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the ultimate guide to t-shirts

You Design it have taken it upon themselves to create an attractive and authoritative guide to t-shirts, covering their history, styles, weights, and printing techniques. I’m sure some of it will be old hat to some of you, but it’s still very nicely put together and well worth taking a look.


Daily Tees & News for December 13th

by Andy on December 13, 2011

my little pony pokemon t-shirt

I don’t really understand the crossover between My Little Pony and Pokemon, but I’m sure some of you will.

Having never watched Venture Bros I’m not particularly enamored with today’s shirt at RIPT.

Nice 8-bit tee at Shirt.Woot today.
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Daily Tees & News for December 2nd

by Andy on December 2, 2011

teefury highlander t-shirt

When I opened all the daily sites today (21 tabs, Firefox doesn’t care for that much) I wondered whether I’d actually get to see the TeeFury site. Thankfully it turned up, so any possible malware that may have existed yesterday appears to have been removed and all is right with the world again. I remain disappointed by the response from TeeFury about the issue, it took them at least 13 hours to acknowledge any kind of problem (done by their Facebook page), and they only wrote about it after the warning message had been removed. They posted this message on Twitter at the same time as the Facebook message: “If you had trouble reaching earlier, try now! We’ve addressed the issue that was causing problems:″ That link now goes to a 404 page. Frankly, that is not good enough, if you might be exposing your fans to malware via your site you have to tell people by every avenue about the issue and warn them as soon as possible, not when you’ve fixed the problem, and you should make some kind of mention of it when you send out a newsletter that day (presumably to thousands of people). I still like TeeFury and will continue to write about them, but I do not like the way they dealt with this situation.

Nerd joke at RIPT today.

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How to prepare your t-shirt design for printing

by Andy on September 28, 2011

how to prepare artwork for printers

Blake from YouDesignIt (who guest posts here from time to time) has written a guest post over at Design Juices explaining to people that are new to the t-shirt game how to go about preparing your file for the printers, which is something that may not be immediately obvious to everyone. It’s by no means an exhaustive guide, but it definitely sets you along your way.

3 Helpful Tips to Get Your T-Shirt Design Print Ready


What’s up HYA readers? I’m Blake and I’ll be routinely putting together a short list of t-shirt related links on the web for you to check out. It will hopefully introduce you to some cool t-shirts, great content and t-shirt related news that you might have missed on the web. Here are the first five shoutouts in what hopes to be many more to come:

I Am The Trend Shark Week T-Shirt Sale
The 24 Hour Shirt Attack by IAMTHETREND
Another year, another Shark Week….and it appears Shark Week and t-shirt sales go hand in hand. Adam from IATT brings you a monster list of Shark Week related sales for you to take advantage of.

Olly Moss Collection at Threadless by Rude Retro
The Olly Moss Collection at Threadless by Rude Retro
Olly Moss designs like a boss at Threadless and that is why he gets his own collection. Definitely worth a look or two. Thanks to Rude Retro for bringing this one to our attention.

Tee Addicts Review of Acropolis Apparel
Tee Review of Acropolis Apparel Ft. Yema Yema, La Muerta, DTA at TeeAddicts
T-shirt reviews are getting popular with the t-shirt bloggers and for very good reason. It is great exposure for a t-shirt line to send their wears to these guys so people can see them move in real life and get an expert’s attention.

Coty Gonzales' Huge List of Superhero Tees
101 Superhero T-Shirts for the Comic Book Fan by Coty Gonzales
This is Coty being typical Coty. And by typical I mean awesome. I can’t imagine the amount of time it took to procure a 101 piece list of Superhero t-shirts but Coty did it! As always, he put it together in an easy to digest format for you to enjoy.

Captain Canada at Cottonable
Captain Canada Does Exist by Cottonable
With all the hype of Captain America in the movie theaters, it is easy to forget about Captain Canada. He does exist and you can find him on Cottonable. :)

This t-shirt shoutout was a guest blog written by Blake from You Design It where you can get custom t-shirt printing.

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10 facts about t-shirts

You Design IT have put together a cool infographic explaining a few things that I didn’t know about cotton and t-shirts, it’s not exactly mind-blowing but I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it if you’re anything like me.

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