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xbox and kinect giveaway

As far as giveaways go this one is fairly impressive. Boulevard (or BLVD, I’m not sure which they prefer) are going to give an Xbox and a Kinect to someone that makes a purchase in their store between now and April 30th. Each order counts as one entry up to a maximum of 3 entries. It’s posts like this that remind me I really need to work on my swing on Kinect golf, and that if I really want to get fit I shouldn’t be going to the pool 3 nights a week I should be doing an hour of Dance Central (the sweat, oh my word the sweat!).


Halo 3 Master Chief Hoodie by Ecko

by Andy on September 28, 2009


It’s fair to say that Ecko made an error or two by releasing some hideous Halo tees a few months ago, so when I heard that there was a Master Chief hoodie my hopeswere not particularly high, but actually, I like it. Yes, you aren’t actually going to look like Master Chief when you wear it, but that would be a pretty big ask, and you should probably feel relieved that this hoodie can be worn on the street as well as at Comic Con.

Costiness=$88 Available from Ecko


XLarge x Halo Wars Pack

by Andy on March 1, 2009


I think we can safely file this post under ‘things you won’t buy’ unless you happen to be in Hong Kong, and probably near the front of a long line of streetwear obsessives. Actually, this collaboration between XLarge and the Halo team was released at HK Double Park locations on February 26th, so your best bet is probably eBay by this point.

So, you won’t be buying this collabo pack (tee, hat, USB stick), but are any HYA-ers going to be picking up Halo Wars on Tuesday? Is this going to be the game that makes me regret not dumping half the contents of my suitcase out and replacing it with my Xbox?

[via Hypebeast]

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