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I guess that Hirsute History are pushing it a bit with their definition of ‘history’ here since Riker was ‘just’ a character on a TV show that ran for 7 years, but I can see why they’ve added his famed beard to their selection of hairy historical behemoths.

Costiness= From $15.99 Buy it at Hirsute History


I’d never really considered that astronomer, physicist, and all-round ‘cool scientist’ Neil deGrasse Tyson had a recognisable look, but seeing this shirt has made me change my mind on that one.

Costiness= From $16.99 Buy it at Hirsute History


I’m a little bit embarrassed to say that I chortled at this design from Amorphia Apparel, it’s silly and that’s the way I like it.

Costiness= From $17.99 Buy it at Amorphia Apparel


Post image for “Caña Tsunami” t-shirt for beer and Hokkusai fans at Dr. UEEE

For a bit of context, a ‘caña’ is a small beer in Spain which usually costs about €1 and may be accompanied by tapas at the bar. I like that Dr. UEEE felt the need to explain to the English guy what a small beer is since we don’t usually put those two words together, though Germans usually have us beat when it comes to the volume of beer in a single glass, though I’d like to think we have them beat (as if anyone ever wins during a marathon drinking session).

Being a Hokkusai fan, and when I say fan I mean I only like ‘the Great Wave’ but I do like it enough to have it on my sneakers, I think that this design is pretty neat.

Costiness=€19.95 Buy it at Dr. UEEE


rainbow dash my little pony hoodie

I’m not into My Little Pony, but I do understand that a lot of people out there are obsessed with it, so when I saw these ridiculous hoodies over at 80sTees I just had to mention them. Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie are all represented in this collection which I’m sure will get a lot of ironic wear over the next few months, and cost $50 a piece.


don't blame hip hop t-shirt

I think it would be a lot easier to not blame hip hop if most rappers were more positive role models for the people that listen to the music.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at

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blonde collective t-shirt

I like the look and style of the latest shirt from Blonde Collective, and I know that it is referencing something to do with music, but I have no idea exactly what that something is, help me out here guys?

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Blonde Collective


retro boy game boy t-shirt

If you think about it, the original Game Boy really was fantastic. It was released in the 80s (only just), and yet you were able to go outside and play games that were on cartridges the size of a cracker. That seems really easy now, but at the time it was revolutionary, and you were the coolest kid in school if you had a Game Boy. Since the GB has got me harking back to the glory days of green & black gaming it’s hardly surprising the Pixel Propaganda thought it would be a good idea to make a tee based on the pioneering hand-held gaming device.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Pixel Propaganda Apparel


bird on a record player  t-shirt

Good thing that Chuck U sent me an e-mail otherwise I never would have got to see this lovely shirt, or any of the other weird and wonderful designs in his store.

Costiness=$20 Buy it from Chuck U


monster under the bed t-shirt

As part of my attempts to make HYA less about me, me, me and more about every aspect of the t-shirt world, I’ve brought in another blogger to share another angle of the design world, but instead of pointing out cool t-shirts by other people, Sleepy Dan will be giving us a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a clothing line. It’s something that I really like to see on brand’s blogs, so it was perfectly natural to bring that kind of experience onto HYA, to give tee-fans and other brands an insight into how a t-shirt goes from the idea stage to being worn by a customer. It will be a long-running series (we have no plans to put a cap on it’s length), and I’m really looking forward to it. If there are any other brands that would like to share their knowledge and experiences please get in touch.

Sleepy Dan’s most recent release is also going to be a series. The ‘Monster Under The Bed’ series will be released every Halloween, limited to 60 pieces (individually numbered), and as you would expect, have something of a horror theme. The shirt is $28 and available now from Sleepy Dan.


Daily Tee Roundup Sept. 23rd

by Andy on September 23, 2011

jason's arsenal t-shirt

I like the idea behind “Jason’s Arsenal” at TeeFury today, when I first saw the design (without knowing the name) I didn’t immediately connect that it was a Friday the 13th reference, but that’s because I think the only time I watched films from that series it was before the addition of the red lines on the mask.

