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“Iain Macarthur x 55DSL” great t-shirt found in a TKMAXX

by Mr Four Fingers on February 21, 2012

Iain Macarthur t-shirt design for 55DSL

Iain Macarthur T-shirt design - V51 England

This t-shirt may be couple of years old but it’s still great and there are a few of them still out there.

This design is by the talented Iain Macarthur. This has guy has amazing inking skills and the imagination to go with it. Rarely do I feel his jealous about someone else work. Damn  you Iain! I recently found this t-shirt amongst many at a TK MAXX clothing store in London and picked it up immediately. I appreciate the fact that 55DSL have given the main stage to the artist and have not tried to crow bar in unnecessary branding.

The t-shirt fits well, the detail is amazing and the balance of the illustration sits perfectly across the chest. The fabric is not heavyweight,  slightly on the thin side, so expect it to loosen sightly up after a few washes.

If you live in Britain, then check out a TKMAXX store and treasure the t-shirt if you find it as it was a limited edition print. I think it cost £15/£17.

Andy’s Note: How cool is it having a new blogger on HYA showing us stuff that they’ve actually gone out and bought? We know this guy has taste, and he’s even willing to wade through TKMAXX to find great tees!


Bzzzzzzzzzz, it’s an annoying t-shirt

by Andy on July 6, 2010

vuvuzela world cup t-shirt

I really, really hope that the only legacy to come out of this World Cup is goal-line technology, and not people using vuvuzelas around Britains sporting stadia. Still some people (deaf people?) seem to like the monotone drone of these plastic ‘instruments’, so it will come as no surprise that someone has created a t-shirt about them.

Costiness=£9.99 Buy it at heyindy

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jermain defoe sturban clothing streetwear

Quite a cool little promotion this, Sturban Clothing have got a big sale going on, every item in the store has a decent percentage off, but only until England play Germany on Sunday, so have a nose around and see if anything takes your fancy at Sturban, but be quick getting your order in, and remember that they have free shipping worldwide, so what you see is what you pay.

[cool image of goal-hero Jermain Defoe stolen from The Sun]


portugal world cup inspired t-shirt by faq clothing

A lot of clothing companies have been getting excited about the World Cup (heck, even I’ve been using my HYA tee sale to negate the depression brought on by watching England), and FAQ Clothing are no different, creating a bunch of tees that base themselves around the colour palettes of several teams in the competition. What I like about this range is that if you wore one of the tees for the next couple of weeks to a match or at the pub, people would get it, but it isn’t necessarily a ‘football tee’, it is only that in context, so you could wear it anywhere anytime without it showing that you’re a big Portugal fan, and that sublety really works in these tees favour. There’s also a couple of black and white tees that you’ll see in the gallery, they aren’t to do with the World Cup, they’re just cool.

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sutsu world cup t-shirt competition

This week marks the end of group games in the World Cup, and a huge game that I’m sure everyone has been anticipating since day 1; North Korea taking on Didier Drogba and his Ivory Coast team. Sutsu, who I covered last week, have kindly offered one of their logo tees, and a sticker pack, to someone that can correctly predict the final score in the North Korea vs Ivory Coast World Cup group match. Just leave a comment on this post saying what you think the score will be, making sure to use a working e-mail address otherwise I won’t be able to contact you in the event that you are a winner. When leaving your comment please use the format “North Korea 1 – Ivory Coast 0″ so that I know which team you are assigning each number.

If more than one person leaves the same answer, and that turns out to be the winner, I will use to pick a winner, as I think that is the most fair way to do it.

Thanks a lot to Sutsu for offering the prize competition, please check them out because they definitely deserve a look.

*Yes, that is an astoundingly colourful graphic, but it is the rainbow nation, remember!


USA Soccer 1950 T-shirt by Two Eight Nine

Why must I keep punishing myself in this way? Because, let’s be honest, the USA’s football team has a pretty sweet design for their jersey, they had it on Sautrday night, and they had it in 1950 too.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Two Eight Nine’s Spreadshirt Store

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dutch federation world cup t-shirt

… but it isn’t for sale. [via The Cool Hunter]


USA vs England 1950 Photo T-shirt by Bumpy Pitch

Lightning doesn’t strike twice.

Costiness=$36 Buy it at Bumpy Pitch (currently sold out)


england t-shirt

One of the really interested things about the upcoming World Cup (it’s tomorrow! it’s tomorrow!) is the adverts on TV. Naturally, this is a huge event and companies want to capitalise on that, but not all of them want to pay for the privilege of saying “…the World Cup” so for the past few weeks I’ve been hearing the term “watching the football” a lot on TV, and it seems that it’s the same case online too. This tee (and several others in the series reoresenting other countries) clearly isn’t a legit product, but it’s just got some names on it, and in a recognisable colourway… so I think it’s safe. Last night in the bath I was thinking (as we all know, the best place to think), I should make a list of cool football (not soccer, definitely not soccer) tees, but then I didn’t know where you could get any, because footie tees tends to be a bit blokey and laddish, which doesn’t really fit in around these parts now, does it?

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Didi


Ich bin ein Springfielder

by Andy on June 22, 2006

If you hadn’t already guessed, todays hood comes from Germany, and yes, a World Cup related title would have been far more [Hot] Topical.

Eisberg Studios may well pack their store out with lots of brightly coloured and boldly printed designs, but their hoodie is what intrigues me, even though it is a shamelessly self-promoting logo based item. And I know that there’s a lot of people out there that really turn there noses up at logo clothes.

The centre of chest logo isn’t very exciting (nice font though), its the pocket action that I’m digging. All that junk that you can see in the pic is coming out of the left hand pocket, how freakin’ sweet is that?

Innovative positioning and choice of items (ruler, glue etc.) for the design Eisberg, HYA applauds you.

Costiness=€55 (only 1 medium size left by the looks of things), URL (about half way down)


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