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Post image for “Zombified” is a hideous t-shirt at A Better Tomorrow

The artwork on the latest shirt from A Better Tomorrow is really well done, but I don’t think you’d ever see me wearing it, just a bit too gruesome to be worn in polite company.

Costiness=€22 (earlybird) Buy it at ABT.


Zen Monkey Studios – Opening Sale!

by Leah on July 6, 2012

Post image for Zen Monkey Studios – Opening Sale!

I am really liking what I see over at Zen Monkey Studios, so why not share it for you folks! Not only are they a brand new company for all of us to explore (yay), they are also having an Opening Sale on all their tees until tomorrow, July, 6th. Take a peek at their themed t-shirt bundles too – that’s a cool idea. Loving the style, loving the site, loving the zen of it all.

SALE prices on individual tees – $15
SALE on Bundles (of two tees) – $27
Buy ‘em here!

Keep in touch with Zen Monkey Studios: Facebook and Twitter


Daily Tee & News Roundup for October 27th

by Andy on October 27, 2011

lady gaga halloween t-shirt

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shirt that references Lady Gaga before, so that’s something new from TeeFury.

Yup, the Disney logo is a shirt meme, fortunately the designs I’ve seen so far have been pretty cool, and I’d count this offering from Qwertee amongst that group.

Interesting shirt from Tilteed (that I presume they’ve sold before since they have model shots of it), nice big print on it. have been cranking out the new designs recently, huh?

Excellent work from former HYA writer Randyotter at Shirt.Woot today, this may well be the cutest penguin shirt I’ve ever seen.

Fun shirt from RIPT today, though of course no one will know you’re wearing it in Winter because you’ll have several layers on top.

Nicely done Portal shirt at The Yetee today.

Pity that you won’t be able to get this 24tee shirt in time for Halloween, I’m sure it could be useful with a few outfits.

Can someone explain the reference on this TeeRaiders shirt/hoodie? Is it referencing an actual event or is it purely invented by the artist?

Lovely starry negative space design by Loviu today, right up my street.

When memes and games collide at Shirt Punch today with ‘Snake in a Box’.

Catch of the Day Tee again don’t have anything on their site, I wonder why they don’t put up a message when they haven’t got a shirt to offer, or why they don’t just run the shirts for another day of sale.

Ugmonk have got a new lookbook that reveals no new tees, but does look pretty.

The Daily Street have a roundup of Johnny Cupcake‘s Halloween release event in London.

Dark Bunny Tees have put a new shirt up for pre-order, this one celebrates The Last Starfighter, and the first 100 orders will also receive a free Space Invaders styled poster.

Glennz has cut the price of all the ‘scary’ shirts in his catalogue to $13.95 until the end of the month.

How to start a clothing company takes a look at the pros and cons of screenprinting vs. direct to garment printing.

Mashable put out an article not-that-long-ago that called ‘10 Essential Tips for Startups‘, and judging by some of the things I get in my inbox I think that quite a few t-shirt companies could do with heeding some of their advice.

A Better Tomorrow must be getting close to relaunching their site, take advantage of the savings on their own shirts (this offer doesn’t apply to brand stores).

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barack obama zombie t-shirt

BeastWreck Shirts & Stuff is now taking preorders for a final printing of the ZOMBAMA design in men’s and women’s styles for $18

Hope? Change? President Obama, are you feeling okay?
This undead president is only interested in eating the flesh of the people! Attach whatever political statement you’d like to this design. All I’m trying to say is that I have fun with ridiculous parodies of self-important “street artists”. That’s all.

4-color design soft discharge screenprinted (no thick plastisol) on black Gildan Softstyle 4.5 oz 100% ringspun cotton, 1-color BeastWreck logo printed on back.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!

This post was submitted by Jared Moraitis.


improvised zombie weapons t-shirt

I really like this shirt, it’s in a great style and has some really useful info for when the zombies do finally being to take over. Also, this is a shirt I’ve had bookmarked for ages, but since it’s on RedBubble there’s no chance of it going out of stock, excellent!

Costiness=$26.73 Buy it at RedBubble


A zombie t-shirt, just in time for November!

by Andy on November 2, 2009


One of the unfortunate issues with me being away was that I missed out on all the fun that comes with posting Halloween-themed tees (and you KNOW I could have written an epic list about them), but this tee from Mediocore Clothing is worth posting at any time of year. I’m not sure if this is still valid (I got the e-mail about this tee a few days ago), but try using the code zombies at the checkout for 15% off, it’s worth a go, right?

Costiness=$20 Available from Mediocore Clothing in silver or white


Night of the Living Bread by Seventh Ink

by Andy on September 28, 2009

livingBread_guys_MED Night of the Living Bread - Guys Pre-Order by Seventh.Ink Shirts and Apparel - Shirts with Fury_1254069482916

I’m constantly surprised that people are able to find new words to replace the classic zombie cry of “braaaainssss” and make a clever tee out of it. This tee is on pre-order at the moment (until October 1st, which isn’t far off now), and orders placed now will receive a free Seventh Ink drawstring bag.