Apparently Supernatural is back on American t-shirt screens this evening, so it’s no surprise that RIPT put up this design today… it’s almost like they planned it!

Gorgeous tee from Loviu today, I love that style, even if I’m not too sure it’s the time of year for a yellow t-shirt, at least where I live.

Apparently “That’s what people drink” is a very funny phrase on this shirt that is referencing the recent BBC Sherlock series. I only watched the first episode of that series so I don’t get it, but it’s nice to see a Sherlock tee for a change, thanks Qwertee.

Not cute, not cute at all Shirt.Woot

Getting better TeeMinus24, getting better.

OtherTees is a ‘time limited’ t-shirt site that I hadn’t head of until yesterday. I think they’re Polish, sell their shirts for 9.50€ for a 5 day period. Also, Firefly!


robocop mr. t t-shirt by glennz

Not often that I post a yellow t-shirt, not that I have anything against them, they just don’t seem to be the canvas of choice for a lot of designers. Having said that, I should probably describe this Glennz design as ‘gold’ rather than ‘yellow’, especially considering the pop culture icon featured on it.

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it at Glennz


laminimal t-shirt

To be honest I don’t really get the meaning behind this shirt, perhaps it’s a play on ‘thinking outside the box’, but I don’t mind, I like the look of the shirt and like the pale yellow being the backdrop to that big black square.

Costiness=€22 Buy it at laminimal


senor citizen astrix prints t-shirts

Part of me is a little disappointed in myself for chuckling at such a lame pun, but thankfully a much more important part is telling me to enjoy this fun t-shirt, especially since it’s in such a lovely style.

Costiness=$18 Buy it at Astrix Prints


charlie brown t-shirt

When I was younger and I was watching Charlie Brown on TV I remember thinking that it wasn’t a show for kids, the humour was a bit too smart, and it was always a bit depressing, which isn’t what a kid is looking for in their cartoons.

$10 today at Shirt.Woot


Two new shirts from Prestigious

by Andy on August 18, 2011

this is prestigious t-shirts

Couple of new shirts from Prestigious for you to enjoy here. They’ve used the ‘handmade by human beings’ slogan before but not in this style. That shirt in particular is limited to just 50 pieces total and is hand-numbered to reflect that. I prefer the grey shirt of the two though, it’s a really nicely done design.

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the dude abides big lebowski t-shirt

I’m fairly sure that I’ve posted this t-shirt before, but I think it’s worth looking at again, especially with HYAs growth over recent months.

Costiness=$23.91 Buy it at MySoti

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let's get ready to rumple t-shirt

If you’re British, those words only conjure one thing in your mind now. PJ and Duncan, dammit.

Costiness=€14 Buy it at More More More


hangover 2 dog t-shirt

As I was watching The Hangover 2 I saw Alan (played by the hilarious Zach Galifianakis) wearing that t-shirt above and knew that I was going to have to post about it at some point, and that point is now!

Did any of you guys see the movie. I thought it was pretty amazing how closely they stuck to the original formula, except they of course had to amplify it to try and keep people interested. I don’t think it had the same charm as the original but people were probably overly harsh in their criticism of it. Imagine if the first Hangover didn’t exist and Hangover 2 was a completely stand alone film, we’d probably think it was brilliant. With The Hangover 2 already being one of the biggest comedy films of all time (I was surprised to read that too) it’s hardly a surprise that Crazy Dog T-Shirts has made a copy of Alan’s t-shirt that he wears throughout a lot of the film.

This reproduction doesn’t seem to be quite perfect, but I think it’s close enough for most people to not notice. Now all you need to do is get started on your beard and you’ll be halfway to having your Alan costume all sorted for Halloween.

Costiness=$18.99 Buy it at Crazy Dog T-shirts [via Troundup]


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