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New T-shirts and Tank Tops from Yonil

by Mr Four Fingers on May 5, 2014


HYA_Yonil_7 HYA_Yonil_8


It’s that time again where the t-shirt world just got a little better. What am I talking about? Well Yonil’s new tees of course! (cue triumphant brass band). I have always loved Yonil’s tees and the fella just seems to be getting better with every release.

Yonil’s latest range of t-shirts include not only mens garments but a whole load of women’s tank tops, a relatively new addition to the store. Along with these new t-shrits there are also a range of great looking product/model photography. Yeah there is smoking and beer but I like that, well drinking beer that is and the smoking relates to one of the designs.


The t-shirts are custom cut, with soft hand print  on 100% combed cotton. The t-shirts are light in gsm so great for summer, though not super the  light and see-through type. I wear a large and the fit is more of a slim-fit than standard with the sleeves not hanging baggy. Just what I like

What attracts me to Yonil’s designs is the hand drawn aesthetic of his work, as if the designs have all been mono printed. I spoke to Yonil and asked him to share some early stage sketches to show some process. After this stage the designs are scanned in and worked on digitally with his Wacom Cintiq. It’s at this stage where he begings to utilize his extensive texture library. As you can see Yonil does not overkill his work with texture but rather uses it in a more tasteful manner.



Men’s t-shirts are $28 and Women’s Tank tees are $26. All products aere posted from Tel-Aviv, Israel. I have ordered tees three times before and I have never had any issues. Yonil’s whole brand is one well oiled bit of illustrated machinery.

Here are two previous Yonil reviews on HYA – Review 1 + Review 2

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Yonil has some new t-shirts and a review

by Mr Four Fingers on May 13, 2013

yonil t-shirt review

I was contacted recently by Jonathan Lax A.K.A. Yonil with some great news that he will be (now has) releasing a whole batch of new t-shirt designs. The first time we reviewed Yonil it was  a walk in the park. A park that was weird, sunny and pretty damn good. I can quite confidently say that you will never be disappointed buying a t-shirt from Yonil, not only for the great t-shirt quality, designs and service but also for the designer himself, a very humble fellow indeed.


Yonil has great looking website backed up by strong and friendly branding and so it should considering he has a degree in visual communications. He does state on his website that he does not like “summer heat”. Now Londoners like myself might disagree but then again Yonil is based in Tel-Aviv, as I type this post it’s 33º over there and that’s not even the hottest it gets.


Now what is the hottest (see what I did there) is Yonil’s latest t-shirt designs. I was lucky enough to be sent this t-shirt below called ‘Roof’ to review. Yonil’s line style and texture execution reminds me of (and may very well be) monoprinting. Monoprinting is a process of creating an image by inking or painting a flat surface, then laying paper lightly on top and drawing on the back of the paper with a blunt-ish implement like burnishing tool or even a  Biro pen. The paint/ink then adheres to the reverse side, giving you a lovely textured style. There are different forms but this is the one I learnt at college.

Yonil_HYA_Review_2_5 Yonil_HYA_Review_2_6 Yonil_HYA_Review_2_8

As you can see this design is two colours printed  on yellow 100% combed cotton, custom cut T-shirt . The design has no base layer on white so the print is thin and the red is enhanced by the yellow fabric. As expected the t-shirt fits well and is soft, whatever the “custom cut” is, it works. Included in the freebies were some stickers and an unusual printed cardboard square which made me initially think that perhaps it was a ‘tab’ that you collected and once you collected a certain amount, you posted them back for a free t-shirt or something of that nature. Who knows, maybe that’s an idea I have thrown out there (hint hint).

Be sure to visit his quirky website to purchase one of these new tees for $27 and follow Yonil on his Facebook page here. Yonil is also giving the wonderful HYA readers a 15% discount so just enter HIDEYOARMZ  at the checkout and get yourself some tees! Offer ends Friday 17th May 2013.

Here are the other 3 designs from the new collection.

Slight of Hand




Looking Forward




Diggin for Gold







Yonil – MASSIVE Clearance Sale

by Mr Four Fingers on April 13, 2013

The talented designer and Illustrator Jonathan Yonil Lax A.K.A. Yonil is currently having a massive clearance sale on his t-shirts. If you don’t know him already he creates illustrated t-shirts (amongst other things) that are surreal and textured. His designs commonly feature hand drawn creations that are just lovely. We have also reviewed some of his t-shirts before, as if you needed any more convincing that is!

Check out these t-shirts below and more at his massive clearance sale here.

Yonil_t-shirts_saleconventions-SALEt-shirt_detail buy_me-SALE clipclip-SALE king-SALE universe-SALE


Yonil – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on October 22, 2012

Yonil Review

Not so long ago Andy posted about Yonil and his massive 40% discount and upon seeing some of his designs I definitely had to check them out. As it happens Yonil is one seriously talented person and the discount made the purchase a no brainer. These are designs I would buy regardless of the discount. I actually first saw one of his designs without the name sinking in with one of his designs for Design By Humans called We Did This To Ourselves, one of the most interesting design placements on a  t-shirt I have seen. It was only after reading another post on Yonil by Andy that I found out that this design was actually a winner in a competition in DBH that saw him win 10K! [click to continue…]


Yonil Won the DBH 10K!

by Andy on October 14, 2010

yonil design by humans

This is very much old news by now (so old that Coty has already done an interview with Yonil), but as I covered the earlier rounds of the DBH $10,000 competition I thought it would be remiss not to mention the design that picked up the grand prize. What makes Yonil’s win more remarkable is that he had two designs in the top 8, generally you’d expect this to split his vote (since most people presume this stuff to be a popularity contest as much as a design contest), but apparently enough people liked his design to push it over the top. Personally, the shirt isn’t for me, but then again, rarely are Design By Humans tees ‘me’ anymore, I guess I must have moved out of their demographic. Don’t forget that DBH have got a sale on at the moment, so you can make a saving on this design (and just abotu everything else in store), as it is currently $15 instead of $21.


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