Costiness=$14.99 ($17.99 when the pre-order ends, and use coupon code save10 for 10% off) Available from Seventh Ink


Zombie Guide by famousafterdeath at MySoti

by Andy on September 7, 2009

479388_rumplo_1 479388_rumplo_2

The execution is a bit more utilitarian than I’d like to wear, but I would assume that was the look that FAD was going for, and it is appropriate for the concept.

Costiness=£14.66 Available from MySoti


Ask Me About Moustache Mode by PopCap

by Andy on August 20, 2009


I’ve never heard of the game Plants vs. Zombies (which this tee is apparently based upon), but that lack of knowledge doesn’t stop me from enjoying this damn fine tee.

Costiness=$14.95 Available from PopCap [via BB Offworld]

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Capcom’s totally badass zombie tee

by Andy on July 20, 2009

55a94a3c2ffc2ac99cd858db94818094 ada78bfe37821acfdb10b48531646b89

You’ve probably seen this on a zillion other blogs before this one, but I was a tad busy last week going overboard on the Star Wars tees (btw, there will be no more 202 item lists, it’s just too much), which is why it had to wait until now. Of course, you’d never catch me wearing this tee as I don’t have the rippling abs of a Greek God.

Capcom are apparently going to be giving them out for free at Comic Con, if you want one may I recommend you get to their booth early?

Capcom Blog

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First off, I’d better make it clear that I’ve stolen the images used in this post from Coty, because Electric Zombie have a totally awesome lookbook, but it’s all flash, and my screen capture tool won’t work with flash, and clearly the C-unit has some flash ninja skills that I don’t, so I thought I’d just use his pictures. Secondly, I’ve never been too into the whole ’80s gore horror’ genre (I recognise the talent but it’s just not the kind of thing I’d tend to wear), but Electric Zombie is one of the few brands in that category that consistently impresses me with not only the designs but also the whole approach to business (custom mailers and that kind of thing). I’m not alone in respecting the good work done by Kyle Crawford (aka Mr. EZ) because he appears to be worshiped as some kind of deity on Emptees.

Electric Zombie

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Single Second Spring/Summer 09 [SSSSSSS]

by Andy on April 15, 2009


Single Second, who you might remember as the people who made a few waves with their zombie Mario tee, well, they’ve got a whole new line out, and whilst I don’t think that this range matches up to the “awwww yea!”-ness of the aforementioned brain-devouring shirt, it fits solidly into that category of tees that I think would look good when paired with something else.

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Anatomy of a trend, how a tee becomes popular

by Andy on February 23, 2009


Before you say it, I realise just how indulgent this post is, after all, it does feature a screen grab of a HYA post on it, and that is astoundingly meta of me, but Andy from Thunderfrogs noticed something cool and I couldn’t help myself.

So, I posted the zombie Mario tee on February 11th

Then Thunderfrogs posted it on February 12th and linked back to me…

Then Albotas found it on Thunderfrogs on the 12th via Found Item’s Twitter and linked by to Thunderfrogs…

Then Technabob posted it on the 15th having seen it on Albotas…

Then Geekologie posted it on the 18th having seen it on Technabob….

And lastly, for now at least, Militant Geek Shirts posted about the Mario zombie tee on the 18th, having seen it on Geekologie.

I don’t really have much of a point with this post, except perhaps to say how awesome I am at picking tees that people might like, though since this is my first post like this in more than three years I could easily be wrong.


Quicktees: Mini Cassette Tees

by Andy on March 25, 2008


This brand has far too many great designs for me to just give them a quicktees link, which is why I intend to come back to them at some point in the near future, but I thought I’d let those of you that are interested in movie/horror/zombie/sci-fi tees have a look at them now rather than waiting for me to feature an individual tee. Cool vector art on the site too.

Mini Cassette Tees

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Seibei reopens, with a coupon code!

by Andy on August 21, 2006


Seibei seem like a really nice company to me, cute graphics, a regularly updated blog (which isn’t just filled with encouragement to buy Seibei clothing), they’re happy to link to their competitiors (and me, top o’ the list y’all!), they mow their lawn in a bunny suit (the grass stains must be a nightmare) and most importantly, they’ve got some great designs, like the infamously awesome Intramural Zombie Hunting League tee.

The shop at Seibei had been closed since the July 1qst, and after a number of setbacks David has finally managed to reopen the store at the weekend, all the tees are now printed on American Apparel, instead of the previously used Anvil brand, although I don’t think that the prices have gone up that much compared to how much more the tee stock costs. The tees have their own custom printed Seibei tag in them, which is cool since you don’t see that with too many small brands at the moment.

Most of the tees are $16, but if that isn’t a sweet enough deal for you, HYA has been set up with its very own coupon code, so when you make and order just put HIDEYOURARMS (all one word, not case sensitive) in the box on the shipping page, which is the first once you’re in the checkout, and you’ll get $4 off your order.

*I forgot to mention it earlier, but the coupon is valid until September 10th, so you have 19 days(ish depending on time zone) to pick up a bargain.*


Brains are good for your heart

by Andy on March 22, 2006


I like the idea of putting a print on the back and leaving the front plain, and the zombie print in the back-lower-corner of this hoody from Merch-Bot is pretty stealth, like people will think it’s just a regular plain hoody, and then they’ll notice the notice, and they’ll give an approving nod and smile. Cool points.

Costiness=$34.95, URL of hoody here.


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