeeFury!

Shirt.Woot believe that ‘love conquers all.’

Finally, RIPT has seen fit to bring together Star Wars and Top Gun.

Sherlock Holmes makes an appearance at Qwertee.

Shirt Punch feature a t-shirt with two people on it who cannot tell lies.

Nowhere Bad choose to quote Star Wars.

Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters gets a run out at The Yetee.

OtherTees indulge their Doctor Who habit. like seahorses.

TeeMinus24 add to the Star Wars tees coming at us today.

24tee mix Doctor Who and Snoopy.

TeeRaiders drop a Hunger Games related design.

DBH are all about wolves today.

I know that this is a Life Aquatic t-shirt at Graphic Lab, but I think I fell asleep during the movie so I don’t really understand this shirt.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling that hungry caterpillar design again.

Coty has a great post about Ai WeiWei t-shirts.

Apparently], this is Jake Nickell’s favourite ever Threadless design.

I added this pencil sharpener that look like a camera to the Rigu store.

BustedTees have released a couple of tees in time for the Super Bowl.

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Daily News & Tees for January 6th

by Andy on January 6, 2012

space invaders t-shirt

Very cool Space Invaders shirt from TeeFury today.

‘The birthplace of inspiration’ is up at Shirt.Woot today.

8-bit Back To The Future? Yes please, RIPT.

Fairly obscure Terminator design at Shirt Punch today.

Nowhere Bad reminds of another badass facet of Lincoln’s character.

TeeMinus24 bring out a pop art inspired Admiral Ackbar shirt.

24tee have a shirt for hipsters.

Shirt with a wolf on it at DBH.

I’m sure that TeeBlitz have sold this design before, and it’s a little odd that the time remaining for the design is “-359 days”, but hopefully that doesn’t mean there’s trouble at TeeBlitz.

Loviu wheel out this older design.

Oldie-but-goodie at Tilteed today.

Get 30% off at Seventh.Ink this weekend with the coupon code NEWYEAR2012. [via TeeGazette]

Labyrinth Clothing have a page on The Fancy, and if you ‘fancy’ (the equivalent of ‘like’ on Facebook) any item in their store you’ll unlock a 20% off coupon code.

OMUNKY have added prints to their lineup of goods.

Jeff has shared a few teasers of the his design process on Ugmonk‘s next design.

The UTee just launched a new design. Feel free to go and check it out, but don’t forget which is your favourite tee blog!

Mashbale has a post on how to maximize sales with your ecommerce design.

Here’s Miley Cyrus wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt, I’m sure that will annoy no one.

Tonka Park are selling two of their popular Big Cartel themes at $25 off, making them $50 each for a limited time. Use coupon code THELBL2012 to get $25 off The Label, and DECMBR2012 for $25 off the December theme.

May I suggest that you advertise on HYA? Options available to suit all budgets.

And that’s the news for today!


Howl Hoody by Disturbia Clothing

by Andy on March 8, 2010

wolf hoodie by disturbia clothing

Here’s your horror item of the week, yes, it comes from an advertiser, but it’s pretty damn nice as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Costiness=£30 Buy it at Disturbia Clothing

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SinS Wolf Tee by Chateau Roux

by Andy on November 16, 2009



It’s nice to see someone making a tee with a wolf on it in 2009 that doesn’t reference a ridiculous internet meme of wearing an ugly shirt and claiming that it’s cool just because other people on the internet said it was. I realise that me telling you tees are cool on a daily basis is very similar to that, except usually, the tees I write about actually are cool.

Costiness=£35 Available from Chateau Roux (also available as a sweater)



I really like the red/blue on the print, but I’m not too sure that grey was the best choice for the blank.

Costiness=$13.99 (for a few more hours, then it goes up to $16.99) Buy it at Randr


ps_001 ps_011

Niiiiice, right?

Random Objects


Rawr! and Grrr! by Foe Paws [Review]

by Andy on December 2, 2008

Last time that Foe Paws were featured on Hide Your Arms was with their nerd-tastic geek crest design (excluding when I announced these two designs), so I guess that its fair to say that they’ve taken a slight turn in terms of the direction of their look. I look at these two designs and I can think of only one word: badass. Right?

When I first saw these tees, I didn’t really like the style that much. They reminded me of those crappy, cheap, photo-style shirts that middle-aged people who like cats too much wear, you know what I mean? After I gave them a proper look though, I started to appreciate the amount of work that must have gone into these two designs, and I bet that they’d work really well paired up with a blazer or something fairly muted. The colourways are paired up nicely too.

I know what you’re thinking, there is no way in hell that you can print this design well. Prepare to be surprised, because it’s actually pretty impressive, I assume it uses DTG (direct to garment) printing, but I would be very happy to be proved wrong by someone more in the know than I am*. The blending of the colours, especially on the wolf shirt, really is quite something to behold (yes, behold!). The t-shirt itself is American Apparel stock, so you know what you’re getting there, and the printed tag on the inside is a nice touch as well.

Costiness=$18 Buy them both at Foe Paws

* I have been proved wrong, Brian from Foe Paws informs us in the comments that it is in fact a good ‘ole screenprint.
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Hot damn that looks like some good printing, it practically looks like a painting on a tee.

Foe Paws

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